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Friday, November 21, 2014

Apartheid has become our culture as it is the religious nationalism of the neo nazi Hindu nation!

Apartheid has become our culture as it is the religious nationalism of the neo nazi Hindu nation!

Palash Biswas

One young journalist from Orissa working for a prominent daily in Oria opened my eyes.He said entire geography of the nation excluding the Delhi centred Aryavart has been subjected to racial apartheid.He is just twenty two years old and he explained me how buddhist heritage in Orissa has been converted into hinduisation,He told me rathyatra never had been traditional ritual of hinduism as  it roots in Buddhism.The great Sati saga has converted all indigenous gods into incarnation of chandi including kali and kamakhya,that I know.But I know little about buddhist rituals.The young journo claims that Lord Jagannath is originally a tribal god which has been made an incarnation of Krishna,I know it.He also says all buddhist places are made Hinduised.He is a hindu.

We may not understand that all hindus are not equal as all brahmins happen not to be.As the agrarian nature asociated commuinities have been divided into thousands of graded castes,the Vrnas and so called caste hindu identity may not be the evidence of every community to be safe from the monopolistic aggression and the racial discriminnation never does spare the brahamins and the whole lot of the so called caste hindu communities out of Aryavart thet mean the untouchable humanscape with negroid,mongoloid and austroid demography and entire east,northeast,central India,south India and the Himalayan zones.The boy exactly explained this to me.I may not name him to identify him and helping the hegemony to persecute him as he intends tostay in mainstream media and he deserves.

We may not feel the plight of the the adivasi people in India and the impact of the war and civil war continued against them.We are blinded to feel the drastic violation of civic and human right just because of our religious hindutva nationalism and being politically correct we may not face the truth at all.

Bengali brahmins are always considered inferior to Chitpawan Brahamins in Maharashtra,Kannoj Brahamins in UP,Sarswat brahamins in central India and Maithil Brahamins in Bihar.Marathi brahamins despise Bengali brahamins  and brand them as kayastha shudra Brahamins.Ironcaly,Bengal,the land of Asuras and Anarys which remained Buddhist along with Orrissa succeeded to make eastern and north east India th most strong citadel of Hindutva and the rulers in West Bengal since the ejection of dalits from the history and geography of Bengal and subordinating the muslim population,had always been prcticing Hindutva incultural envelop of Bengal nationalism which is quite different from Bangladeshi Bengali nationalis rooted in agrarian humanscape while West Bengal hegemony in every sphere of life is essentially urban and Brahamiical outcaste everyone Non Brahamin.It happened as the Brahamins in Bengal aligned with the muslim and British rulers and the permamnent land settlement made them supreme,the status they enjoy now in pan Indian politics outcasting all sets of Kulin Brahaimins countrywide.This is the combined saga of Pranab Mukherjee as well as Mamata Bannerjee.

Himalay is projected as devbhumi and the himalayan people identify themselves to all sorts of gods and goddesses. In fact the economic exploitation and racial discrimination reduced the heaven to hell losing where dharma,karma and karobar,jal jangal jameen have been captured by outsiders,But overwhelming identity of Hindutuva has made most of the untouchable humanscape including Assam,Bengal,Bihar,Orissa,central India,south India subordinate to the ruling hegemony of Arayavart centred in New Delhi.Kashmir,Manipur,Tamil nadu, Punjab and some other parts of the North east and the entire adivasi geography have not been subjected and the racial apartheid against the people of these areas may be highlighted by the result of continuous army rule there.

We being Hindu,despite racially discriminated and subjected as they are,may not feel the heart and mind of some Irom Sharmila or Soni Sori or those killed in Kashmir because all these people have been demonised.

No wonder,just identifying them racially different from us,our humanity loses its eyes,mind,heart and all the senses and we end to become the part of the lynching culture.It s viral from Delhi to down the south in Bangalore and Hyderabad,in Shantiniketan.

Just see three news items only to feel what I am trying to say.

Student from northeast found dead in Delhi

IANS  |  New Delhi  

November 21, 2014 Last Updated at 12:00 IST

A 21-year-old student from northeast was found dead here under mysterious circumstances, police said Friday.

Thangsonalian, who was pursuing a course in stenography, was found dead on the staircase outside his house in south Delhi's Munirka area Thursday night.

According to initial investigation, Thangsonalian was under the influence of alcohol and returned to his house after watching a match at Ambedkar Stadium.

"Prima facie it seems that due to alcohol consumption, he might have slipped and fell down from the staircase, which might have caused his death," a police official said.

"But we are yet to get his post-mortem examination report which will reveal the exact cause of the death," the official added.

The official said police did not rule out the possibility of murder.

This is the third case of death of students from northeast in the national capital since Wednesday.

May 24, 2014 10:56 IST


On Thursday night, a woman from Nagaland, studying at the Delhi University was allegedly molested by a lawyer at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station in North Delhi. The alleged accused was apprehended by bystanders and handed over to the police.

On Friday, when two of the student's friends who are members of the North East Union and a woman lawyer representing her, went to court, they were brutally attacked.

According to the student's lawyer, the accused and some of his associates chased her for a while after which they slapped her and threatened her if she pursued the case any further.

"We could do a lot more but we have spared you," she said the mob told her.

One of the friends suffered major injuries on his face. He was admitted to a hospital by the police, but was later released. The other friend was slapped inside the court in front of a judge, following which chaos broke out in the court. The police who were outnumbered by the lawyers were eventually able to rescue the students.

A complaint has been filed at the Sabzi Mandi police station near Tis Hazari. The main accused in the molestation case is out on interim bail.

FIRs have been registered against 20 to 30 unnamed lawyers; only one lawyer has been named and identified in the report.

October 15, 2014 15:26 IST


"They said you are eating Karnataka food, living in Karnataka. If you don't speak Kannada please get out. We ignored them, but they took it as an insult. They picked up stones and attacked us and I got injured," Michael told NDTV, showing a bandaged head and blood-splattered clothes.

The 26-year-old, however, sees it as an isolated case, not enough to drive him out of the IT city. "I don't want to exaggerate anything. I feel safe, no problem. But I would like to appeal to people in general. Whenever such incidents happen, instead of moving away from the incident they have to be involved and settle the incident," he said.

A case of assault has been registered and the three attackers, all school van drivers, have been arrested.

"We have taken it very seriously, though it is a stray incident - but this being a sensitive issue, we have taken it very seriously. We will take stringent action even if it is a minor assault or abuse or any type of verbal altercations we are going to take serious action against such people. Reassurance, that we are here to protect them," senior police officer Alok Kumar told NDTV.

The incident took place at around 7.30 p.m. in the city's Kothanur area, home to a large number of students from other parts of the country.

In 2012, students and workers from northeastern states left Bangalore in droves as rumours of attacks led to panic in the three lakh-strong community.

Boxing champion Mary Kom, who is in the city for a marathon event, expressed concern. "I don't feel good listening to such news. There should be unity and peace in our country, so that such incidents don't repeat," said the Olympic medalist.

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