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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

No respite at all united we stand united rock solid!Nandini Sundar and Archna Prasad accused in murder case as Rohit Vemula and Najib denied justice and NDTV makes a hero of Kalluri!Brakha stand with madam Hillary!Palash Biswas

No respite at all united we stand united rock solid!Nandini Sundar and Archna Prasad accused in murder case as Rohit Vemula and Najib denied justice and NDTV makes a hero of Kalluri!Brakha stand with madam Hillary!

Palash Biswas

No respite at all united we stand united rock solid!

Social media is playing a role and the the NDTV stand off proved it well as Turkey banned social media to sustain the system.On the other hand Chinese super fireball great wall is further strengthen.

Meanwhile,in India where the voice of the masses,screams of the victims have no space at all and we witnessed surprising apathy of the sc,st and obc communities during NDTV stand off just because in general Indian media is as much as corporate as it defends the cause of the Manusmriti rule of the hegemony and it is always got up game to select the opposition as well to chose and sustain compromising opposition with radical gesture.

Nevertheless,Ravish Kumar is not credited in untouchable humanity and we should understand the point very well as Dr.Ambedkar rightly said that we represent the warring camps in his first sppeech to the constitutional assembly.

Hence,it is rather very tough to unite all social forces as well as the marginalised sections of humanity.NDTV episode put the hegemony on backfoot and it struck a respectable deal to save its face.

The next day,prominent social activists Delhi University Professor Nandini Sundar and Jawaharlal Nehru University's Archana Prasad among 10 people accused in the murder of a villager in Chhattisgarh.

Mind you,recently,the Salawa Judum Police in Chhatishgargh burnt the effigies of social activists including Nandini sundar and Himanshu kumar.

During NDTV stand off,India gate inflicted with unprecedented smog in the greatest Gas chamber,the Indian capital,India Gate witnessed human right being raped in open daylight as the Mother and Sister of the abducted JNU student Najib have been thrashed and dragged with demonstrating students and citizens.

The Rohit Vemula victim family is still denied justice.Justice denied in hundreds of cases of killings,genocides,rapes and gang rapes with apartheid.

Mind you,we could not generate resistance to ensure justice for the underclasses and right to expression remains irrelevant to the majority Bahujan masses in India which have been denied right to education under Manusmriti rule for thousnds of years and are still excluded in all sorts of mediums.genres and media as well.

They speak their grievances with anger and to some extent hatred against the hegemony in all formats of social media.

The passions should be understood in its proper reference and context with inclusive fraternity,tolerance to sustain diversity rooted in our culture which denies to be a Hindu nation with all its might.

Until we support the underclasses,we may not connect the bahujan masses and would have no respite from the governance of fascism ,the infinite business of darkness,brutality and genocide culture of apartheid and patriarchy.

We might be diverted so easily.They would create similar stand offs time to time to engage ourselves and we would forget the basic issue of inclusion as the system remains based on exclusion and excommunication and the economy is exclusively elite.

No wonder,Ms Sundar has been named in a complaint by the wife of Shamnath Baghel, who was killed by Maoists last Friday in his village in Maost-hit Bastar.

"It is absurd, bizarre and patently malafide. I haven't been in Bastar in months," said the 48-year-old activist professor.

It is not unprecedented as the activists have been accused of murder, conspiracy and rioting, said senior police officer SRP Kalluri, adding that "strongest possible action" will be taken against those guilty.

Sedition is the name of the national game which invokes false nationalism on the name of the security and internal security of the nation whereas the hegemony has put national ans public resources of the nation,unity integrity and sovereignty of the nation  on sale and plays Trump to define the phenomenon in national interest.

We may not break the Tilism,the Magic House without including the majority which is branded Hidnu and misused as armed forces of Hindutva to confirm their caste and religion in accordance to vote bank equations with eternal elections round the years!

"We don't go by feelings, we go by facts, we will take action based on what facts we have," Mr Kalluri told NDTV.Kalluri is well known to lead the Salwa Judum in Adivasi demography and has been involved in persecution of Soni Sori and many more cases.

We fought for the constitutional fundamental right and opposed one day ban against NDTV. Look! The stand off is resolved and NDTV makes a hero of someone like Kalluri!

 What next we might expect from NDTV?As Barkha Dutta camped in United States of America to support madam Hillari who created the menace well known as ISIS.

We were not fighting for any TV channel.They would ban their pets first and then they would ban the social media,mailing blogs, whatsup, Face Book, Twiter and everything to execute Mnusmriti rule against the Bahujan which has a more vocal share in social media. 

Hence,it was a red alarm!

The show continues as the Free Market of genocide,infinite refugee influx within would continue as it is the central theme of AFSPA and Salwa Judum!

No respite at all united we stand united rock solid!

Mind you,it is accused that Baghel was killed by Maoists with sharp weapons on Friday at his village around 450 km from state capital Raipur. He had been leading a campaign against Maoist activities since April and had recently formed the "Tangiya (axe) group".

"The victim's wife has alleged that Nandini and other workers held meetings in the area and that was provocative. There were threats received that Baghel will be eliminated if he doesn't mend his ways," Mr Kalluri said on NDTV live to justify the fabricated story and the ban is withdrawn and we have to understand the in depth deal struck by Pranab Roy.

What a setting?

Baghel and other villagers had reportedly complained in May against Ms Sundar.

The police officer alleged that Ms Sundar went to the village in June using a fake name - Richa Keshav. "She did accept it and said she didn't want to disclose her name," said the officer.

"We don't need any interference or guidance, Bastar knows to handle its own problems. We don't like any kind of interference," he asserted.

Ms Sundar has accused the police officer of forcing Baghel's wife to file a complaint against her.

"This is clear vendetta. Mr Kalluri has been specifically targeting activists," she told NDTV, alleging that Mr Kalluri is worried about being implicated in a case that the activists have been fighting for years.

Ms Sundar, an activist, heads the sociology department at the university and has worked extensively in Maoist-hit regions like Bastar. It was on her petition that the Supreme Court banned the state-backed anti-Maoist militia Salwa Judum, calling the force unconstitutional.

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