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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Bahujans always remain divided & quarrelsome while Brahmins stay united & solid? Tata Sivaiah

Why Bahujans always remain divided & quarrelsome

while Brahmins stay united & solid?

Tata Sivaiah

This is a country-wide problem with all the parties of the oppressed communities. There are numerous political outfits calling themselves Ambedkarite, Phule-Ambedkarite or Phule-Periyar-Ambedkarite. But these organisations and their leaders make a limited impact on the lives of the masses. Each organisation and its leader has so much ego and there is no inter-organisational understanding. Each leader projects only himself but the cause or mission becomes secondary.

Politics as master key: Compare this with the Hindu nazi organisations like the RSS. They do not nurse personal ego. They have carved for themselves a "national" agenda. their own "nation's" policy. The RSS, co-secretary. Mohan Bhagwat. says: "Rashtra Niti not Rajnit is important for the Sangh". (Organiser, March 19.2000).

Thus, they have a Rashtra Niti (national policy) above Rajnit (politics). BJP is secondary to RSS and not vice-versa. RSS dictates the terms not the BJP. Their political wing is just a part of their Sangh Pariwar

We may have fundamental differences with these Hindu nazi organisations. They may be our oppressor-enemies. That does not mean we should not admit the fact that they give top priority to "cultural revolution" - whatever they mean by it. They have built their socio- ctiltiiral -religious, literary, media fronts and enslaved the Indian masses. They do not call "politics as the master key". In their view political power is only one of the keys. So, even if the BJP is defeated the nazis are not defeated. On the other hand it acts with renewed vigor. RSS is an all-embracing organisation. It is the mother of many organisations. It gave birth to Jan Sangh then to the BJP. Socio-cultural organisation is the mother of BJP. What about other political parties? Have they such a origin? Are they having the Pariwar to handle all other branches of human activities?

Periyar E.V.R. example: We have somewhat similar example of the DK and DMK. Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy launched a socio-cultural movement under the Dravida Kazagham(DK). DMK, its political front, was formed not by the DK but because of the differences between Periyar and Annadurai. Periyar did not take the initiative to form the political party (DMK). So, the comparison between RSS-BJP and DK-DMK is not correct. DK does not have or had no control over DMK or the ADMK. But both DMK and ADMK exploited the work done by Periyar and his Dravida Kazagham all these years. For that matter no political party has such a rich background like the BJP in the whole of India

Congress Party: The Congress Party, the original brahminical party of India was born out of a political movement. It had no defined "national' social policy as the RSS. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar called it a brahminic organisation. It too was to some extent the mother of the Hindu nazi party. Because, the leaders. who were heading the Congress Party like Bal Gangadhar Tilak were the pioneers of the RSS or Hindu Mahasabha. Though the Congress today calls itself "socialist", "secular" etc. the persons who led the party so far were all the same brahminical forces. Sometimes the RSS opposed it but many times it supported the Congress. Openly the Congress leaders criticised the RSS and BJP but secretly they supported it because the leadership of both came from the same Brahminical Social Order (BSO).

Today, the Congress is dying because the BSO has virtually shifted to BJP. The Indian communists did not have a separate socio-cultural agenda. They did not create any organisation to counter the RSS organisations. On the contrary, the communists and the socialists derived inspiration from the vedic literature, smritis and puranas. Even today the socialists and communists praise the Vedas Gita, Ramayan etc. (Examples of E.M.S. Namboodripad and S.A. Dange are enough to prove this point). So, they too are birds of the same BSO father. Their secularism is "liberal brahminism". They pretend to be secular. But this is a bogus claim. Both the socialists and communists had no alternate socio-cultural philosophy.

Bogus communists: Thus, the RSS alone stands unique - its socio-cultural organisation in the "nation" is unparalleled in strength and the area covered. All other political parties, specially the upper caste parties like the Congress, communists or socialists derived inspiration from the RSS ideology. The upper caste Left parties could not create any alternatives in cultural or other fields worth the name. These parties had no strong values contradictory to the RSS.

In Maharashtra, the satyashodhak Movement of Mahatma Jyotirao Phule took an uncompromising stand. He not only opposed brahminism but tried to project the alternate Rashtra Niti; i.e. Bahujan Rashtra Niti. He declared that India was a Balisthan (Bali's kingdom) and the alien Aryans destroyed it and imposed their own values.

Our Bahujan leaders suffer from too much ego. They do not come together even on a common cause. But the RSS Pariwar does not project or worship the personality cult beyond a point. The Brahmin as a caste is greater than any non-Brahmin personality. Others have only personalities but no cause. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar worked for the Dalit cause because very few among Dalits were able to reach that height. When Babasaheb was alive he was followed and adored by millions. Today. he is a Cult Figure. Worshiped by millions.

Is there such a personality cult among Brahmins? No. Why? Because, Brahmin as a jati itself is a cult and does not need a great person around whom they can flock. They only use "a great person" to fool the Bahujans. They are not worshipers of Rama. They used Rama during his time to establish Brahmin supremacy. They also used Shivaji calling him a great hero of Hindu Rashtra.

But the same Shivaji who is lionized by Brahmins was dubbed a shudra by the Brahmins at the time of his coronation. He bowed before Brahmins or was made to bow before Brahmins. This was to fool the non-Brahmins. Because, by using Rama Krishna and Shivaji, the Brahmins got their job done. That is why the Brahmins need no great personality. M.K Gandhi too was used as he was useful to fool the masses. Even Bal Gangadhar Tilak being projected as a great man was not accepted fully. When he wrote in the Arctic Home in the Vedas that the original abode of Aryans was near the north-pole, he was disowned. Thus, the Brahmins defy their own great Jatiman when he goes against their Jati interests. This is the secret of a Brahmin not producing a great man. They do not need a great man because they as king-makers make or unmake great men.

Brahmins don't produce great men: Each Brahmin considers he is above all other great men among non-Brahmins To them their jati (caste) is greater than a personality. They maintain the high status of their caste. Non Brahmins must also see that their castes rise, above a personality. An inch of collective progress of the masses is greater than a single great man. If the non-Brahmins rise by an inch it will be a bigger challenge to Brahmins.

Our duty today is not simply to worship these personalities. Our duty is to translate their teachings into reality. I have seen many Dalits who do not read the writings of Babasaheb, who do not think on his lines but simply regard him as a god. They are ready to get killed if Babasaheb's statue is broken or defaced. Brahmins have found out this weakness. That's why they always encourage the personality cult, idol worship and then mislead us. Babasaheb Ambedkar's thoughts are greater than his statues.

Burn constitution: My point is Bahujans should not be blind worshipers. Compared to Babasaheb's or Phule's time our people are better educated in thousands. If we take up his mission, take his thoughts jointly, we can create miracles. But, if we simply worship Babasaheb and keep our brains limited to that act, we cannot rise, we cannot face the challenges thrown daily by the Brahmins.

Dalits will be hurt it somebody says anything against the Constitution. But how many of them know the Articles of the Constitution? How many know that Babasaheb himself has said: "I myself will burn the Constitution if it did not serve the masses". What was the spirit behind his speaking like that? We should he assertive and aggressive in implementing the Constitution, which professes social justice, equality and fraternity. Without assertion, without becoming aggressive to implement the egalitarian Articles in the Constitution, we have become over sensitive and mere worshipers of the Constitution. This has given the nazis the chance to start demolishing the Constitution. Had we been aggressive since the beginning, the Hindu nazis would not have dared to dump the Constitution. Here too, our weakness for hero worship has come in the way of Bahujan assertion.

Damage done by personality cult: We only react when the enemy acts (attacks). Ours is always a reaction to their action. On our own we take no action. We keep silence, nurse our ego until we are attacked. It is surprising that those who are against the Truth and Justice, who are for inequality, who are against all human rights are always on their toes to be aggressive but those on whose side is the Justice. Truth and the nobility are only reacting and put on the defensive.

The policy "offence is the best form of defense" is adopted by the nazis but we the Bahujans are engaged in defending and not offending. We worship the personality. They worship the policy. They are always engaged in planning the strategy. An attack on our personality engages us for days together. Attack on their heroes, is not similarly reacted to by them. Because they are not for the personality, they are for the cause.

To repeat, Brahmins do not promote personality cult. They only promote their jati. Anybody among them can head the nazi party. K.C. Sudarshan is not popular, learned or a great figure. So was Rajju Bhaiya who became the chief of RSS. They can name any Tom, Dick or Harry and work with him as a figurehead. Because in the hindu nazi party of RSS everybody has equal stature. A.B. Vajpayee's case is similar.

How about Dalit or BC organisations? Our numerous organisations are like those tribes. There are numerous organisations or parties for each caste. For example among the Mahars in Maharashtra we can find a large number of organisations - social, religious, cultural and political. Each organisation has a "leader". He looks after his flock. He is the leader for his sheep. To keep his flock together he will abuse everybody else and every other organisation. He will claim that he alone has understood Babasaheb correctly. This is the case with our leaders. That is why one leader hates the other leader of that same caste. They will never come together.

Similar is the case in their political parties. Kanshi Ram's BSP is the biggest party. The RPI is divided into many factions. Each RPI leader has a following only in certain pockets or among a certain sub-caste. All are followers of Babasaheb Ambedkar but divided. They hate each other more than they hate the upper castes. They do not compete for the uplift or progress of the Dalits but spend all their time and energy in fighting each other.

To brahmins, Jati is above personality: So also is the case with Backward Caste organisations and their political parties. Why there are differences between Laloo Prasad Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Sharad Yadav? Why there are differences between Sharad Pawar and S.B. Chavan both Marathas, because, neither the Dalits nor the BCs have any "national" or social, cultural policy. Kanshi Ram, Mayawati can sit with the BJP but not with Mulayam Singh. Nitish Kumar Ram Vilas Paswan can go with BJP but not with Laloo. Are there any policy differences between them? Or only personal clashes? When Kanshi Ram calls for unity of the 85% Bahujan Samaj, why he cannot sit with Mulayam Singh Yadav and vice-versa?

Because to us personality is greater then the policy. Bahujans do not have a policy "Rashtra niti". Their personal ego is above the people, their castes. Exactly opposite is the case with Brahmins. They kill their personal ego to promote their caste and their "national cause".

Intellectual pygmies; I have seen many Dalit, BC leaders who fight among themselves but behave like dogs before Brahmins. A Brahmin can easily handle warring non-Brahmin chelas. Brahmins thrive only because non-Brahmins fight among themselves. This is because we are intellectual pygmies. Only the dwarfs need a big personality to be worshiped.

My aim in writing this piece is to rouse these pygmies. Do not indulge in inter-tribal fights. Do not simply be blind worshipers. Worshipers cannot be warriors. Just worshiping a personality will make you a sheep and a sheep can never lead. It needs a lamb. I want the sheep also to think of coming out of their sheepish mentality. Study the enemy. Study his strategy. Study his moves and policies. It you want to usher in the Bahujan national era, you will have to develop a Bahujan "national policy" (Bahujan RashtraNiti) exactly opposed to that of the Aryans.

The Brahmins have instilled in you not only a personality cult but have also made monkeys out of you by making you fight among yourselves. When you (SQ IST/RO) tight a Muslim, Christian or a Sikh you are playing into the hands of the Brahmin.

Identifying Enemy is not an easy task. Many Dalits, BCs organise their caste just to hate their immediate higher or lower caste. This creates hatred within the Backward Castes. The fight remains within Bahujan castes. Instead of identifying and fighting the Enemy, we indulge in brothers fighting brothers.

All castes have caste consciousness. They are conscious to some extent but they have not identified the Enemy. Some Dalit intellectuals call BCs as their Enemy No.1. Some BC sections hate higher BC castes. So much so, all these Bahujan castes because of this internal contradiction cannot get anything except division. Caste unions should be formed to identify the common Enemy. If you do not identify the Enemy who made you lowly, who made you untouchable, who made you Shudra and thereby denied you your human rights, your share, your dignity, you can not achieve your goal.

Common Agenda: The actual fight should be between the Aryan brahminical forces and the rest of the Bahujans. Such a Bahujan caste-consciousness should lead us to unite all these castes. We know that a whole caste cannot be made conscious. Only a few among each caste are able to identify the common Enemy. These few in each caste, if they come together will become a force to fight the Aryan machinations. But if these conscious, alert intellectuals stick to their own caste, the force to fight the common enemy will get reduced. There can be caste-based social and other organisations. Let them continue to work within each Jati as they are doing now. But can we not evolve a pariwar and form a joint front that will unite on a common minimum Bahujan National Agenda? How the VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, ABVP, Goraksha Samiti, Durga Wahini have all united on a common program?

The most recent striking examples are of the "Mandal Commission" and the demolition of Babri Masjid. They did not have any differences over these issues. They fought together. But we Bahujans did not act together. Even, the common cause of defending reservation and the Constitution is seen as a separate program by each party. BSP will have its own meetings and morchas for the issue, the different RPIs will have separate protests and morchas. Thus, the cause of defending the Constitution has become a factional cause. These factions cannot come together and launch a joint attack. In today's situation no single person can command respect of all sections. We should learn from the Brahmins how they all combine and act unitedly.

The situation is such that everybody tries to project himself above the cause, his leadership above the goal. This is not the case with the Brahmins. On the contrary they use SC/ST/BCs for their cause. Why not combine your energy? Why all those groups being exploited by brahminism cannot come together and put up a joint struggle?

Fake historians created: The Bahujans are unable to utilise/use the Truth which they possess in plenty. They were the people who built the great glorious Indus culture. That means they were far advanced than the Aryans in every aspect. Yet they could not build their own future based on facts. Whereas, the Aryans have built their history on fiction and falsehood. They have no support of Justice and Truth. They do not have any history, any historical creation. Yet they have created such gigantic fake castles before which Bahujan history is lost in oblivion. The problem is the Bahujans do not think and act together; their intellectuals are divided. Their interests are divided. They can not see their historical unity.

Dalits, Adivasis and BCs are one and the same people. This is an established fact. History tells this great Truth. We only have to join the disjointed and fabricated history.

Aryans by their cunning ways have diverted our minds. Compelled us to look into our sectarian interests. There were no Untouchables as a separate group. There were no Adivasis, the jungle-dwelling people as they are today during the Indus Culture and there were no Backward Caste people. All of them were one stock. The Indus Culture was based on human equality. There were no four varnas, so there was no untouchability. Babasaheb Ambedkar in his book "The untouchables" has given us the historic truth that untouchability as we see today, is post-4th century AD. That means untouchability was absent before that. There was no untouchability during the Buddhist period not prior to that in the Vedic period and certainly not during the Indus Culture period.

Brahmins are confusing us on each and every historical fact. They have started creating fake historians to prove that Indus Culture was Aryan and that the varna system was the product of Indus Culture. When they can create such fake theories, it is easier for them to obliterate the "Truth", because, they are the greatest enemies of "Truth" in the whole world.

Inferiority complex: Bahujans admit they have "lower status". They are graded under the hierarchically placed bhrahminic scheme. It is because of this hierarchy they keep on fighting between themselves. They suffer from inferiority complex. Their ego is blended with inferiority. This blending is the cause for their typical infighting. This is the cause of their personal ego over-riding the social ego. They do not have social status. i.e. social ego compared to Brahmins and. therefore, only personalities try to assert. These puffed-up personalities then claim that they are the 'leaders' of the caste, the subcaste. Sometimes there are numerous leaders in one subcaste, region-wise. They try to overcome another leader through unhealthy competition. One does not see eye to eye with another. That is why there are many RPIs within a caste, within a subcaste. There are different parties of Yadavas, Kunbis, Kurmis, Chamars, Mahars etc. It is all chaos. But the Brahmins are a single party Brahmin Jati Party (BJ P).

Gavai - Prakash Ambedkar fight: Brahmins also have many jatis and subcastes but they all have one party. They have long back broken the barriers of subcastes. BJP is the party of all varieties of Brahmins. That is why they do not fight among themselves. In BJP, there are no intra-Brahmin fights. Fights are there only between Brahmins and non-Brahmins: Vajpayee-Advani, Vajpayee- Kalyan Singh, Vaghela, Khurana-Sahib Singh Verma etc.

Bahujan ego being inferiority-blended it takes the shape of personality cult. Because of this personality cult the cause of strengthening "caste identity" and caste consolidation suffers. Because of caste, people fight among themselves on behalf of the faction leaders. R.S. Gavai and Prakash Ambedkar belong to the same subcaste of "Mahar". They head two factions of RPI. The competition is because of their inferiority-blended ego and personality cult. Such examples are there among BC leaders also. Because of this sectional ego, even one single caste cannot be organised. The organisational rivalry between BCs and Dalit is also of the same type. Dalits hate BCs and vice-versa. Bahujan leaders whether they be Dalits or BCs crave for recognition by the Brahmins. A non-Brahmin scholar will rebuff another non-Brahmin scholar but at the same time these very scholars claim that they are the best non-Brahmin scholars. Such a duplicity, self deception is the reason for no Bahujan entity gaining ground.

There are numerous BC, Dalit, Adivasi organisations all over the country. BC organisations hate Dalit organisations. They do not jointly oppose brahminic machinations. This Bahujan inferiority-blended ego is the most damaging one. They cannot get a vision of forming a Bahujan India. Infighting within Dalits, within the BCs and infighting between Dalits and BCs is the outcome of this inferiority-blended ego. That is why they cannot carve out an India free from Aryan Brahmin domination.

Cultural revolution: Who will lead the Bahujan cultural revolution? Can a political leader lead it? The head of a political party is engaged day and night in manipulating political equations. He has no time for cultural-revolution. Who are upholding the brahminic culture? It is not the BJP. It is not Atal Behari Vajpayee as the Prime Minister. No Prime Minister or President can alter the brahminical culture. They are all products of the established culture. What V.P. Singh did by partially implementing the Mandal Commission? He okayed the demand of a vast majority of the BCs, Dalits brewing in the society through social and political organisations. That means the society should have the desire for a change. A willing and committed head of the state can then fulfil the desire.

DS4 & BAMSEF discarded: I see a bleak future for non-BJP political parties, because, these parties are without the backing of any socio-cultural movement. Whereas the BJP is not only -supported but is actually controlled by the RSS the most powerful cultural organisation. I repeat. This is not the case with any other party. Laloo Prasad, Mulayam Singh Yadav have no political future. Laloo Prasad and Kanshi Ram compared to others have taken the anti-brahminic stand but they too do not have the backing of any socio-cultural movement. Dalit parties, BSP or RPIs, also sail in the same boat. Kanshi Ram once created DS-4 and BAMCEF and then discarded both. BAMCEF has broken into many factions. Dalit Panthers was formed as a protest movement against the RPI inactiveness in the light of atrocities. Its existence today has to be searched.

There was a good Dalit literary movement in the 70's started by the Dalit Panthers but that too is now divided into groups or around numerous personalities.

Non-Dalit BCs do not have any such cultural organisations. There arose many organisations of BCs at the time of Mandal Commission but they too could not sustain the test of time. There are some talks of revival of "Satyashodhak Movement". But the moment it starts politicians will jump into it and divert it or use it for personal and political game. The Dravida Kazagham in Tamil Nadu has still some fire in it because of the pioneering and well founded work of Peryar E.V. Ramaswamy. Today K. Veeramani is holding the DK movement. But it does not control the Dravida parties as the RSS has the control over the BJP.

Muslims and Christians have their religious and cultural identity but politically they are weak.

After the ] 956 conversion, lakhs of Mahars embraced Buddhism. The Bhikkus are keeping Buddhism alive. But there is no organic relationship between them and the socio-political movement. They play second fiddle to political parties and personalities.

Grim picture: Is this not a grim picture? No Dalit or BC organisation takes up an aggressive or militant posture like the RSS pariwar. The Hindu nazis speak in one voice, they act in unison for a cause, they indulge in deliberate, calculated violence. But this is not the case with the Bahujan organisations, who speak in different voices, in different tones, and often opposed to each other. They do not act together, take no offensive posture unitedly. They only show re-active militancy in selected cases, such as renaming of Marathwada University or after the killing of Dalits in Bombay (1997) or insult to or desecration of Babasaheb's statue. They become sentimental, emotional when Babasaheb is insulted or the Dalits are killed. They do not initiate an offensive attack so that upper castes are made to react.

Any sundry cause is sufficient for the RSS pariwar to become aggressive but howsoever big a cause may be the Bahujans will not be consistently aggressive. The source of inspiration has to be non-political. Will the Dalit and BC leaders of different parties sit down and ponder over this problem?

How to keep BSO as ruling class: There are many organisations in almost all the states that are working on Babasaheb, Phule or Periyar thoughts. But non-Brahmin political leaders do not have faith in them. They do not consult non-political intellectuals. They do not support non-political intellectuals and organisations. On the contrary many of them seek advice from Brahmins only. This is the problem. Are Dalits, who have the legacy of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar ideology, an awakened conscious community? If so what is the extent of their awareness, consciousness? The Dalits are the most divided people. So is the case with their organisations. Their parties are personality-oriented. Division increases as you go down the scale of caste.

But division cannot be the yardstick of awakening. Look at Brahmins. Division is minimum among them. That is why they are the real awakened people. They only follow the dictum "united we stand, divided we fall". This is not true of Dalit political parties and BC and other non-Brahmin parties and organisations. Exactly opposite is the case with Brahmins. Their cause is above parties or organisations and above all personalities. Brahmins are never divided ideologically.

Every Aryan Brahmin has one single ideology: how to sustain and keep the Brahmins as the ruling class. (DV Dec.16, 1996, p.9: "Brahmin as a sociological/ wonder': V.T. Rajshekar).

They do not worship any one towering personality like Mahatma Phule or Babasaheb Ambedkar. Still they are united. Brahmins, whichever be their party, they all respect and refer to RSS as their ideologue and strategy-determining centre of power. Bahujans have no such centralised non-political organisation. They consider politics as the master key that will open all locks. This is not the case with Brahmins. Even if their political party fails their other organisations will remain intact. A Brahmin can rise from the ashes. Neither Dalits nor BCs have the backing of non-political roots to keep them upright. When will the Bahujans (SC/ST/BCs) learn that the cause is greater than the personality and political Parties and the organisations? Until they learn it they will continue to be slaves.

The ego they carry is the out come of their inferiority complex. Or is it the outcome of their selfish, personality-oriented nature? Is it because of the wide gap between these leaders and the masses? There is no such gap between Brahmin leaders and their jatwalas. Individuals do not matter. Their individual status is determined by Jati. But a non-Brahmin leader has no such caste status. This is the cause of all problems.

But what prevents them from coming together for the cause? This question still remains unanswered. The awakened leaders, if they come together can form formidable force. The masses will he more happy if they come together. The masses will also find that they arc not deceived by their leaders. Leaders take for granted the urges of the masses, and, therefore, there is no dialogue between them and the masses.

With regards Tata Sivaiah

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