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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fwd: [initiative-india] Wang Marathwadi Satyagraha Update : Promises of Talk is not enough, act now

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Date: Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 4:45 PM
Subject: [initiative-india] Wang Marathwadi Satyagraha Update : Promises of Talk is not enough, act now

Pune / New Delhi July 25, 2012


You all are aware of the grim situation foisted upon the farmers in the backwater region of Wang Marathwadi medium project in Satara district of Maharashtra. The state has gone ahead with the project even in absence of complete and just rehabilitation of the Project Affected Persons, and then in spite of the fact that the Collector of the district ordered opening of the gates of the dam, the authorities have moved ahead with water storage. After the PAPs initiated a protest and decided to fight the situation by standing steadfast against the rising waters, the Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation partially opened the gates, but this is not enough.

As this alert reaches you all the farmers fighting against the injustice are neck-deep in the swelling waters. Life is threatened due to the adamant stand of the authorities. We appeal all of you to take whatever just and appropriate step to save them,

You can call upon:

Chief Minister of Maharashtra – 022-22025151, 22025222. Fax – 022-22881693, 22854166, 22029214. Email –

Secretary to the CM, Mr. Nitin Karir – 9920202345, Sunil Patil – 9819814840.

Mr. Patangrav Kadam, Rehabilitation Minister, 022-22025398. Secretary, Mr. Dingankar, 9870489999

Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation020-26135263, 26124931, (Birajdar – 020-26120130, 09860555927)

Collector, Satara, Mr. N Ramswamy – 09423009326.

Wang Marathwadi PAPs struggle for rehabilitation: Support and participate!

It is known that the state of Maharashtra has a stated policy of rehabilitation prior to displacement. However, in yet another apparent instance of ridiculing the same, the state has forced the completion of Wang Marathwadi dam in its first phase resulting in storage of water that in turn submerged agricultural lands, houses and other resources of scores of project affected persons even though they have not yet been rehabilitated. Not only this, the state has installed gates too on the dam. The entire result of this is the submergence of lands that were cultivated and sowed during last year and this year. It has put the farmers at a loss, which actually is a loss of life-resource. The government says that it does not have land available in the command area of this project and therefore has been pressurizing the PAPs to accept barren and rocky land plots in the Sangali district. These lands are, again, at a distance of around 8-10 kilometers from villages adding to the problem. There are a few PAPs who have accepted the package of rehabilitation, but again the state has not been able to follow its on policy of defined package of rehabilitation, and therefore these PAPs too are not sure of getting land at the site where they have been relocated. They might be forced to cultivate lands far away from the place of relocation.

In view of this, the PAPs, most of whom are farmers, are agitating against the forced displacement and demanding just and complete rehabilitation. The demands are:

  • Complete rehabilitation as per the government policy and the law.

  • No storage of water in the dam till rehabilitation is complete.

  • Compensate the damage done by forced submergence of people, farms and other resources.

  • Withdraw all cases registered against the PAPs during their various agitations.

The PAPs have started a Jal-Satyagrah daring the rising levels of water. The state came forward a step by first opening the gates partially and then organizing a meeting at the state secretariat. However, this is not sufficient, since the inflow in the dam is more than what the gates can deliver out. This results in further submergence. Moreover, the PAPs do not want meetings, but are expecting decisions. And they have decided to stand and face submergence till the decisions are taken and executed. As of this alert the PAPs are standing in neck-deep waters.

You can come out and help them:

Do write letter, email; call, send fax and convey these demands to the Chief Minister, Rehabilitation Minister, Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation, Collector, Satara.

Run a signature campaign in your areas and send memorandums to the state seeking justice for the PAPs.

Organise cycle rallies, demonstrations, sit-ins in your areas as is being done by many others.

Extend financial assistance to this struggle.

Reach out to the Satyagraha sthal where the PAPs are facing the rising waters to be an observer and supporter of the struggle.

You can reach on Pune Bangalore Highway, Karad (Dist Satara, Maharashtra) from there Dhebewadi (25 Kms): for this ST buses are available for every 30 minutes from Pune. From Dhebewadi you reach Marathwadi by ST buses or private jeeps and then to Mendh Village, the Satyagraha sthal. If the number is sufficient jeeps can take you to Mendh. You can arrange your own vehicle (remember, the terrain is remote and a bit hilly) to reach out to the location via this route. We too can make some arrangements if informed earlier. In this regard, contact: Anil Shinde – 9673897555, Sunil Mohite – 8007427002. Jitendra Patil – 9765743171. Prasad Bagwe – 9049533394, Suniti S R – 9423571784

Wang Marathwadi Dharangrasta Sangharsh Samiti, and National Alliance of Peoples' Movements.

National Alliance of People's Movements

National Office : 29-30, A Wing, First Floor, Haji Habib Building, Naigaon Cross Road Dadar (E), Mumbai – 400 014. Phone – 022 2415 0529 | 9969363065;


Delhi Office : 6/6 Jangpura B, New Delhi – 110 014 . Phone : 011 2437 4535 | 9818905316

email : | Web :


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