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Saturday, May 26, 2012

अन्ना पर इंजीनियर और पुनियानी की पुस्तक का विमोचन 29 को

अन्ना पर इंजीनियर और पुनियानी की पुस्तक का विमोचन 29 को

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Sahitya Upkram and All India Secular Forum

Book Release Function
Book Anna Hazare Upsurge (details below) edited by Asghar Ali Engineer and Ram Puniyani will be released by Justice (Retd) Hosbet Suresh. Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer, Dr. Vikas Narain Rai, Javed Anand and Ram Puniyani will be on the panel discussing the book.
Place:  Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Date: 29th May 2012, Tuesday, 5.30 PM.
All Are Cordially Invited
Irfan Engineer
All India Secular Forum

Anna Hazare Upsurge : A Critical Appraisal
Editors : Asghar Ali Engineer l Ram Puniyani
ISBN 978-81-8235-108-0
Price : Rs. 160.00 (Paper Back)
Rs. 320.00 (Hard Bound)


Part – I : The Janlokpal Bill

    1.    Parliament is for People— Zoya Hasan
2.    Anna Hazare Stir: What It Has Achieved and What it Has Not—Neena Vyas & Vidya Subrahmaniam
3.    'Bahujan' Lokpal Bill Makes New Demands — Yoginder Sikand
4.    Jan Lokpal Bill: A Critique — A. Faizur Rahman
Part – II : Anna: Theme Essays

    5.    Anna Phenomenon: Paradox of Indian Reality  — Uday Mehta
6.    What is the Real Goal of the Anna Movement  — Rohini Hensman
7.    The Neoliberal Revolution   — Anand Teltumbde
Part – III : Anna and the Team: Background

    8.    The Making of an Authority: Anna Hazare in Ralegan Siddhi  — Mukul Sharma
9.    The Unholy Cow    — Shekhar Gupta
Part – IV : Second Gandhi: Second Freedom Movement?

    10.    Is Anna Hazare the New Gandhi?     — Asghar Ali Engineer
11.    Gandhian Façade     — Praful Bidwai
12.    Anna Hazare: Tragedy to Farce  — J. Sri Raman
Part – V : Interviews

    13.    Jan Lokpal: An Alternative View    — K. N. Panikkar
14.    Jan Lokpal Bill is Very Regressive: Arundhati Roy   — Sagarika Ghose
15.    Communalism is Bigger Issue for Muslims: Akhtarul Wasey     — Sadiq Naqvi
Part – VI : Nature of Movement

    16.    Fuzzy Movement   — Prabhat Patnaik
17.    Why I didn't Go to Jantar Mantar   — Harsh Mander
18.    Ambedkar's Way & Anna Hazare's Methods    — Sukhadeo Thorat
19.    Born Again Patriot — An Anti-Corruption Movement and The Rise of Illiberalism     — Kanti Bajpai
20.    The Ayatollah in Waiting     — Govind Talwalkar
21.    Hardly a Revolution    — Soumitro Das
22.    Anna Upsurge and The Social Movements   — Ram Puniyani
23.    A Tale of Two Movements    — Amita Baviskar
24.    Anna's Social Fascism   — Kancha Ilaiah
25.    Enough! Mr. Hazare    — John Dayal
26.    Please Don't Call It A Revolution    — Happymon Jacob
Part – VII : Role of Media

    27.    Media's Misplaced Triumphalism    — Nilottpal Basu
28.    Visibility as a Trap in the Anna Hazare Campaign   — Arvind Rajagopal
29.    A Feral Media Orchestrates Anti-Corruption Campaign    — Sashi Kumar
Part – IX : Communal Undertones

    30.    India: Anna is the Icon of Banal Hindutva   — Jyotirmaya Sharma
31.    The Communal Character of Anna Hazare's Movement   — Bhanwar Megwanshi
32.    Anna Hazare's RSS    — Akash Bisht
33.    Why the Sangh Loves Anna    — Hartosh Singh Bal
Annexures : Team Anna's Version

'We stand where we had Started on the Lokpal Bill': Interview    — Arvind Kejriwal
What Matters is the Cause: Interview   — Medha Patkar
Anna Personality Cult should be Avoided   — Prashant Bhushan
Appendices : Summary of Draft Bills

Government Draft Bill
Jan LokPal Bill – Summary and Guide to India's Civil Society Anti-Corruption Bill
Deserves Our Support  — Anna Hazare
Lokpal Bill: Aruna Roy and NCPRI's Suggestions    — Aruna Roy
Published by
Sahitya Upkram
E mail :
Phone : 09654732174, 09350809192

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