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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Most Important Economic Reforms for Budget 2012-13

Most Important Economic Reforms for Budget 2012-13


Dr. Manmohan Singh,

Honorable Prime Minister of India,

South Block,

New Delhi – 110011


CC. to Honorable Members of Parliament


February27, 2012


Respected Sir,

India has not made any Ranking Progress in Per Capita GDP and continues at Rank 135 over the last decade even as Bank Deposits and Credits had gone up by 6 times. (Rs. 538433 crores 3/2001 and Rs. 3345169 crores 8/2011). In this period Firstly the Critical Projects were Sabotaged, Secondly GOI institutions & Private Companies failed on R&D and Planning and Thirdly Corrupted Execution of Projects and Distribution of National Resources.


Evidence: - ,, ,


Ø      Though there was Huge Expansion of Financial Resources but stillPoverty & Hunger has Spread in states. Some states like Gujarat and MP grow Crops for Exports over 30% to 50% cultivable area.


Ø      India allowed CHEAP licenses for Oil & Gas, Mines and Minerals to Indian companies but they invested say $50b in foreign projects – these Critical Projects remained STAGNANT when Companies were more inclined to Import Coal at $150 per tone than mine it India @ $10 per tone in India.


Most Important – FOOD SECURITY BILL to Insist on 80% of Irrigated and Non Irrigated Area in States should CULTIVATE FOOD CROPS FOR OWN CONSUMPTION.


1. Empowering Indian People to Serve Global Market: -Empowerment of Indian People is in three ways, firstly Financial Empowerment, secondly Intellectual Empowerment and thirdly Freedom to Establish Business & Projects anywhere in the World.


1.1]  Financial Empowerment of Indians: - This has – Components as described here.


1.1a.]  DEMAT of Immovable Properties: - This Most Critical Reform, DEMAT of Shares of listed companies minimized transaction cost, ensured Trading efficiency and facilitated Two Way Investments in Companies – DEMAT of IMMOVABLE properties shall do it for all Indians for their Immovable Properties. This shall enable them to Acquire Projects and Businesses anywhere in the world and Enable Foreign investments in to India and most Important Foreign Banks and Investors could Grant Loans against Immovable Properties in India in Foreign Countries.


1.1b.]  Funding Agriculture, Rural Development & MSMEs: - In thelast decades Nationalized Banks Unproductively Funded Companies– Companies merely importing foreign goods mushroomed who add little or no Value Additions and neglected Funding Farmers, MSMEs who create Jobs and contribute very high Value Additions. For Example – Nationalized Banks funded companies that created 1000 jobs for $1binvestment whereas same $1b investment in Farming and MSMEs generated upto Million Jobs and 10 times more to GDP contribution.


Similarly $1b in Housing Finance in Cities funded 10,000 Flats but same Funds in Rural India could fund 100,000 Flats and create 10 Times More Jobs, GDP.


1.1c]  Companies should be directed to give Full Disclosures of their Operations similar to Securities and Exchange Commission of USA.


1.1d.]  Companies to give statement of 1. Bank Loans secured, 2. Value Additions, 3. Jobs creation in Operations and R&D, 4. Intellectual Property created. 4. Tax Concessions Secured and 5. Yearly Figures for last 10 years in Special Disclosures – Under Chapter 'Special Disclosures'


1.1e.] $120b Tax Foregone for Employees and R&D: - Since contribution of Small Investors in Indian Companies is reduced to under 10% - this implies 50% to 90% Tax Foregone to companies Enrich Promoter Family, Employees and Small Investor and People of India who contribute Debt of the Company get practically nothing.


Economic Reform: All $120b Tax Foregone should go to Employees, R&D and promoters to get Rs.1 lakh per head as Tax Foregone.


1.2.  INTELLECTUAL Empowerment: -  Intellectual Empowerment of Indians has Following components.


1.2a.]  Patent Office: -  India to protect all the Indian Inventions, Designs, Trademarks and Copy Right in India and all over the World. 


Fast Grant of Regular Patent and Introduce Automatic Grant of Utility Model Patents.


1.2b.]  Crooks had been running CSIR-DSIR for 60 Years. $1b Annual Funding, $4b in PPP term is wasted by Corrupt and Incompetent Mashelkars and Brahamcharis.


This WIPO awarded inventor CAN STREAMLINE CSIR-DSIR from day one. Promote over 100 Global R&D Projects every Year.


1.3. GLOBAL OPERATIONS BY INDIAN SMES: - All Countries Seek Indian Investments and above REFORMS shall empower Indians and to Invest In India.


1.3a] Budget to Announce Policies to Promote SMEs to Serve Global Market.


2. SABOTAGE OF PROJECTS: - Unfortunately GOI had not REGULATED funded of DUBIOUS NGOs in the past.


2.1a]  $3b Foreign Good Funding For Corrupt NGOs: -Foreign good funds – three times Indian funding of CSIR- DSIR and worth $12b in PPP terms goes waste every year – Most NGOs run by likes of Swaminathan, Pushp Bhargava, Vandana Shiva and APJ Abdul Kalam etc over 40 years in the past had –


Neither Created any IPR good and bad, nor Promoted Foreign Technologies and Projects but utilized Foreign Funds to SABOTAGE Indian Projects and Development.


TERI for example has Secured over 100 Programs for Cook Stove alone since 1974 all wasted. TERI had not created a single technology for Global Market. Most of its reports are BOGUS, Fabrication and simply USELESS.

EVIDENCE: -  US-FDA issued following Alert – Examination of it revealed most of Vegetables and Spices that have Traces of Pesticidescould have been easily prevented by Bt Bio-Technology available since 1995 – Most Foreign Funded NGOs SABOTAGED biotechnology in Agriculture and to some extent in Healthcare. (Many NGOs even Opposed 'Polio Drops Program.')




REMEDY:  Registration of All Foreign & India Funded Projects of NGOs, Annual Independent Review of All Projects.


Black List NGOs indulging in SABOTAGE.


2.2b SABOTAGING DAMS, NUCLEAR POWER etc: - While there are Tens of thousands NGOs Opposing Dams, Nuclear Power, Bt Cotton and Bt Vegetables and Grains there are Weak and Corrupt Government Companies in their favor and Promoting them.


Thus India is not able to Execute DAMS and other Projects.


GOI should FUND good NGOs and Black List Bad NGOs.


For this GOI to fund Rating Agency for NGOs.


3.  GOI – TRUSTEE Of NATURAL RESOURCES: - Honorable Supreme Court in 2G case has fully empowered GOI as Trustee of Natural Resources to Distribute Natural Resources in Public Interest.


3.1a.] Thus GOI and even States can: -  


1.  Rescind past contracts given CHEAPLY to Incompetent and Dishonest companies.


2.  This includes, Mines and Minerals, Oil and Gas, Power & Transport Companies, Hospitals and Schools given land Cheaply, Spectrums and Licenses. 




Global Operators of Mines have least cost of mining, Recover 2-3 Times More Minerals & Petroleum, Minimum Damage to Environment, Restore Mines and Systematic Mining Requires Minimum Relocation Costs.


PETROBRAS – A Brazil PSU extracts Petroleum largely from Deep Seaat under $6 per barrel. (2006AR)


Dr. Manmohan Singh has met President of Brazil scores of times and is a Friendly BRIC country, ONGC can collaborate with PATROBRAS.


RIL in 12 years in spite of securing Huge Blocks since 1999 had developed not even 0.1% of Exploration Area, Inflated Costs 9 times yet operate at just 20% of rated production & Other Private Companies too in Coal Mining have yet commence operations.


GOI is EMPOWERED to realize full commercial gains from our Natural Resources in Public Interest.


Thank you,




Ravinder Singh*

Inventor & Consultant

Y-77, Hauz Khas,

New Delhi – 110016


*Ravinder Singh is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects.

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