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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fwd: Blame Game

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From: Sankara Narayanan <>
Date: Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: Blame Game
To: Chanchal Malviya <>
Cc: Rajesh Patil <>, "Ashok T. Jaisinghani" <>, Himalayan Voice <>, Palash Biswas <>, Dalit Freedom Network <>, Dalit Minority <>, DAVE MAKKAR <>, Jagannath Chatterjee <>, Prashant Bhushan <>, tribal tribune <>

My Dear Makku,
About a few decades ago, a Tamil movie was released, ''A Donkey in the Agraharam'' (Agraharam means Brahmin basti).
I think the writer must have seen you & hence the title.
I am against communism. It is another form of a religion; a regimentation which bars free thinking.
Islam, Christianity, Brahminical Hinduism, communism, capitalism and all isms are against freedom.
Pl note this. I wrote elimination of Brahminism. Not Brahmins.
Subramania Bharati and Rajaji were Brahmins. I love their writings.
I have very many Brahmin friends, but they are not makkus like you.
When Makku Brahmins like you approached Rajaji (when he was CM of Madras) and requested him to
ban the anti-god movement of Periyar as it hurt their sentiments.
It is absolute nonsense. As you have a right to propagate god, the other man has equal right
to oppose god belief. He says his sentiments are hurt by pro-god talks. Can I ban you from preaching god belief? 
Justice is the only God;
Love the only priest and
Humanity the only religion.
Basically being a Makku, you can't understand these finer points.
I don't want to continue my arguments with parrot-like stupids.
Bye Makku,

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 10:03 AM, Chanchal Malviya <> wrote:
Communist educated people are next to impossible to understand
anything that is different from their hardlined theory on Hinduism...
You see Rajeshji, you quoted Veda to show the path of betterment for
all and not Brahmin alone... But this person says eliminate Brahmin
and that is end of sorrow...
So, let this person eliminate his parents (who is Brahma according to
Vedas and first symbol of Brahmin in his life).. let this person
eliminate his head (which is Brahmin in a human body as per Veda)..
let this person eliminate his teacher (who is above Brahma and Brahmin
as per Veda).. I am not sure, if one is eliminate Brahmins what all he
will eliminate...


On 7/25/12, Sankara Narayanan <> wrote:
> After analysing what is good and what is bad in this world, let us accept
> only that which is good. This is THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR Liberation from
> Sorrow and Painful problems !!!
> That only solution is the elimination of Brahminism.
> *Jai ShitRaay !!!*

> On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 1:30 AM, Rajesh Patil <> wrote:
>> So, finally you have arrived at the truth !!! and the Truth is - You can
>> not eliminate VarnaAshram !! Even jumping to other faiths like
>> Christianity
>> or Islam or any other ... you can not. Even Harijans can not eliminate it
>> from amongst themselves !!! You have stated it below ....
>> You seem to be a great believer of Vedas since you cite *Vedas* and *
>> Smritis* quite often as a proof of your arguments !!

>> Here is what Vedas guide if one is confused . ...
>> *ये  स्याम देव वरुण ते मित्र सुरिभी: सह I  *(Ye Syaam Deva Varun te MItra
>> Suribhi: Saha )*
>> इषम स्वश्च धीमही  II  ऋग्वेद ७/ ६६/९ *(Isham Swascha Dheemahi: ) Rugved
>> 7/66/9
>> *Meaning *-* After analysing what is good and what is bad in this world,

>> let us accept only that which is good. This is THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR
>> Liberation from Sorrow and Painful problems !!!*

>> Jai ShivRaay !!!
>> On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 5:43 AM, Sankara Narayanan
>> <>wrote:
>>> I can't explain again and again to makkus.
>>> That is the greatness of the evil Varna Vyavasta theory.
>>> SN
>>> On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 12:38 AM, Rajesh Patil
>>> <>wrote:
>>>> You said it -" *even the branded lowest caste wants to retain the caste
>>>> system.*"  Why are they holding on the Caste System ? Who is stopping

>>>> them from doing so ? At least, they can start from themselves. Please
>>>> help
>>>> them ...
>>>> Also, I did not see any comment from you on Gujjars and HariJans
>>>> incidence below ....Both these Hindu clans are from Reserved category
>>>> according to constitution !!!
>>>> On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 4:42 AM, Sankara Narayanan
>>>> <>wrote:
>>>>> What an idiotic twice-born is this character! (We call them *
>>>>> Makku Papans* in Tamil).
>>>>> *Pl show me one Brahmin woman planting seedlings*.

>>>>> Any manual labour in general & such dirty work in particular will
>>>>> never
>>>>> be touched by Brahmins.
>>>>> Being an enert, pot bellied and makku character, you don't know how
>>>>> horribly it itches after standing in the
>>>>> slush all through the day - day after day after day.
>>>>> This has worsened after yr Rasputin Dr M S Swaminathan brought in
>>>>> Green
>>>>> Revolution along with the
>>>>> poisonous fertiliser, pesticide & weedicide.
>>>>> Varnashrama System is such a wonderful Divide & Rule Theory that even
>>>>> the branded
>>>>> lowest caste wants to retain the caste system. Don't blame Sudras for
>>>>> this.
>>>>> It is your clever poison. Full marks for the aliens.
>>>>> SN
>>>>> On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 1:09 AM, Rajesh Patil
>>>>> <>wrote:
>>>>>> The two examples you are citing below are  ---
>>>>>> 1) Women working in farm - All farmers work in their farmland ...
>>>>>> What
>>>>>> is wrong in working there ? A Bramhan if he has farmland, also works
>>>>>> in his
>>>>>> farm.
>>>>>> 2) Below the picture - you have put a news where in two clans have
>>>>>> been mentioned *Gujjars *and *HariJan *.... Now, *both are from
>>>>>> RESERVED Categories *!! Where are Bramhins there ?

>>>>>> I am all for respecting all and not humiliating anyone on the basis
>>>>>> of
>>>>>> ones caste.
>>>>>> But DONT HARIJANS follow the Castes ?
>>>>>> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 8:48 AM, Sankara Narayanan
>>>>>> <
>>>>>> > wrote:
>>>>>>> Pot Bellies should be asked to undergo the experience of horrible
>>>>>>> itching after a day's such work:
>>>>>>> [image: Women transplanting paddy saplings in a field after a good
>>>>>>> spell of rain on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar on Friday.Photo:
>>>>>>> Ashoke
>>>>>>> Chakrabarty]
>>>>>>> Then only these rascals will know how great is their shit Dharma.
>>>>>>> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 8:28 AM, Sankara Narayanan <
>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>> *Yet another Hindu Adharma experience:*
>>>>>>>> NEW DELHI,July 21, 2012
>>>>>>>> Dalit beaten, tied to railway tracks in row over land
>>>>>>>>  Mohammad Ali
>>>>>>>> < a href="
>>>>>>>> title="Large Text Size" >T+</a> · <a href="
>>>>>>>> title="Small Text Size">T-</a>
>>>>>>>> 22-year-old battling for life as doctors amputated his legs
>>>>>>>> [image: A victim of atrocities:Sheeshpal, father of Tika Ram,
>>>>>>>> explaining how his son was kidnapped with his mouth covered.— Photo:
>>>>>>>> S.
>>>>>>>> Subramanium]
>>>>>>>> A victim of atrocities:Sheeshpal, father of Tika Ram, explaining
>>>>>>>> how
>>>>>>>> his son was kidnapped with his mouth covered.— Photo: S.
>>>>>>>> Subramanium
>>>>>>>> Around the time that Tika Ram was supposed to take his B.Ed. exam
>>>>>>>> at
>>>>>>>> Delhi University, he lay on an operation theatre table at the
>>>>>>>> All-India
>>>>>>>> Institute of Medical Sciences here battling for life as doctors
>>>>>>>> amputated
>>>>>>>> both his legs.
>>>>>>>> The 22-year-old Dalit boy from Ramgarh in western Uttar Pradesh was
>>>>>>>> brutally beaten up by members of the dominant Gujjar community and
>>>>>>>> tied to
>>>>>>>> the railway tracks. Though he struggled to free himself, Ram
>>>>>>>> suffered
>>>>>>>> grievous injuries as a train ran over his legs.
>>>>>>>> According to Ram's father Sheeshpal, who is waiting for his son to
>>>>>>>> come out of the state of unconsciousness, doctors at AIIMS are not
>>>>>>>> very
>>>>>>>> positive about his survival because of the excessive bleeding after
>>>>>>>> his
>>>>>>>> legs were crushed.
>>>>>>>> The police at the Dadri police station, which initially not taking
>>>>>>>> any action, registered a case of attempt to murder against four
>>>>>>>> people that
>>>>>>>> Tika Ram had named after activists belonging to the All-India
>>>>>>>> Students'
>>>>>>>> Association and All-India Progressive Women's Association protested.
>>>>>>>> Those
>>>>>>>> who have been named in the FIR include Kaalu Bhati, brother of
>>>>>>>> village
>>>>>>>> pradhan Kuldeep Bhati, who belongs to the Gujjar community.
>>>>>>>> Activists said the attack on Tika Ram was directly related to a
>>>>>>>> dispute over 4.75 bighas of panchayat land allocated to the 60
>>>>>>>> Jatav
>>>>>>>> families by the State Government. The land has been allegedly
>>>>>>>> occupied by
>>>>>>>> the gram pradhan, Kuldeep Bhati. The Constitution mandates the
>>>>>>>> allocation
>>>>>>>> of a fixed share of panchayat land in every village to Dalit
>>>>>>>> families so
>>>>>>>> that they can build houses or cattle sheds on them. The Government
>>>>>>>> had even
>>>>>>>> issued pattas (title deeds) for the land in 1982. But the Gujjars,
>>>>>>>> who are
>>>>>>>> financially stronger, built a seven-foot-high wall around the land
>>>>>>>> last
>>>>>>>> December, restricting the movement of the Jatavs in their own land.
>>>>>>>> Sandeep Singh, the national president of AISA, who is a part of the
>>>>>>>> civil society protest against the encroachment on the land by the
>>>>>>>> Gujjars,
>>>>>>>> said the attack on Tika Ram was part of a series of retaliatory
>>>>>>>> attacks on
>>>>>>>> Dalit youths who have been at the forefront of the protest against
>>>>>>>> the land
>>>>>>>> encroachment.
>>>>>>>> "On March 14, Gujjars went to the Dalit colony on the margins of
>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>> village armed with sticks, country-made pistols and axes, and beat
>>>>>>>> up its
>>>>>>>> residents in broad daylight, severely injuring many. During the
>>>>>>>> rampage,
>>>>>>>> which lasted more than three hours, the Gujjars did not spare even
>>>>>>>> women
>>>>>>>> and children. The police did not arrive in time despite several
>>>>>>>> phone calls
>>>>>>>> to them. Gujjars want to suppress all kind of voice of protest
>>>>>>>> against
>>>>>>>> their oppression on the Dalits in the village and the attack on Tika
>>>>>>>> Ram
>>>>>>>> was aimed at that," added the AISA leader.
>>>>>>>> Mr. Singh alleged that in order to deflect attention from the
>>>>>>>> ongoing protest against land encroachment, the Gujjars have falsely
>>>>>>>> named
>>>>>>>> Tika Ram in a case of attempt to murder which is related to an
>>>>>>>> incident of
>>>>>>>> firing on a girl belonging to the Gujjar community few days ago.
>>>>>>>> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 5:49 AM, Sankara Narayanan <
>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Quote: ''Finally - Hindu Dharma is to be experienced rather than
>>>>>>>>> just going by a Book only and prattling''.
>>>>>>>>> We are experiencing this Adharma in every hamlet.
>>>>>>>>> Two civil codes, two criminal codes, two living bastis, two
>>>>>>>>> drinking water sources, two bathing ghats, two temples,
>>>>>>>>> two tumblers, two masanis and so on.
>>>>>>>>> Jinnah derived his pernicious Two Nation Theory very late from the
>>>>>>>>> Varna pot bellies..
>>>>>>>>> If you spot a snake & a Varna Nazi at the same time, pl tackle the
>>>>>>>>> pot bellied cross belt first.
>>>>>>>>> Snake can wait.
>>>>>>>>> SN
>>>>>>>>> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 1:19 AM, Rajesh Patil
>>>>>>>>> <>wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Chanchal Ji:
>>>>>>>>>> If they are Converts and logical, I love engaging with them and
>>>>>>>>>> dispel their wrong beliefs about Hindu-Dharma. I had on number of
>>>>>>>>>> occasions, discussions with Christian Missionaries and others.
>>>>>>>>>> Many
>>>>>>>>>> Christians and Muslims are therefore attracted to Hindu Dharma and
>>>>>>>>>> have
>>>>>>>>>> become and are becoming Hindus. Those who see wrong with Hindu
>>>>>>>>>> Dharma, I
>>>>>>>>>> would request them to read Vedas and Upanishads and Bhagavad
>>>>>>>>>> Geeta
>>>>>>>>>> themselves with unbiased Dharmic mind and not with their religious
>>>>>>>>>> mind.
>>>>>>>>>> They themselves will find that --
>>>>>>>>>>    - Hindu Dharma gives them total freedom to accept or Reject

>>>>>>>>>>    God (Muslims or Christians can not reject their respective
>>>>>>>>>> Gods)
>>>>>>>>>>    - They can achieve Moksha *whatever Varna / Caste they belong
>>>>>>>>>>    to *!! [Moksha concept is not there in Muslims or Christians.]
>>>>>>>>>>    - Christians and Muslims have to wait till the end of the

>>>>>>>>>>    world - Judgment Day or Kayaamat to get their "judgment" from
>>>>>>>>>> their
>>>>>>>>>>    respective Gods  and/or with the what they believe to be their
>>>>>>>>>> Saviour.
>>>>>>>>>>    - Hindus have birth cycles wherein they can have opportunities

>>>>>>>>>>    to enhance their life to Moksha while Abrahmic religions have
>>>>>>>>>> only ONE
>>>>>>>>>>    Birth.
>>>>>>>>>>    - There are many more things those benefit Humans being a

>>>>>>>>>>    Hindu but that would be a long list.
>>>>>>>>>>    - Finally - Hindu Dharma is to be experienced rather than just

>>>>>>>>>>    going by a Book only and prattling.
>>>>>>>>>> Jai ShivRay !!!

Chanchal Malviya,
Editor-in-chief, Uttarayan,
Founder & Director - Lotus IT Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: +91 95523 21820

All expansion is life...

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