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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monthly Newsletter of All India Secular Forum November 2012

Secular Action Network


Monthly Newsletter of All India Secular Forum

November 2012






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Editor: Ram Puniyani,

Patron: Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer,

National Committee: L.S. Hardenia, Suresh Khairnar, Zulaikha Zabi, Irfan Engineer, Ram Puniyani




From the Editor's Desk


Many of our friends have been dedicating their time and energies for promotion of peace and harmony in our trouble torn society. Association for Communal Harmony in Asia, a US based group is working for the cause of promoting peace in South Asia, in Pakistan and India in particular. They are honoring the peace workers in South Asia on regular basis. This year, they have chosen to honor Convener of our All India Secular Form, Shri Lajja Shanker Hardenia, for the STAR award. We heartily congratulate Shri Hardeniaji, who has been a backbone of the work of the forum and a major person guiding our work.


Communal poison has been sown so deep in our country that many a political forces take advantage of it as and when it suits them. We have been witnessing a series of riots in Uttar Pradesh, where Samajvadi Party is ruling. The riot in Faizabad was a preplanned one and apart from other things it targeted the office of symbol of Peace, the bilingual newspaper, Aap ki Takat. We appeal to all the friends to send contribution to Aap ki Takat so that this instrument of peace can resume its work in a proper manner. The details for donation are given in the appeal being carried in this issue. We also carry the report of public hearing of violence, the one of Gopalgarh.


The work of RSS related to spreading the communal ideology is done through various mechanisms. We have a disturbing report from Maharashtra, where the network of Ekal schools is being intensified, more so in the Adivasi areas. Through Ekal schools lot of indoctrination work amongst Adivasi children is going on. It's a warning to the society that we need to promote the values of communal amity and Indian nationalism, which should be our core values. We need to think as to how our work of spreading awareness can be taken to grass root level. We cannot be restricted to workshops with activists alone. It's time that our activists are able to take simple awareness modules to different sections of society.  We are carrying the outline of one such module in this issue. The comments and opinions on that module are most welcome.


Ram Puniyani




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