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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stop Interfering in Nepal

Palash Biswas strongly endorse and appeal every Indian citizen to sign it as it is our shame that India behaves like a fascist imperialist hegemony and we refuse to be the part of this military hindutva!

Dear friends,
We want to issue a statement on Nepal. If you agree with the content of the statement, please endorse it and send your consent so that we release it at the earliest.

Anand Swaroop Verma,
Samkaleen Teesari Duniya.


Stop Interfering in Nepal

After seven tumultuous years following the overthrow of the more than two century old monarchy which led to elections to form a Constituent Assembly, and many governments failing to fulfill the task of finalizing a Constitution, at last on 20th September the president of Nepal has promulgated the new Constitution amidst support from overwhelming majority of the CA and people. The Constitution creates seven states in a secular, federal system.

At the same time it is opposed on the one hand by the religious fundamentalists who want to make Nepal a Hindu state and on the other hand by the leaders of Madhes and Tharu sections in the Terai region bordering India, who demand recognition of more rights and representation in the Constitution.

Nepal is a small country of 29 million people sandwiched between its two bigger neighbours, China and India. While China has welcomed the Constitution, India has expressed unhappiness that it does not fulfill the aspirations of the Terai people. This has further embittered the relation between the two which is already not satisfactory due to the big-brotherly attitude of the consecutive Indian governments which the Nepalese people see as an expansionist policy. It is the right of the sovereign people of Nepal to elect their representatives, to decide what ruling system they should have, to frame the Constitution and to make any changes in it. The Indian government has violated this principle of peaceful co-existence between neighbouring countries.

We, the undersigned extend full support to the people of Nepal on the occasion of the promulgation of their Constitution. We oppose the interference of the Indian government in the internal affairs of Nepal. It is the right of Nepalese people including the people of Terai region to make any changes in the Constitution promulgated on 20th September. We extend warm greetings to the people of Nepal in this important phase in their struggle.

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