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Saturday, November 12, 2016

#Surgical strike against the people of India#RBI killed#Banking collapsed! You have to wait for weeks to get money from ATM as Cashless India gets Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Just stand in the queues my countrymen.You are habitual! Palash Biswas

#Surgical strike against the people of India#RBI killed#Banking collapsed!

You have to wait for weeks to get money from ATM as

Cashless India gets Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Just stand in the queues my countrymen.You are habitual!

Palash Biswas

The citizens countrywide have to wait for cash and entire political class irrespective of ideology and colour enjoy the life with their unlimited plastic money.

Some people have to breathe last standing in the queue,more would die because they may not resolve immediate problems just because of demonetization,some would starve and some would commit suicide and some would die in riots sooner or later.

But the mastermind behind this unprecedented demonetization killing business,banking and the masses with single surgical strike may ride the bullet train or may dance with some music as the music of life is lost for Indian citizens!

Never mind,cashless India gets Hiroshima and Nagasaki and we would get bread an butter from nuclear plants around.

You have to wait for two or three weeks to get cash as the FM says.Two day extended to two or three weeks.

Has the FM any idea whatsoever what it means!

Zero Cash status for indefinite period would kill the masses.

It is bloodless mass destruction!

Finance minister Arun Jaitley said on Saturday it would take time for banks to make changes to ATMs to dispense the new banknotes as millions of people lined up at branches to get cash.

Read: It's a massive operation; ATM recalibration will take 2-3 weeks, says Jaitley

He said ATMs had not been calibrated before the announcement to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes to maintain secrecy. "It is a massive operation, it will take time."

 #Surgical Strike against the people of India!

They prepared to save their money power and friends and did nothing to meet the crisis.They did not cared for the people without cash.

Economic Anarchy looming large!

The demonetization was leaked but the masses have to make their white money white again and have to succumb as the Banking system collapsed. 

ATMs Shuttered down!

Bills unpaid!

Banks out of cash!

markets almost closed!

Business almost crashed!

Monopoly sustained only!

Nothing available without plastic money subjected to fraud unlimited.Banks face the serpent queues infinite and no respite seems within next ten days.The Nation is made a nuclear plant as Cashless India gets HIROSHIMA and Nagasaki return thanks to political fiscal management.RBI killed.Long live RBI.

Damn with your emergency validity despite demonetization in general!

How would people dare to plan a travel without cash status zero?

None of us is a PM or a FM or a Business tycoon or simply some Neta,MP or MLA.

Who would pay the house rent?

How to get Insulin and life saving medicines asmedical care is privatized long before and very few people opt for govt.hospitals?

Tickets are not enough you need hard cash for travelling and ATMs would be out of order for weeks,the FM confirmed?

School fees have to be paid in time.Who would pay?

Those children who stay out of home because of their job or education,who would support them?

How the workers who live on daily wage should survive for weeks without money?

It was promised that ATMs would pay the cash after two days  and FM now says,it would take two or three weeks!

Just stand in the queues my countrymen.You are habitual!

However,here are 10 things Jaitley said in his speech to justify demonetization:

1) Don't rush to banks right now for exchanging or withdrawing old Rs 500 or Rs 1000 notes as there are massive crowds. Wait for a few days as the scheme is open till December 30.

2) It will take 2-3 weeks to update the hardware and software of ATMs to dispense the new currency because it is a "long-drawn" process.

3) The government couldn't calibrate ATMs before the currency withdrawal scheme was announced because it would compromise the secrecy of the move.

4) Customers shouldn't demand a choice of currency at the banks because there may be a shortage. They should accept whatever currency they are getting.

5) The government will monitor any Jan Dhan accounts with suspicious activity and gold traders transacting in old currency.

6) The banking system is fully equipped to deal with the currency shake-up. The State Bank of India has received Rs 47,868 crore in deposits since the withdrawal of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes was announced on Tuesday. Total deposits in all the banks must be around Rs 2-2.25 lakh crore.

7) The bankers are doing a good job. The SBI alone has conducted 22.8 million transactions after demonetization. The total number of transactions must be five times that number.

8) People should move more and more to cashless transactions as they make life simple.

9) Some new 500 notes have already been introduced in the market, the rest will be done soon.

10) GPS chip in Rs 2000 note, reports of digital lockers are rumours.

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