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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fwd: Madhyam Papers

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Briefing Paper # 7

Renegotiating India's Investment Agreements: A Policy Perspective

By Prabhash Ranjan

This briefing paper examines the broad substantive provisions of Indian IIAs and suggests how these broad provisions can be narrowed so as to allow India exercise its regulatory space freely. The paper calls for renegotiating some of the provisions and provide concrete policy suggestions regarding the content of these substantive treaty protections.


Policy Brief on Indian Commodity Markets # 1

Should Banks Be Allowed in Commodity Futures Trading?

By Kavaljit Singh

The policy brief analyses the recent move by New Delhi to open up futures trading in commodities to banks and other financial players. The arguments supportive of banks' entry into commodity trading are highly overstated and backed by very little hard evidence. The misguided move could divert scarce resources from developmental banking to risk-prone speculative trading, argues the author.


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