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Monday, April 27, 2015

The corporate lawyer of Dow Chemicals does ensure full tax Holiday for Desi Videshi capital overloading general Taxpayers.

The corporate lawyer of Dow Chemicals does ensure full tax Holiday for Desi Videshi capital overloading general Taxpayers.
Palash Biswas
I have been pointing out agai and again that RSS governance of fascism is nothing new as Congress has been accomplishing the task of Hindu Imperialist Ethnic cleansing until RSS directly took over the helmd of this killing fields.

Economic Policies of foreign interests and free flow of foreign capital,govermnance by the foreign investors continued since the neoliberal children  began to kill the agrarian India..much before the rise of RSS as mainstream political force. 

The corporate lawyer of Dow Chemicals does ensure full tax Holiday for Desi Videshi capital overloading general Taxpayers.

Thus,once again,finance minster of RSS governance of fascism declares Tax Holiday as GST constitution amendment act has to be passed with congress and company support despite the NDA deficit in the Rajya Sabha. 

The land acquisition bill is the umbrella to get all the legislation necessary to open all windows and all doors ajar for free flow of foreign capital and foreign interest.

Further,the calamity,the mega Earth Quake inflicting the Himalayas most relevant for the sustenance of climate,environment and humanity,is being misused as anesthesia reminiscent of Operation blue star.

Ironically, the Himalayan nation of this geopolitics on fire has become a complete battleground of   diplomatic war with high voltage Hindutva wave as RSS network surfaced all over Nepal which had been underground.

Rescue and relief operations are limited around either the Everest or the capital,Kathmandu.

A panic drive is relaunched quoting NASA to herald unprecedented fear psyche among the masses amidst aftershocks continued.

More devastating Earth Quake warning  is working as anesthesia as media deleted all important basic issues to be addressed and flow of information is censored.

Thus,it should go unnoticed that Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today made it clear that retrospective tax will not be imposed and that taxation policy has to be "non-adversarial".

Already tax holiday amounting 6.4 billion dollar beside the ritual tax forgone of lacs of crore has been settled.

Meanwhile, consensus game intensified as Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D Raja has backed the Congress Party on the Goods and Services Tax Bill, saying the state governments must be taken into confidence on the issue.

`GST, there are many contentious issues under it, because only federal government cannot implement GST. The other stakeholders, particularly the state governments must be taken into confidence. Unless state governments agree and accept the GST, it cannot go through," he said.

Congress leader M Veerappa Moily earlier on Friday justified his party`s decision to stage a walkout from the House.

"Congress Party and we are all for GST, but not a defective GST. We said this constitutional bill will have to be referred to the standing committee. That is the rule but these people are developing a practice that no bill will be referred to the standing committee. That is what we are fundamentally opposing," said Moily.

The drama unfolds as   Economic times reports:
:A possible truce with the Congress may allow the government to ensure passage of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill in the ongoing session of Parliament, perhaps this week itself. 

The Congress appears positively inclined after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley reached out to the party leadership over the weekend for ironing out differences over the proposed law. 

There are indications that the Congress could give up its demand of referring the bill again to the standing commi .. 

Read more at:

Promising a business friendly environment to woo foreign investments, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today made it clear that retrospective tax will not be imposed and that taxation policy has to be "non-adversarial".

"Our Taxation process has to be simpler to increase tax buoyancy. Our taxation policy has to be non-adversarial. The government does not intend to tax people retrospectively," Jaitley said.
He said that the corporate tax structure has to be globally competitive and that is why the government has proposed to reduce it from 30 to 25 per cent in this year's Budget.

"Decision-making has to be much quicker. The process of political consensus has to be statesman-like and mature," he said addressing D P Kohli Memorial Lecture in the national capital New Delhi..

The Finance Minister said that agriculture as well as infrastructure sectors face serious challenges due to lack of investment.

"Highways programme has slowed down and investment has not come in railways. We have to invest Rs 70,000 crore in infrastructure sector and that is why we have to little delay the fiscal road map," Jaitley said.

Meanwhile, he said there is a need to revisit certain provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

"We need to revisit provisions of Prevention of Corruption," he said, while noting that the concerned departments and civil servants were reluctant to take decisions.

Phrases like "corrupt means", "public interest" and "pecuniary advantages" have to be redefined in the present context to differentiate between the act of corruption and honest error, Jaitley said. Jaitley said there was breakdown of process of building consensus on various vital issues before May 2014.

"Down the line we started losing the credibility of decision-making process and indecisiveness on part of government," Jaitley said.

Weaker government and a power centre outside government did not help, the Finance Minister said in an apparent remark to the last UPA regime.

He said the onus to take decisions lies on his NDA government as after 30 years a clear mandate has been given and a single largest party has come to power.

Sectors like defence and real estates have been opened up for larger global investments, Jaitley said citing decisions taken in the present regime so far.

Flanked by CVC and CAG on his side, he said CBI has to have the sixth sense to master the art of extracting truth and perfection.

Many agencies can falter. Nobody is expected to be perfect. Country cannot afford to see two institutions– judiciary and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)–to be imperfect, Jaitley said.

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