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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fwd: [Buddhist Friends] Dalit Voice, P-7, Feb. 1-15, 2007.

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Subject: [Buddhist Friends] Dalit Voice, P-7, Feb. 1-15, 2007.
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Dalit Voice, P-7, Feb. 1-15, 2007....
Chakradhar Hadke 6:12pm Jan 29
Dalit Voice, P-7, Feb. 1-15, 2007.
Maratha-Kunbi hate Brahmins but love Brahminism
Expert views of V.T.Rajshekar, Editor of Dalit Voice
Khairlanji took precious lives of our innocent people but it also helped convince Dalits that the Hindus will never, ever change,. When the Marathas under the leadership of Purushottam Khedekar launched their war against Brahmins following the publication of a Brahmin-inspired book from Pune's Bhandarkar Institute (BORI) insulting the great Maratha hero, Shivaji. DV lent full support. We addressed meetings with Kedekar and even brought out a reprint of Khedekar's speech with our foreword (Marathas Declare War on Brahminism, DSA 2005, Rs5). But the some Maratha-Kunbi leadership is today silent on Khairlanji. This proves the Marathas are angry only with Brahmins, but not with Brahminism.
They do not support Dalits who are the worst victims of Brahminism. That is why we have repeatedly said that mere anti-Brahmin movement will take us nowhere. It has to be anti-Brahminism.
The Khairlanji bloodbath engineered by the Kunbis proves that they only hate Brahmins, but love Brahminism.
Meanwhile, we call upon the revolutionary sections among Dalits in Maharashtra not to allow the Khairlanji fire to cool down, keep the pot boiling so that the corrupt elements in the Congress, RPI and all other Dalit organizations are eliminated and replaced by honest revolutionary leadership. Dalit Voice will be too glad to sharpen such a contradiction.

Additional information:+ My Comment : "Maratha Marg" Periodical in which Mr. Satpute wrote that, how could entire people of Khairlanji would be the culprit? Bhoutmange family was one family? And the family must be culprit which attributed to take action by entire people of Khairlanji.
Also subsequently other authors from Maratha-Kunbi wrote against the bereaved Boutmange family. They were trying to defend Maratha-Kunbi, instead of supporting Boutmange on sympathetic ground. Thus, Maratha-Kunbis are exposed how is the high depth of casteist mentality which have/had been getting virus due to BSO (Brahminical Social Order) way of life. If such attitude is there, they why SC/ST support their (OBC) reservations and fight BSO as if the war of OBC is the war of SC/ST. Thus in crisis SC/ST are found ever helpful. But, in return, Maratha-Kunbi (OBC) don't act with SC/ST (with us) in crisis as were had ever acted positively for seeking justice of OBC vis-à-vis reservation by seeking hostility with BSO voluntarily. So, are we the generous and conscious for the welfare of entire Bahujans.
I think, Maratha-Kunbi must seek apology of ours as they had vomited fire on Khairlanji Buddhist family massacre, instead of expressing sympathy. If not, let us quit supporting OBC vis-à-vis reservation or any other such crisis given by BSO to them in future, I opine.
Maratha-Kunbi or Shivadharma-walas are found (on realization) that they are like FOX. That is to get use of SC/ST for their benefit in crisis of (27%) reservation, just in a fashion "You (SC/ST) fight on our behalf, we are spectator in you favor and protect your cloths, purse, hand-kerchief etc." As Maratha-Kunbi are so much timid that they can't run their battle on their own against BSO, how can we expect them to fight on our behalf. Due to Khairlanji massacre, it has been made clear that Maratha-Kunbi (With some exception) are not only timid, but foxy as they instead of expressing sympathy, they start criticizing the bereaved Bhoutmange family in their periodical "Maratha Marg".
On the other hand SC/ST (we) are proven like LOYAL ALERT people as we have fought and have been fighting their reservation battle voluntarily, being a part of (85%) Bahujan Community. For we were jailed, destroyed career and property, humiliated, demoralized, looted, accepted hostility of BSO and what not! for NO GAIN to us (SC/ST). And, this is due to the teachings of Dr. Ambedkar, or else, what the hell that made us to fight on behalf of (now proved enemy) Maratha/Kunbi. I (C.C.Hadke), we are indeed stupid!. I know the brave and honest people are always simple but proved stupid subsequently, when we found cheated by the persons for whom we fought to benefit them (Maratha-Kunbi).

So, let Maratha-Kunbi taste them BSO's mal-treatment. They have been realizing it and as such vomiting fire on BSO, in particular Brahmins. BSO/Kunbi stalwarts are Purushottam Kedekar, Jemini Kadu, Dr.A.H.Salunkhe, M.M.Deshmush (Eminent Historian), Shrimant Kokate, Pradeep Salunkhe and etc. They have their organizations Jijau Brigade and Sambhaji Brigade - who demolished Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune (BORI). Now, I realize, "They all hate Brahmin (person)", but love Brahminism, the philosophy of BSO." So they cant go against Brahmins when atrocity is done on SC/ST". They remain indifferent/silent, although SC/ST ever try to be harmonious with Maratha/Kunbi, on the principle, "Enemy's enemy is friend". But this principle does not work, only work on realization, "Enemy's enemy is enemy," and nothing else. Let us (SC/ST) should not engross much by Maratha/Kunbi's literature. Let Maratha/Kunbi's fight their battle with BSO. The same is in their both's purview, for we have nothing to do or co-relate.

BSO literatures are all mere mythological/imaginary/non-historical stories. Their Vaidik or Hindu or Brahmin religion is based on imaginary foundation i.e. cock and bull stories. As such, BSO's villains should not be considered as our heroes. The heroes may be for Maratha/Kunbi/Shivdharma-walas. For example, Bali Raja, Ravana and other such mythological characters. Let us be silent on such mythological/imaginary/non-historical stories. These stories do not adhered to space-time relationship, law of cause and effect relationship, logic, reason, hitherto science, DNA/RNA modern science, timeless law of Nature( All false – (Theist) religions are enemies of Nature), (i.e. Physical, Chemical and Biological laws – Law of Gravitation, Newton's Law of motion.) and realistic evidences. For instance, you see Krishna-Lila where miracle exists at every instant. Whereas, you see the realistic episode of "Patachara" during Buddha's time, where no miracle occurred. Her son had been drowned in stream of river, another son who was mere an infant was taken away by a wild eagle. There was no miracle. The episode was well harmonious to law of Nature, hence it is realistic. Whereas Krishna when he was kid, supernatural/miraculous events were occurred, for we must treat the same and entire Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and etc. written by BSO, as bundle stories. Let us not believe BSO bundle stories an authentic in wake of hitherto modern science, the jet and computer age and technological advancement.

Let Maratha/Kunbi be prove their-selves to fight SC/ST (our) battle against BSO on reservation or atrocities or any kind of caste discrimination, so that we can develop confidence of them. I know, some exceptions are there, viz.: Southern Doctor's organization (DASE). Then only we help to fight their battle with BSO, or else, let us leave them on their own fate. Let us be silent on their problem. We have our own problems in millions, for we must focus on.

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