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Saturday, September 26, 2015

26 September: International Day For The Total Elimination Of Nuclear Weapons

CC News Letter 26 Sep - 26 September: International Day For The Total Elimination Of Nuclear Weapons

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

 26 September: International Day For The Total Elimination Of Nuclear Weapons
By Rene Wadlow

26 September serves as a reminder of the avenues proposed for nuclear disarmament, but disarmament diplomacy has stalled too often and inconsistent policies by governments have made the goal of complete elimination seem unreachable in the short term. Nevertheless we, as non-governmental peacebuilders, must continue to work creatively to generate the groundswell of opinion that will create a momentum of political will to move to a world without war and without nuclear weapons

Peace Boat Arrives At Berkeley Marina On International Day
For The Total Elimination Of Nuclear Weapons
By Gerry Condon

The historic sailing vessel Golden Rule will arrive at the Berkeley Marina on Saturday, September 26, which the United Nations has designated International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. In 1958, the Golden Rule and her crew of Quaker peace activists ignited an international movement to stop atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, when they attempted to sail into a nuclear bomb test zone in the Marshall Islands. Five years ago, after the historic sailboat was discovered at the bottom of Humboldt Bay on the north coast of California, local members of Veterans For Peace launched a national campaign to restore the Golden Rule and her mission to sail for a nuclear free world

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Failed In The Commissioning Test
Seven Times And Is Ready For Decommissioning
By VT Padmanabhan & Paul Dorfman

From the history of the plant so far, it does appear that the next vital event of the plant will be decommissioning. The history also proves that Kudankulam is the safest nuclear power plant in the world, because it is not going to work

Adam Smith's "Hidden Hand": Veneration of Another False God ?
By David Anderson

In Pope Francis' recent environmental encyclical and in his many pronouncements since them, most notably his address to the US Congress and at the United Nations, he was in effect telling the world that the time has come for all of us to take a long hard look at a false god that has, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution been and continues to be venerated by so many

Bolivian Coca Cultivation Declines After US Kicked Out
By Robert Barsocchini

In 2008, Bolivian President Evo Morales kicked out the US ambassador and the DEA. Since then, reports HuffPo, Bolivia, a traditional coca-growing region, "has … managed to reduce coca leaf cultivation, especially over the past five years. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, total production of dried coca leaf fell 11 percent from 2013 to 2014, and has fallen by an average of nearly 10 percent each year since 2011."

No Brains In Washington
By Paul Craig Roberts

Washington's IQ follows the Fed's interest rate — it is negative. Washington is a black hole into which all sanity is sucked out of government deliberations. Washington's failures are everywhere visible. We can see the failures in Washington's wars and in Washington's approach to China and Russia

How AIPAC-OFAC Are Working To Maintain Sanctions
Targeting Iran And Her Students
By Franklin Lamb

Every American visitor to Iran, one imagines, quickly comes to realize not just how much Americans have in common with Iranians which is a whole lot. But how beneath the thin skin of political rhetoric occasionally from both people's leaders we can achieve a special relationship based on shared values and mutual respect. This will be to the profound benefit of both peoples

Undoing India 'The Familial Way'
By Shamsul Islam

Ram Madhav a senior RSS ideologue and the BJP general secretary while defending interactions between RSS and BJP makes two important points. Firstly, he argues that such interactions are normal. According to him organizations interact with the governments in democracy 'then why an objection in this case?' But the issue of growing linkages between RSS and PM Modi and his ministers is not that simple

Hindutva And Minority Rights
By P Victor Vijay Kumar

The texture of Indian polity has been seeing several despotic developments , especially, post 2000 period. Before, we understand that it is "sanghi" force which is picking up the momentum, we need to go a level higher and see how hindutva's inerent nature of intolerance and self-centric development agenda is steering this momentum against culture preservation and rights of minorities in this country

Greek Antikythera Shipwreck Yields The Antikythera Mechanism
By Marianne de Nazareth

There is exciting news. News that makes swashbuckling stories of adventure become real. Where treasures can still be found in the mysterious depths of the ocean. Archaeologists excavating the famous ancient Greek shipwreck that yielded the Antikythera mechanism have recovered more than 50 items including a bronze armrest (possibly part of a throne), remains of a bone flute, fine glassware, luxury ceramics, a pawn from an ancient board game, and several elements of the ship itself
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