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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fwd: CC Issue 29 August - Launched

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Press Release

Action Alert Launched
By Subhankar Banerjee, a gathering place for stories on all things global warming has just been launched. We have wonderful activist groups like and others, we have great sites like Grist, ENN, and others for environmental news and opinions, no one place dedicated to climate stories. The objective is not to present just a story as a short news or opinion, but "in-depth", which means all stories will have a central focus perhaps a local issue, but it'll also explore the issues connection to regional, national and global relevance

238 Reasons To Be Worried
By Fidel Castro

I am coming out of the conviction that imperialism will disappear because its existence is incompatible with human life on the planet. Throughout 88 days, the elements of judgement to explain what is happening to the readers have been pulled together

Saved From Pakistan's Endless Sea
By Gethin Chamberlain

A month after floods devastated the country, small boats still rescue those strong, and lucky, enough to have survived the waters

Floods For Pakistan; Floods Of Money
For its Leader
By Tariq Ali

Nearly two thousand deaths and over 20 million people are homeless. The man-made disasters – war in Afghanistan, its spillage into Pakistan – are bad enough. Now the country faces its worst ever natural disaster. Most governments would find it difficult to cope, but the current regime is virtually paralyzed

Pakistan Floods: Clean Water Desperately Needed
By Pierluigi Testa

A month after the flooding disaster in Pakistan began, more areas are at risk of a new deluge and the humanitarian crisis continues, with clean water and medical aid desperately needed, as Medecins Sans Frontieres writes for Channel 4 News

Red And Green
By Uri Avnery

If people of goodwill want to speed up the end of the occupation, they must support the peace activists in Israel. They should build a close connection with them, break the conspiracy of silence against them in the world media and publicize their courageous actions, organize more and more international events in which Palestinian and Israeli peace activists will be present side by side

Money vs Fossil Energy: The Battle For
Control Of The World
By David Holmgren

The unfolding climate/energy/economic crisis is heating up a very old rift in global industrial politics. This rift derives from two core beliefs on what constitutes the source of wealth. Does wealth come from human creativity and innovation or is it found in the natural world? Is human capacity the source or a by-product of real power?

A Pearl River Tale, Power And Pride In China
By Rahul Goswami

For a few days last week, global news agencies pursued the peculiar story of the world's worst traffic jam, which was reported to have lasted for around nine days and stretched across about 100 kilometres of a major highway leading to Beijing. China's latest instance of leading the world, now in the scale and size of traffic jams, is a direct consequence of the modern uses and abuses of energy, as this and many other news reports have indicated

An Optimistic Diary (For Once)
By Jerome à Paris

Maybe we'll get a real leader one of these days, able to steer us away from the wall before we actually hit it and get hurt. Now believing in that would be wildly optimistic!

Veils, Boomerangs, And Goldilocks
By Asher Miller

History is littered with horrific examples of when widespread fear and uncertainty are channeled into organized rage. I'll confess a deep concern about the near- and long-term results from the collision of four realities here in the US

Yale University's Pro-Israeli,
Anti-Islamic Conference
By Stephen Lendman

On August 25, Yale University ended a three day global anti-Semitism "crisis" conference promoting the notion that Israeli criticism is "anti-Semitic," no matter how justified

UN Anti-Racism Committee Slams
Apartheid Australia Racism
By Dr Gideon Polya

Australia 's explicitly racist policies against Indigenous Australians and refugees have been slammed by a recent Report from the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) in Geneva

Endless War, Humanitarian Crisis,
And Perpetual Resistance:
U.S. Foreign Policy In The 21st Century
By Michael Schwartz

In neglecting to cover the process and impact of the Pakistan war, the U.S. media has ignored or recorded in a perfunctory manner (often as add-ons to Afghanistan coverage) major developments in this war, particularly the humanitarian crisis it has created

'How The Supreme Court Played Havoc
With The Ecologically Sensitive Niyamgiri Hills'
By Devinder Sharma

Following the widespread criticism of the dilution of charges by the former Chief Justice of India A H Ahmadi against the Union Carbide in the Bhopal gas tragedy case, I feel the nation is now becoming mature enough to evaluate, analyse and scrutinise the meaning and implications of court judgements. This is a welcome sign, and indicates the evolution of a healthy and vibrant democracy

Unbelievably Ridiculous!
By Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal

Events in the last few days have been particularly shocking, making a mockery of democratic practices, culminating in the resignation of J&K Bank chairman Haseeb Drabu. Drabu was forced to resign by the state government. His fault? He kept the bank open on a day that there was no hartal call by the separatists. Is that supposed to be a crime?

Color Of Terror: Saffron, Green or Black?
By Ram Puniyani

The present statement by Chidambaram is just a continuation of the popular association of the word saffron with Hindutva-RSS politics in the political arena. In the present era of monopolar World, dictated by the ambitions of US greed for oil and plunder of the global resources, politics has been given the veneer of religion. That's why they use the word 'Clash of Civilizations' for their political goals. That's why so far Islam and Muslims have been demonized. U.S. and large section of globe, India in particular are in the grip of Islamophobia. It is time we see the sanctity of religions and oppose the use of religious symbols, colors and terminologies for political goals

Did Terrorism In India Convert To Hinduism,
Or A Paradigm Shift Towards Truth?
By Ershad Abubacker

All terrorists, be that of any religion, are all fascists. To fight terror is to fight fascism. You don't fight fascism by becoming a fascist yourself. The monochrome vision of terror needs to be debunked

Labor Organizers Can Beat Army
For Exciting Existence
By Sherwood Ross

If you're seeking an exciting career that's really fraught with risk and danger and that makes the world a better place, forget about joining the Army: become a labor organizer!

Pirates Of Puntland; A Tale Of Somali Pirates,
Ethiopia And The USA
By Thomas C. Mountain

Pirates, warlords, Marxist guerilla turned G-20 statesman and the USA, the real story of the Somali pirates in the Horn of Africa is a tale that needs telling

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