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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thanks Semonti Ghosh to tell Bengal how RSS hijacked Ambedkar,the leader of Humanity: অম্বেডকরকে ‘আপন’ করতেই হবে!

Thanks Semonti Ghosh to tell Bengal how RSS hijacked Ambedkar,the leader of Humanity:

অম্বেডকরকে 'আপন' করতেই হবে!

Just celebrate May Day on large scale to defend democracy and the rights of the working class!
Palash Biswas
I have been insisting that a space for the majority humanity is always missing in every sphere of life in Hegemony ruled Bengal since the partition of India.

I have been insisting that in Bangaldesh,despite the brutal continuity of the religious hatred based Jihadi JAMAT Plus politics and continuous minority persecution, assassination of democratic, secular personalities,Bangla Nationalism survives just because of a rock solid alliance of Dalit, Adivasi, Left ,democratic and Secular forces which we badly miss in India and for which we trap ourselves into the lethal Hindutva Tsunami.

Mind you,Bengal is liberal not because of Leftist Rule for thirty five years or Left Progressive ideologies.Bengal introduced the western democracy in India with Renaissance which never happened in rest of India.

Moreover,Bengal led the land reform movement since the introduction of East India Company Rule after Plassy war right in 1757.
Chuad Revolt was the first insurrection against feudal setup supported and strengthened in Company Raj. 

It was followed by so many peasant uprising and peasant movement one after one countrywide beyond Bengal Presidency.

The idea of Bahujan Samaj had been the reality in Bengal thanks to the Buddhamoy democracy Bengal witnessed until islamic rule takeover Bengal.Further,the Islam had no space for discrimination based on caste and birth.

Dr.Anand Teltumbed who is not only the grand son -in-law of Dr.Ambedkar and a internationally academia,he is responsible to make Ambedkar works digital and also contributed to make India digital with Sam Pitroda.

I am lucky to be his friend and we discuss these issues daily as he is recently  based in Kharagpur IIT.

Dr.Teltumbde have explained very well how DR.Ambedkar did everything to recognize SC reservation in Bengal as no untouchability could be proved in social survey as untouchability had been prohibited way back in 1911 thanks to Chandal Movement which is well documented by DR.Shekhar Bandopaddhyay.

Dr.Ambedkar associated by Mahapran Jogendra Nath Mandal and Mukund Bihari Mallick resoved the problem to make the basis of reservation for SC communities as caste based discrimination instead of untouchability.

Hence,Bengalies outside Bengal are treated as developed communities and miss the reservation as untouchability misses in Bengali geography beyond Bengal and you may not get reservation with the caste discrimination provision out of Bengal.

We have called to celebrate May Day across identities and political borders just because Baba Saheb as labour minister in British Raj introduced all labour laws including right of trade unions,job security,working hours to maternity leave which he did as a leader of the depressed class with an agenda of caste annihilation for entire humanity.

Baba Saheb introduced Hindu Code Bill to liberate and empower Indian sex slave womanhood and had to resign from Nehru cabinet as RSS captured Congress to launch unabated Hindutva agenda which was accomplished by Congress unless BJP emerged reckoning force of Zionist Hindu Imperialism aligned with Global Zionist disorder against Man and Nature.

Even Reserve Bank Of India credits DR.
BR Ambedkar and his thesis,problem of Rupeee for its creation which is being dismantled to make SEBI,the greatest PONZI network on this earth, the manager of Indian Economy for free flow of foreign capital and foreign interest.

DR BR Ambedkar is most relevant phenomenon which progressive Bengal refused to understand and believed that he was responsible for caste based identity politics which he never had been.

As Semonti explains the works and personality of Dr.BR Ambedkar as the leader of humanity Bengal never tried to understand his agenda of caste annihilation which is the the most essential element of Bangla Nationalism.

Not for Dalit movement,not even for power sharing for the majority,sustenance of secular democratic Bengali identity and Bangla Nationalism across border depend on this single factor how better we do understand Dr BR Ambedkar as the leader of Humanity.

Since I am black listed in Bengal and writing in different languages I have no space in Print Media in Bengal despite working as professional journalist in Bengal since 1991,the beginning of free market disastrous ethnic cleansing,I must welcome Semonti to highlight the issue in Bengali how DR BR Ambedkar is hijacked by RSS which wants to win Bengal for Hindu fascist Imperialist Nation agenda.
Pl read the article.

statue of B. R. Ambedkar

অম্বেডকরকে 'আপন' করতেই হবে!

সেমন্তী ঘোষ

২৯ এপ্রিল, ২০১৫

অম্বেডকরকে 'আপন' করতেই হবে!

রাজনীতিকরা ভাবেন, তাঁরা ইতিহাস ছেঁকে নিয়ে রেঁধেবেড়ে পরিবেশন করবেন, আমরা বিনা প্রশ্নে তুলে নেব। আজকের অম্বেডকর সেটুকুতেই আইকন হয়ে থাকবেন!

সেমন্তী ঘোষ

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