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Monday, July 30, 2012

Fwd: [All India Secular Forum] This is a memorandum being circulated by Hafizur...

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Date: Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 11:54 AM
Subject: [All India Secular Forum] This is a memorandum being circulated by Hafizur...
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This is a memorandum being circulated by...
Irfan AEngineer 11:54am Jul 30
This is a memorandum being circulated by Hafizur Rehman and other friends for your endorsement.
Respected Sir,
We, for and on behalf of the people of Assam, want to place this Memorandum before you, soliciting your kind intervention in the ongoing continuous and unabated ethnic clashes between the Bodos and Muslims particularly in the districts of Kokrajhar, Chirang, part of Dhubri for the last one week which has shocked the conscience of the Nation and compelled us to place before you the following facts for immediate action so that law and order situation are not deteriorated further.

Sir, we would like to reiterate that we have in principle opposed the creation of the Bodo Territorial Council only to give powers to the hands of Bodo minority peoples against the interest of the majority non-Bodos. The very basis of the Bodoland Autonomous Treaty was not made in the interest of the majority of the people. It is on record that only 29% of the total population of the BTAD areas is Bodos, but the majority i.e. 71% of the population comprises of indigenous Muslim, Adibashis, Koch Rajbanshis etc. The treaty could not be accepted happily by the people at large. We have observed the continuous anti-people activities against the interest of the majorities undertaken by the BTAD Administration and further it has indulged many militant outfits operation in the regions to terrorize the Adivashis and Muslims in different manners in phase-wise. Since the last two decades the Bodoland has witnessed various ethnic unrest and violence, specially between Bodos and Muslims and Bodos and Adibashis resulting in loss of lives and properties and rendered thousands of people homeless and jobless. It has many similarities with Gujarat style of rioting and like of Israel-Palestinian one. Even thousands of riot victims who have taken shelters in the relief camps in the year 1993-94 have not been brought back to their original homes and jobs etc. There is no congenial atmosphere; amity has not been restored yet for the minorities to return back. Frequently the ethnic violence are being unleashed with the direct support and connivance of the BTAD Administration on the tacit support of the State Government against the Muslims and Adibashis with the object of fulfilling the sole hidden agenda to drive out the Muslims and other non-Bodos from the areas to make the Bodo community as majority and this is the brain-child of the BTAD Chief Mr. Hagrama Mohilary which has now culminated in the ethnic violence and other anti-people activities.

Mr. Mohilary has jumped further and has made a baseless public utterance targeting the Muslims that they are, in large numbers, armed with weapons coming from Bangladesh and West Bengal fomenting trouble amongst the Bodos and in an orchestrated manner the electronic media since 24-07-2012 have been telecasting the said statement like those of Goebbels to believe a false propaganda rather than projecting the real situation. This has created unnecessary panic and tension amongst the Muslims of the BTAD areas and it has further added fuel to the fire. Now the entire region has been engulfed into mis-trust, insane-killings, arsoning, looting and due to this Muslims are forced to flee in large number to the neighboring Dhubri district for their safety under the untold compelling situation. Even the Muslim women are not spared; they are tortured, molested, raped by the Bodo miscreants. The whole situation is tense, charged and beyond all bounds.

The BTAD administration headed by Mr. Hagrama Mohilarly has totally failed to maintain the law and order in the area. It has failed to protect the lives and properties of the Muslims. On the other hand, State Government has not taken adequate measures to prevent the situation. Both the administrations are hand in gloves to carry out the common single agenda to uproot the Muslims by any means from the BTAD areas to pave the way for commands of the Bodos, a minority community under the leadership Mr. Hagrama Mohilarly. We unequivocally condemned the situation and want the present administration of the BTAD be immediately dissolved and instead the area be placed under the direct administration of the Governor of Assam.

We urge upon you that the Home Minister of State of Assam be directed to take urgent measures for immediate seizure of illegal arms and ammunitions kept by the BLT, NDFB and other Bodo militants to ensure peace and congenial atmosphere in the area soon

We have noticed that a large number of riot victims are taking shelters in about one hundred thirty camps under the open skies and some abandoned houses and school buildings sheltering about two lakhs of victims without food, medicine, sanitation etc. We urge upon you to direct the State Government to put the riot victims in proper relief camps with proper arrangement for adequate food, medicine etc. under proper security and keep their proper records and issue necessary certificates to them. We further urge upon you that necessary arrangements be made for the safe return of the riot victims to their homes and jobs within a week with adequate compensation and other urgent measures on war footing to ensure the safety of the lives and properties of the riot victims.

We, therefore, place before you our demands in this Memorandum for you kind notice and prompt action in the matter.

With regards.
Yours faithfully

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