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Saturday, January 26, 2013

On Jan 26 Tweet India's PM to act on Justice Verma's Report on Gender Violence

THE 50 MILLION MISSING: A Campaign Against India's Female Genocide
A message from the cause

THE 50 MILLION MISSING: A Campaign Against India's Female Genocide

New message about @PMOIndia Must Act on Justice Verma's Gender Violence Report

Posted by Rita Banerji (cause leader)
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Dear Friends,
It is 48 hours since a team of India's Chief Justices released a 500pg investigative report on the state of violence on India's women and girls, holding specific government accountable.
They've heard from India's citizens, from western governments and citizens, but not from the Government of India! Not even from the Prime Minister! 
On Jan 26 India celebrates Republic Day: the day it became a free Republic.  But a government that's blatantly undemocratic and repressive has no right to spend millions of taxpayers money  to hold a lavish parade in New Delhi. 
Lets send that message to the Prime Minister's office on Republic Day!!
If you are on twitter and/or facebook please circulate this link on Jan 26 telling India's PM to immediately act on the Verma report!
It is the only fit way to celebrate India's Republic Day!

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