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Friday, May 13, 2016

A meeting of intellectuals has demanded special audit of the exorbitant expenditure incurred on the Ujjain Kumbh.

Ram Puniyani
May 13 at 1:00pm
BHOPAL: May 13, 2016: A meeting of intellectuals has demanded special audit of the exorbitant expenditure incurred on the Ujjain Kumbh. 
The meeting was organised by Rashtriya Secular Manch to discuss three important issues (1) Simhasth and Secularism, (2) Two year of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and (3) To bring black money from foreign countries. During discussion on Simhastha it was also pointed that the active involvement of the government in the activities amounted to subversion of the constitution. Our constitution gives equal respect to all the religions but prohibits government involvement in the promotion and propagation of any religion, which is being done during the Simhastha. 
The arrangements and luxurious facilities provided for the international seminar is nothing but sheer waste of tax payers' money. At a time when the state is passing through severe drought conditions including non-availability of drinking water, this waste is criminal. 
Imitating discussion on "Prime Minister's two year L.S. Herdenia, convener of the manch pointed out that Modi made three important promises during the election. The promises were (1) creation of Jobs for youths, (2) effective control to curb rise in the prices of essential commodities, (3) To bring black money from foreign countries. No progress has been made in fulfilling these promises. 
Irfan Engineer, Director, Centre for Study of Society and Secularism, Mumbai asserted that during the two years the country stands polarized because of various acts of communalism and hate speeches delivered by the activists belonging to the RSS including BJP ministers MPs, MLAs and party workers. But Modi did nothing to rein in them despite his claim to be a strong leader. During the last two years many such steps were taken which have shaken the roots of our democratic secular structure. 
Badal Saroj stressed the need for steeled unity of secular forces to defeat the designs of champions of hindutva. 
Shailendra Shally conducted the seminar.
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