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Monday, January 30, 2012

Fwd: [** MAOIST_REVOLUTION **] Fight repression ! Fight anticommunism

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Date: Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 4:07 AM
Subject: [** MAOIST_REVOLUTION **] Fight repression ! Fight anticommunism


Monti's government means misery for the popular masses, cancellation of workers' rights, Italy's subjection to the international community of speculators and warmongers: It is the government that continues and worsens the work of the Berlusconi's government and of the previous ones, extending the spread of the popular masses plundered for the benefit of the imperialist bourgeoisie and the clergy.

Throughout Italy protests against the criminal measures of Monti government are growing: The rebellion spreads in Sicily, filling station owners and taxi drivers are on strike, truck drivers are blocking highways, independent trade unions called the strike nationally. The government responded with repression: in last two days fishermen have been attacked by the police near the Parliament in Rome, 4 truck drivers were arrested in Apulia, 26 people were arrested all over Italy for taking part in demonstrations in defense of the environment in the Susa Valley.

Against the (new) PCI, the CARC Party, the SLL and the ASP over forty proceedings are going on. The main one of them is on 8th February, in Bologna. It is the apex of political persecution against this political area that has lasted for more than thirty years By this way in Italy the imperialist bourgeoisie carries out the anti-communist crusade of which it is part the Lindblad Directive approved in 2006, thanks to which in many European countries communist parties were outlawed (Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) or are going to be outlawed (Czech Republic and Moldova). In other states Communist symbols have been banned (Poland, Hungary). Finally in December 2010 it was presented the proposal to prosecute the apology of communism (as explained in the Joint Statement of 45 Communist and Workers Parties of Europe, "Anti-communism in Europe will not go" []).

These are all signs of the intention of the bourgeoisie to criminalize Communism and persecute those who profess it and the struggle for the new birth of the communist movement, to end the economic, environmental and social disaster caused by capitalism, to build a society without bosses, without exploitation, misery and war.

Democracy and Class Struggle, a Maoists English blog, writes that "the trial of comrades in Bologna on 8th February 2012 is not only an attack on democracy in Italy but also on the resistance in Europe ! Start organising your protests now! The news of the prosecution of 12 members the (new) Italian Communist Party and the CARC and ASP on the 8th February 2012 has part of a renewed campaign against Communism in Italy should send shivers down the spine of all involved in Europe in resistance to austerity and attacks on democracy. These are our brothers and sisters in struggle who have been at the forefront of resistance in Italy."

The British comrades, who are organizing a protest rally in front of the Italian Embassy in London on 8th February, call for "protests at Italian Embassies throughout the World on 8th February 2012 to shed light on these sinister actions of the Italian State."

Everyone can take part in the battle the Italian Communists are carrying out against anti-democratic and reactionary forces that operate in their country and internationally, following the example of British comrades, or sending messages of solidarity, or by sending the following letter of protest to the judges and the Italian Minister of Justice

I undersigned …....[organization o individual name].......... formally protest against the persecution that part of the Italian magistracy carries out against the dissent, the freedom of expression and association.

These magistrates continuously utilize clearly political crimes, introduced in our order by fascism, as that of subversive association and against Communist political organizations (i.e. the trial against the (new) Italian Communist Party and the Party of the Committees to Support the Resistance - for Communism)

The attempt to use the scarecrow of "terrorism" for these attacks on Communists and on people who protest makes us remember the times when Mussolini and who supported him firstly outlawed Communists and then eliminated every party and the Parliament itself, when the fascists were calling "bandits" the Partisans (most of whom were Communists) who fought to free Italy from Nazi-fascism.

The many judiciary inquiries against (n)PCI, CARC Party, the Association for Proletarian Solidarity and their sympathizers and helpmates are a clear violation of any democratic principle. They are an attempt to outlaw Communism, by now no more too much concealed,.

I therefore send this letter to protest and to reaffirm my indignation and my concern for the reactionary and persecutory work attacking the very fundamental principles of the Italian Constitution concerning freedom of political association and organization

Please send the letter to the following addresses, and a copy to (international department of CARC Party):

- PM Massimiliano Rossi
presso la Procura della Repubblica
Piazza Trento e Trieste, 3 - 40137 Bologna
Tel: 051.201111; fax: 051.201948 o 051.201 883

- Corte d'Assise
Via Farini 1, 40124 Bologna
Tel: 051.201269/270/139; fax: 051.332352
mail: ;

Paola Severino
via Arenula 70 - 00186 Roma



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