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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fwd: [Budhha dhamma prachar samiti] Reality is that which when we stop believing in...

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Date: Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Subject: [Budhha dhamma prachar samiti] Reality is that which when we stop believing in...
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Reality is that which when we stop believing...
Chakradhar Hadke 10:20pm Jan 30
Reality is that which when we stop believing in it, doesn't go away.: P.K. Dicks.: The excellent tool to test REALITY.
This article is meant for "Mental Revolution". Please read it at least twice.
Comment of the author (C.C.Hadke) : This thought is indeed test and measurement of reality and eye opener thought. I would like to clarify the thought, is as follows:
Food, clothes, house, water, health, education, job are the mandatory needs of people and realities of life as well. As these don't go away from us, though we don't believe in these realities for our selfishness, vested interests. In this regard there is a popular quotation, "Even law of gravitation (REALITY) can be put into dispute, if a peculiar interest or selfishness or benefit is there of the disputer." The reality can be tested by P.K. Dicks quotation. For instance, as I stated earlier, i.e. though we don't believe in the mandatory needs/realities, they can't go away from us i.e. we ought to solve problem i.e. of food, clothes, house, water, health, education, job and other such mandatory needs. These needs can't go away from us, although we don't believe or we ignore for sake of our own benefit, selfishness or the reason best known to ourselves.
On the contrary, if we don't believe in god and as such, we don't go to temple for worshiping god, prayer and any kind of performing rites and rituals. We simply ignore and avoid going to temple or avoiding worshiping god anywhere and at any time. That is simply disbelieving god, just like the 'staunch atheist'. Also never indulge any kind of thought of god in mind as the mind is well developed with the thoughts of atheist and rationalist ideals like Abraham T. Kavoor, Periar Ramaswami Naicker, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Buddha, Voltaire, P.B. Shelley, M. Subba Rao, Gora, V.R.Narla, Narsimhaiah(Former VC of Bangalore Uni.) and other such great persons. That is, by disbelieving or ignoring god's worship, it doesn't harm us at all. That means god goes away. If god doesn't go away, then it would have been reality for us. But god goes away, which confirms and crystal clear that GOD IS MYTH AND NOT REALITY, for I (C.C.Hadke) bet on it.
The P.K.Dicks quotation is indeed a mode of measurement & tool to test what is REALITY? & what is MYTH? Isn't it? For honest reality/truth seekers this tool i.e. "DOESN'T GO AWAY=REALITY & GOES AWAY=MYTH" will prove like paras stone which tests real gold. Such reality/truth seekers ought to dash and penetrate traditions to establish real truths of life. They ought to face "Intellectual Desert" the theist India. They ought to crack hard nut in doing so. Copernicus and Bruno (Great Astronomers) had been burnt alive and Galileo was severely harassed and jailed by theist priests of Christianity. Charvak (Staunch Atheist) in around 650 BC was burnt alive by Vaidiks (theists). BSO and 90 Crore Hindu population is theist. Many of them are wealthy, educated, highly experts in their profession. They spend their life and die without knowing atheism/rationalism=The greatest knowledge, the sure reality of life. Actually, they hate research on god or taking doubt about god & don't bear the word," There is no god". They start getting angry if someone says, "There is no god". They quote him with bad and hatred name i.e. Kafir, wicked, etc. They hate him in society, being large majority is usually theist/god-believers. Indeed, the truth/reality seeker's life is always hard in any spell of era, which hitherto we have been seeing in history of mankind.
I conclude with an eye opener quotation i.e. "God is only for those who those who trade in name of god, others need not worry about god (because GOD GOES AWAY=GOD IS MYTH), let us be other people (atheists-cum-rationalists), as god is non-existing/imaginary thing. It never existed in any era."
Jisako nahi dekha hamane kabhi, usaki (Ishwarki) jarurat kya hogi. Means, hitherto we have not seen god, then what is its use?
"That which is not visible (god) is immortal" is the foundation theme of all theistic religions on the earth. They have vast army of Saadu, Saint, Baapu, Amma, Sadhvi and what not! to convince the theme to people in following manner, "Repeat a lie for 99 times; at the 100th count, the LIE BECOMES TRUTH". God-believer/Theist religion heads/leaders/followers have been repeating of the existence of god for not only 99 times but countless times since many millenniums and hijacked the minds of large majority of Indians by way of Hindu (Theist) religion created by Brahmins and imposed on indigenous people in this country.

Chakradhar Hadke

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Palash Biswas
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