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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fwd: [bangla-vision] No stone-pelting: Geelani

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No stone-pelting: Geelani

'It Failed As A Defensive Measure'


Bandipora, Apr 29: Appealing youth not to pelt stones on police and other Government forces, chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani Friday said the stone pelting proved unsuccessful as a defensive measure.

The veteran leader was addressing a huge gathering at the Main Chowk Bandipora.

"Leaving the theological debate on stone pelting aside, we have analyzed that it yields no contribution to the cause of freedom," he said.

He said that no trooper was killed during the last year's stone-pelting, "In return we lost 118 youths."

Geelani said that youth were pelting stones as a defensive measure against the bullets 'but we couldn't defend ourselves by pelting stones thus losing 118 youths last year.'
Geelani was referring to the killing of 118 civilians, mostly teenagers and children, by police and paramilitary CRPF while curbing the massive pro-freedom demonstrations in the valley last year. "It (pelting) contributes no benefit to the freedom cause so youth should not pelt stones or attack any bunker while protesting against the forced occupation," the leader said.

Geelani condemned the Baramulla incident in which an SRTC driver died due to stone pelting.

"We will continue our struggle for self-determination and evacuation of troops though India is strengthening its forced occupation in J&K. I am suggesting India to feed its 40 percent population which is dying of hunger and live below poverty line," he said.

"We have given 5-point formula to facilitate situation for fruitful talks, the first point of which is to declare Jammu and Kashmir as dispute territory," he said.

"India should accept Jammu and Kashmir as a disputed territory, it is neither part of India nor of Pakistan yet, it should be solved under the provisions of United Nations resolutions which are yet to be implemented," he said.

Referring towards talks, he said "We are not against talks but they should be fruitful. We will not accept any solution within Indian Constitution."
"There will be no peace between India and Pakistan till Jammu and Kashmir is not resolved. It was the Kashmir issue which led to the creation of Bangladesh," he said.

Expressing gratitude to the people of Jammu and Kashmir for supporting the campaign against Dogra Certificate, Geelani said, "It is due to the people's pressure that Government revoked the Dogra Certificate order and I appreciate the people of Jammu and Kashmir who observed complete shutdown on 11th April against the order. The mainstream parties are the agents of India who are strengthening the forced occupation of Indian forces. There is no need of any other certificate other than State Subject Certificate, it was a conspiracy to weaken the Kashmiri people but we didn't allow the Indian agencies who are always looking to divide us."

Commenting on his meeting with Ram Vilas Paswan and the remarks by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, he said "I met Paswan as a representative of people, not as a Government representative. The aim of the meet was to reach out to the people in India."

"Let I Inform the Chief Minster that interlocutors are here to divide Jammu and Kashmir, they are trying to divide Kashmir on sectarian lines to give an impression that majority of people were not supporting the freedom movement."

He said India was not serious to resolve the Kashmir issue and was using the process of interlocution as a delaying tactic.
"Starting form 23 March 1952 India has initiated talks more than 155 times but they are useless as India is not accepting Jammu and Kashmir as disputed territory," he added.

Responding to Chief Minster's remark that he doesn't want his kids to be in politics, Geelani said, "Omar Abdullah is third ruler of Sheikh Dynasty who victimized people in Jammu and Kashmir in various ways."

Saying that India was disturbing the culture and ethos of Jammu and Kashmir at various fronts, Geelani said, "On one side India forcibly occupied Jammu and Kashmir and on other efforts are being made to destroy the culture, religion, civilization and social ethos of Kashmir."

He said, "Our youths are being deprived of Urdu language which is the only source of our religious literature." He stressed youth to boost the Urdu language for the safeguard of religion and culture.

He appealed people to refrain from casting votes during the Panchayat elections. "To cast vote is to support the Indian occupation so I appeal people not to cast the vote during the elections," he said.


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