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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fwd: [IHRO] Re: Astonishing Cause of Some Suicides!

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From: Ashok T. Jaisinghani <>
Date: Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 4:01 AM
Subject: Re: [IHRO] Re: Astonishing Cause of Some Suicides!
To: Arun1951 <>
Cc:, Abhijit Sengupta <>,, Palash Biswas <>, "raksha.aggarwal" <>, "S. Kalyanaraman" <>, Swaminathan Pattabhiraman <>

Arun Shrivastava Jee,
    Should we always depend on the reports of any so-called accredited laboratories to find out simple facts? Can we not do some work ourselves to find out the facts that affect us personally? Many laboratories suppress the truth to safeguard the interests of drug manufacturing companies and the Allopathic doctors.
    My articles on Health and Nutrition are based mainly on my own personal experiences, findings and observations of about 50 years.
    I had used perfumed soap containing milk cream some years back. After using that soap daily for some period, I had developed a suicidal tendency due to the prolonged sleeplessness caused by itching all over my body, including my face and scalp, all the time during the day as well as the night. I could not even feel like going out of my house! Would it not have been terribly embarrassing for anyone to be seen scratching all over one's body in the presence of other people? There were not even any visible signs of any disease on my skin. As much as possible, I had to avoid going out for many days.
    Luckily, after a couple of months, I found out the exact cause of the constant itching. I was surprised that there was no itching on my skin on any day when I had not taken my bath for some reason! I had become very puzzled. It seemed so terribly funny to know that the itching on my skin would be almost completely gone on the days I could not take a bath.
On the days I used the soap with milk cream for bathing, the mites would mercilessly chew my skin to get the milk cream out of it.
I got cured only after I had permanently stopped using the soap containing milk cream. Now I use a soap of any suitable brand that repels mites.
    The mites are found in the dust on roads and footpaths, in the fields and playgrounds, on the vegetables and fruits, on the walls and floors, on the beds and other furniture, in the mattresses, pillows, bed-sheets, etc. The mites are present in and on the skin and hair of humans and animals. They are found practically everywhere on earth. The mites can cause skin diseases, asthma and other allergies. 
    There are even a couple of doctors, who had suffered from constant itching and sleeplessness, who had taken my advice and got cured by stopping the use of soap containing milk cream.
    Among the brands of soap that contain milk cream, Lux is brand that is the most widely used. Camay is another soap that contains milk cream, but it is not so popular. The most commonly used soaps, which can prevent mites from attacking the skin, are Lifebuoy and Dettol. Many brands of soaps containing Neem and Tulsi extracts, which are used by many people in India for bathing, can also serve the purpose of repelling mites.
    All the companies, which make these soaps, claim that the use of their soaps for bathing can kill the germs and bacteria found on the human bodies. Surprisingly, the companies never claim in their advertisements that their soaps can repel mites! Are they ignorant about this fact?
   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
      Editor & Publisher:    Top Nutritionist
Note: I don't know how Ashok Sharma's write-up got mixed up with
  my article. In my reply, I have separated my article from his write-up. 

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From: ~Ashok
Sent: 22 Dec 2010 11:09 PM
Subject: Re: Astonishing Cause of Some Suicides!

Dear Ashok Jaisinghani ji:

your report though startling is absolutely factual and i am aware of a few cases
who often ask me the way out !

Perfectly sensible  These tiny mites  may be ultra-microscopic and appear to be a lai on the skin which normally one may ignore for months without realizing the true cause !


Reach out and touch someone with your Love & Gratitude.


Dear Arun Srivastava ji:

It appears your reply was directed in response to Ashok
Jaisinghani's write up and I hope this isn't any mix up!



Reach out and touch someone with your Love & Gratitude.

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From: Arun1951
Sent: 22 Dec 2010 7:01 PM
Subject: Re: Astonishing Cause of Some Suicides!

Dear Ashok ji,
Have you researched this enough. Can you send any reference?
If you have a laboratory to test these products, do you mind letting us know the accreditation? Your charges are serious but you don't name the products/brands. It is well known that Coca Cola and Pepsi contain harmful ingredients and these were exposed. Many children completely stopped drinking these soda-pops. You will be doing a great service to us if you could name the brands.
Kind regards
Arun Shrivastava

On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Ashok T. Jaisinghani <> wrote:

Use Perfumed Soap with Milk Cream for Beautiful Skin
And You can even Think of Suicide!
    Can the use of soap with milk cream lead to suicide? Can you believe that using perfumed soaps containing milk cream can even cause suicides? Most people, including many scientists and psychologists, would laugh boisterously at me if they hear that bathing with soap containing milk cream and perfume can lead anyone to suicide. It may seem a big yarn coming from me and many people are likely to make fun of me. But using perfumed soap with milk cream can actually lead some desperate persons to suicide! I am not bluffing and I still advise others to avoid the use of soap containing milk cream and some perfumes for bathing.
    Milk cream on your skin attracts mites to your body, and your skin can get chewed mercilessly all over the body by the mites.
    If you use any soap with milk cream to bathe daily, you can get itching all the time to make you scratch your body constantly. There will be continuous itching all over your body, including the face and scalp, during the day and night. 
    Many species of mites are extremely tiny creatures which can be seen only under a microscope. As you cannot see the extremely tiny mites with only your eyes, you may not be able to understand why you get constant itching in spite of your keeping your body clean by bathing daily. As you may not see any symptoms of the disease, you are likely to believe that you have some unknown and incurable skin disease all over your body.
    You may become sleepless and terribly depressed and frustrated with life due to the persistent itching, and you may even develop suicidal tendencies. Becoming sleepless and depressed due to the skin itching all over the body all the time during the day and night, one can really become desperate enough to commit suicide. Also, how terribly embarrassing it can be for anyone to be scratching all over his or her body in front of other people?
Should one Die an Early Fragrant Death?
    Should one be ready to die an early fragrant death just for chasing the mirage of getting a beautiful skin by using beauty soaps with milk cream? Only those men and women, who stay in highly sterilized mite-free homes, offices, cars, etc, like some rich people and celebrities, may be able to use perfumed soap with milk cream without getting constantly bitten by mites.
    The use of soap containing honey, and other such ingredients, also attracts mites and can lead to constant itching. You can stop yourself from committing suicide by avoiding the use of soaps which contain milk cream, honey and some perfumes that attract mites.
   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
      Editor & Publisher:    Top Nutritionist

Palash Biswas
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