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Monday, May 21, 2012

Fwd: CC News Letter, 21 May - No Agreement At G8 Summit

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No Agreement At G8 Summit On Deepening Financial Crisis
 By Nick Beams

The communiqué issued after a day of talks at the US presidential retreat at Camp David, however, revealed there was no plan to meet the crisis, just a decision to put the best face on a worsening situation

Occupy The G8
 By Brent Blackwelder

This is the text of an address delivered by Brent Blackwelder to the Occupy Movement, in Frederick, Maryland, May 18, 2012 on the occasion of the annual meeting of the G-8 at Camp David

The First Domino Falls In Greece
 By Shamus Cooke

Greece's situation is not an isolated event, but a bellwether for the industrial world and beyond. The fallout from the 2008 global crisis hasn't reached bottom yet, and the depths will be dug deeper as the Euro crisis spreads — political crisis will create economic crisis and vice versa, as periods of calm and stability are replaced by international turmoil and panic

Chicago: Peace Town
 By David Swanson

A huge crowd gathered for several hours and marched for over two miles in the hot sun to oppose NATO and U.S. wars on Sunday in Chicago. Finishing the march outside the NATO meeting, numerous U.S. veterans of current wars denounced their previous "service" and threw their medals over the fence, a scene not witnessed since the U.S. war on Vietnam

The Vital Chain: Connecting The Ecosystems Of Land And Sea
 By Carl Zimmer

A new study from a Pacific atoll reveals the links between native trees, bird guano, and the giant manta rays that live off the coast. In unraveling this intricate web, the researchers point to the often little-understood interconnectedness between terrestrial and marine ecosystems

Valuing Nature: Democracy or Economics?
 By Paul Anderson

Aristotle asked how we as political animals could create and design institutions which assure survival with 'some measure of the good life in it'. Although the scope of Aristotle's question was that of the city, the question of institutional design is acutely relevant to efforts to arrest global resource degradation

The Case For A Morality Of Radical Caution
 By Robert Jensen

Robert Jensen works through his underlying rationale for making moral judgments, as on meat-eating and abortion

Because You're Worth It: The Indian Premier League, Sex, Lies And Capitalism
 By Colin Todhunter

The actual news bulletins in India also bear a striking resemblance to the 'newsworthiness' agenda used by western channels. In many respects, as in the West, the commercials and the news are becoming virtually one and the same

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