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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why should we stand with anti national corporate raj?


  • Why should we stand with anti national corporate raj?

  • Palash Biswas

  • Others are not speaking against Reliance which is the basic cause of oil and gas crisis.

  • BJP did launch a crusade against Reliance during Indira Rgeime.But they have been keeping silence.

  • The left,Ambedkarites and socialist along with all regional parties never did take an initiative.

  • Everyone is playing dramatic politics.It is all about making fool of the majority people.

  • Aam Aaadmi party is no exception.

  • It may be a stunt.But it opened the flood gates.

  • Why should we stand with anti national corporate raj?

  • As far as reservation is concerned,mind you, Hindu Rashtra has no plce for equality and social justice.It banks on exclusion all on the name of inclusion and diversity.

  • Religious nationalism is the real time capital for all political parties.

  • Then NGOs do engage themselve to make Namomaya India also.

  • The tea parties being arranged by NGOs. All social sector plans and projects are executed by NGOs in the centre as well states.

  • NGOs led by Hazaare and Kiran Bedi have joined Modi camp.

  • Thousands of saffron NGOs including the SALWA judum phenomenon enjoy NGO status and funded by BJP governemnets.

  • Moreever, all agitions and mass movemenyts are led by NGOs.NGOs already are decisive.

  • We have to end the illuminati rule.

  • Our people are divided and ruled.We must unite them.It should be our prime agenda.

  • Meanwhile we should also encash the contradictions exposed in the ruling hegemony.

  • The Corporate raj is the regime omnipotent whosoever takes over the helm.

  • Hence, irrelevant are the dramatic elements and the scientific virtual effect.

  • The FIR agaist DEORA andMoil is quite ground breaking.

  • Why should we defend these people who continue the sale India in global zionist  open market to subject our people for brute racial ethnic cleansing?

  • We should then demand to lodge FIR againd the ADHAAR Scam and all other companies involved in scams.

  • If Kejriwal and party do play a game,the pressure to continue the game is only way to end their game.

  • Simply,I am against to make way for Modi who identifies with OBC and untouchables.

  • It is greater drama and it would be resultatnt in complete mass destruction.

  • Just be aware.

  • It is surprising ,the FIR causes more headache for BJP and Bahujan  than the target the CONGRESS antipeople rule of mass destruction and the omnipotent corporate raj.

  • Why?

  • For whom we do stand,please decide.

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