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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Rampage of vanniyar caste mobs: "Fire", the Emergence of Vanniyar Terrorists

Another Rampage of vanniyar caste mobs: "Fire", the Emergence of Vanniyar Terrorists

After this Editorial:
Latest Vaniyar terrorism in Marakanam: Pic from FB
Some dalit or non dalit politicians are trying to place themselvesto be raising voice, but are they Real?.
Some of them are more of a political Drama thangenuine actions but we must make sure understand what thesepoliticians are going after>
The movie actor turned politician
-------Vijaykanth for the first time (malaimalar news), came out of his closet and spoke about Caste atrocities in Tamil Nadu, also announced 25Lakh aid to victims.
Even though it is a good gesture Mr.Vijayakanth, where were you all these days man, do you have any responsibility or concern that you are a Opposition party leader and you have said nothing and did nothing about Dharmpuri vanniyar rampage?, and then myriads of other caste atrocity, In your press release you kind of mention two groups of communities, why, do you live in the Mars, don't you know which communities are involved and why are saying two communities man, it was vanniyar thugs who carried out this riots, rampages and burning homes time and again, can't you be honest for one day and mention?.
Also, talking castes, and mentioning Bharathiyar, that is ok, but when you can say Periyars name, why your tongue got paralyzed to Say Dr.B.R.Ambedkar or Iyothee /thaas or Thatha Rattaimalai Srinivasan, you lousy politicians who are overwhelmingly voted and elected by the Dalits do not have even a minimum courtesy to honor or mention the right names and people in your press release?

--------Dr.Krishnaswamy, of Puthiya Tamilagam, walked out of the Assembly session in protesting that no Arrests or punishment is given to the Marakanam or caste atrocity masterminds
As far as Dr.Krishnaswamy, you do too little and too late, man, you got to bang that lady;s door and call for a meeting, a Dalit representatives meeting with Chief Minister and question her as to what the hell she did to protect dalits from caste vanniyars and Thevar thugs? 
-------Thol Thiruma, the DPI leader not only condemned the state govts inaction and spectatorship, but warned the state to take severe actions on the criminals who unleash caste atrocity...............
As far as Thol concerned, you are a seller of dalit pride and live like a Slave, first Jaya and then MK, and then PMK, your behavior is not just bizzare but like a typical slaves, you must stop selling Dalits,Dr.B.R Ambedkar and Buddha for your own selfish, notoriously casteist political purposes.

People of TN must send Jaya, Thol, MK, PMK and all these terrible politicians home and choose some good ones, may be independent politicians, so that they can listen to people and do something to the needy.  
Evidence NGO, Mr.Kathir  writes to state and the police to safeguard and provide support to the victims
Kathir's TV interview was great and this is the only man who spoke clearly, giving stern warning to the police and state that they have been ignoring dalit issues. Good work.

And closed circles and local sources informed upliftthem that as a Drama, the stat govt withdrawn the security provided to Ramadoss, the caste party leader of PMK.   
Updates On Marakanam vanniyars Rampage: 
vanniyar and pmk terrorism Page:202
 Lots of Questions, no answer and no one takes Responsibility?, no governance, no law?.
Why is Tamil Nadu govt is so cruel to Dalits, and why is this Police administration and district administration in various Districts are outdated, poorly equipped, poorly trained and thoughtless and useless to protect people from violent riots and rampages?. Are these a Deliberate negligence or state does not know what to do?, Is this a mandate of yours?.
In addition to those above concerns the following questions must be asked and dalits must seek answers from the State govt, police, district admin and sc/st commission and the CM of TN, including Governor.
1. Time and again, the vanniyars and vanniyar sangam and PMK is proven to be a violent, extremist groups who disturbed the peace among public and who caused enormous damages and loss of lives to dalits, knowing so, why did the Police gave permission to the Recent mamallapuram conference?
2. and, Why did the district collector and admin gave permission to these dalit killers, why did you give permit for this conference
3. Why did state as a whole, did not take necessary steps to prevent any riots, violence and the deaths?, knowing clearly that vanniyars cause chaos, why did not the state govt did not take any actions so far, did not take any precaution so far, did not stop any of this repeat crimes by vanniyars? 
4.Why the Governor and CM had no press release or orders placed to arrest Kaduvetti and Ramadoss, only the vanniyar caders and members arrested, why are you leaving the master minds?
5.Why is the Election commision repeatedly approving these criminals to contest election?
6. Why did Election commission never taken any actions?
7. Why is the Tamil Nadu and Central Sc/St commission is totally useless and not doing enough to warn the state of all these ongoing onslaught on dalits?
8. What is Adi-Dravidar and social welfare ministry in Tamil Nadu doing?, are you a lousy spectator?
9. Why did TN govt protected Ramadoss with special or police protection and for what, what is he to TN and to tax payers?
10. Tells us what exactly Police did before this conference, they know that vanniyars cause chaos, and they have failed in Dharmapuri big time, what actions or precautions they took this time?.
Can the Police, District Chief and State admin  be punished for the two deaths, several houses gutted and other losses in this Marakanm incident?. Or if there is a sane officer, who will make vanniyar sangam to pay for all these damages, deaths and riot victims, only then a proper deterrent will be in place?. Who is going to ring the bell, other than upliftthem?, anybody......hello?.

 Vanniyar Terrorism Spreads in Tamil Nadu like wildfire 
but the State govt has no cognizance?
Yesterdays (April 25) Rampage in Marakanam is yet another Rampage like Dharmpauri violence [Severe Conflict Between PMK and Marakkanam Villagers -Bus and Jeep Burnt To Ashes -2013-04-25].
Every time Kaduvetti Guru, a rogue and anti-social vanniyar sangam leader is brought to the caste party PMK s meeting, he is allowed to Speak [how long this is going to???]. And, every time he opens his mouth to speak in the stage, filth flows down and it stinks for miles and miles, 

his speech is quite well engineered and designed with one idea in mind, to infuse a violence and to unleash a caste atrocity with extreme intensity. His speeches and outlook is absolutely "anti social" and "anti constitutional" and anti peace of all sections of people, mostly aimed to disturb and stir the peaceful dalits of Tamil Nadu, 
this kind of speeches must be penalized and an end to be put legally, in the entire stretch of India, there would be hard to find a worse "crack head" as worse than Kaduvetti, and no normal human or decent leader will ever utter filthy language and venomous talk like this guy. As a general observer one can notice that danger in his behavior, 
I am not sure if any clinician or behavioral experts in India ever had a concern to watch his public demeanor, manners and behavioral disorders, he exhibits Manic Bipolar and other potential characteristics that are supposed to be not allowed in public, as it will be detrimental to the peace and will lead to violence. But, that is exactly continued to happen in Tamil Nadu, they let this guy speak, 
he spews venom and he has got nothing rational coming out of his filthy mouth, or no decent words comes out of his mouth. Beyond those behaviors, he obviously displays every sign of a "road rage" on the stage, bit of like a rabid dogs sounds he possess, and ofcourse a Rowdy's behaviors in public meetings. 

In the 2011 and 2012 meetings speech "he spoke, if a dalit fell in love or get married to a vanniyar, go cut their hands and legs, and hack them, go burn their houses, and go burn the entire village", within months after his Terrorist talk, on November 7, 2012 five dalit villages been torched and homes burned down, about 500 homes been gutted by Kaduvetti's speech?. What fucking more Evidence does anybody needs to put him in Jail, look what is happening, he is not only at large and oblivious, but he is on the center stage again for the 2013 Vanniyar conference..........................
                   "....even before his venmous speech is over, there was a Rampage "deja vu" that brought back the Dharmapuri Rampage alive again within 6 months".
this time (April 25, 2013) he spoke even worse than beore though he did not quote too many times one particular caste  but he grew up bit more and slaughtered Tribals and Dalits in two nasty phrases 
                  Kaduvetti abusing Tribals:  ....... 
"Kaduvetti said "Rottu oram kudiyurukkum Kuruvikkaran kuda thuppakki eduthu sudran avan pombalingala yaravadhu love panna?"
 [Even the roadside living Kuruvikarans (belong to Tribals) take guns if their woman is in love with others and they go for shooting, what are we vanniyars doing?, we are doing nothing about our woman falling in love or marrying low caste people?"]
                     Kaduvetti abusing Dalits:................, 
he said, nama enna molam adikkira jadhiya, ah....nama enna molam adikkira jadhiya eppadi valratharkku?, 
saying "we are vanniyars, not those drum beating castes, we are after all not those drum beating castes to live like this?", his attacks are improvised in disguise, 
he sounded even worse than before in abusing and attacking the tribals and dalits in public,  who knows, where is there fire works going to be next, may be Vichathi like tribal village or some dalit village?.
This maniac must be be put in jail before many more dalit villages burned down, but there is no light at the end of tunnel, as dalits are sleeping, police is a casteist org, State is impotent and inefficient?. 
who is going to put this guy behind bar?,........................ just the public speech of Kaduvetti alone is an evidence beyond proof of he and the Ramadoss are master minds of all the caste violence in Tamil Nadu, 
the venom they spread using caste abuses and slurs against particular castes and groups is good enough to arrest him and punish him under 1. sc/st prevention act as well as
2. Tamil Nadus goonda act, but yet he has been allowed by the state police, stage govt and the central govt to continue his toxic speeches that has unleashed yet another violence, attacks and rampage that burned down dalit homes, 
burned down state run buses, cars that belong to common public who has got nothing to do with this caste vanniyar animas and they did not even leave cattle's and cows 

one of the pic below shows a cow caught up in the fire and got killed, this rampage is duplicated with the similar style like the Dharmpari Rampages of last November 2012, proving that vanniyars continue to burn, kill and rampage, 3. a Terrorist s Act oh dear is there any limits to these vannyiyar sangam rowdy's terrorism.
And every time they put up these conferences and call for a meeting or conference, it is a chance and place to bring out the plan they made inside the closed doors of "terrorist vanniyars cells" that is the birth place of violence and plans,  their closed door plans then openly unleashed into the meetings using clandestine words, examples and speeches:
Kaduvetti's "Fire" terrorism, from fire we Emerge??
In this current conference, you will note the Fire example Kaduvetti gives,

he emphasizes again and again with Screaming like a maniac "Fire is where we came from, fire is our life and death, from Fire we emerge, From fire we were born, after burning down dalit villages we give life to ourselves and our caste parties, so burn baby burn go and burn villages?"that is the real message but he camouflaged this in his Rama, Sita and other fire walking examples (listen carefully, you will feel what I said],
is there any one in Tamil Nadu with a tiny bit of brain can pick this scent of terrorism of vanniyar sangam, the meaning of this is through burning houses, villages, cattle's and people, we propagate our political or caste agenda, through violence we emerge as a party to be reckoned, and we have full impunity as we are larger in number as much as 2 crore and no body can touch as and no law or police can touch us, and if you do so, we will again use "Fire", not gun or bomb or other means of attack but Fire- a Typical vanniyar Terrorist style, just in 30minute talk, he can unleash the burning down dalit villages, raping, killing and mass murdering message of his fire so beautifully and mask it nicely too........! the crowed now clapping hands, yelling, making vishils and so on, hardly anyone looking at his Real venom spread in these lines.
the state/central and intelligent communities of India is by and large not only ignore but by ignoring they are entertaining an emergence of the greatest terrorist threat TN or India has ever seen.
North Indian Link and the Emerging "Fire" terrorism: 
PMK and vanniyar sangam membres/volunteers and the Terror cell attack agents
Ramadass, Kaduvetti and his goons are not just happy burning dalits houses in Tamil Nadu, but wanted to take this to other states, so thugs like these with similar mind set and virulence of caste in their minds and life are joining together, there is a Strong link established already between Ramadoss, PMK and UPs SP party, infact they are a Family now, like love and affection between vanniyars and SP lead by yadhavs, the love is overflowing all over that you can seem them meeting, having party and getting together in giving talks and what not?. There is a regular dialogue ongoing between PMK and SP to collaborate fire work?. While there are also other OBC political caste connections are being established those Sates and leaders lists are not clear yet, but the SP and PMK connections are quite e well known in the Delhi political circles and the Dalit intelligentsia. Is Hooda of Haryana, in which burning or mass rapes or exodus of dalits by Jat caste animals is not clear, the trend is quite reminiscence of what happens in Tamil Nadu also happens in Haryana or vice versa?. About MP, Bihar, or Rajastan or other state connections with PMK also is not yet clear, as most would treat vanniyars or PMK as crap and piece of shit, the UPs SP figured out that they are pretty similar in intent and outlooks, so they got along well already.
Besides these north Inidian political and caste links, the vanniyar sangam and PMK goons had already established "Fire" cells in Mumbai. Vanniyars in Mumbai, really, about two years ago you  had asked around they would have astonished in disguise of what vanniyars PMK in Mumbai, but they will not say the same now, because the vanniyars are there in Mumbai got their own circles including lawyers and they wanted to have judges too, Lol!!. Nobody knew anything about  who and what is PMK or vanniyar sangam in Mumbai but now they have got their own cells. The most strong team or terror cell of PMK is put up in New Delhi, only time will tell how far this vanniyar caste terrorism is going to go, is Kaduvetti who publicly spoke "Saying this Tamil Nadu police or Indian Army cannot even shake my pubic hair" is he going to unleash his fire inventory in the north especially in Delhi, only time can tell us...................but it ain't looking any pretty, while the Indian Police let the goons roam on street and let the terrorists keep burning dalit villages, it will not be too long to see that they themselves become victims of their own callous and indifferent attitudes towards this fire terrorism of vanniyars.
Everything about Vanniar sangam and PMK centers around exploiting people and society using violence (Ref the book in this image), you can see the power point posted few months ago with a reference to how did PMK become a political party?: 
They hatch these dalit attack menu or burning buses, cars, homes and cattles with "Fire"?....... that will be carried out by the volunteers and caste party members, the beauty is the PMK or vanniyar sangam leaders will not be present at the riots or violence sites and that is their trademark to keep themselves away from any such incident to look good to the world. It is a disguise and they will go on with their routine as of everything is fine in Tamil Nadu.
NOTEWORTHY: It is noteworthy that the party and caste sangam that protest about Alchol and smoking in Tamil Nadu are the front runners of alcholics and smokers, the recent violence happened yesterday is totally carried out by Vanniyar gangs/mobs totally drunk, inebriated and uncontrollable, what is the relation between the claims of ramadass about alchol and the reality, none. Infact, closed circles say that Ramadass and his relatives run various Alchol business, who knows inside his house both him and his son, and Kaduvetti are alcholics and smokers, or his family members are all alcholics, can he disprove that?, no. He is making money out of everything in the name of protesting he is creating opportunity to make money, he is selling caste for his living.

Also, noteworthy is the crippled PMK leader: Neither Ramadoss or any other party leader, actually there is not a single person from PMK or vanniyar sangam ever condemned, never apologized and never warned their drunk thugs are non stop in this violence against dalits of Tamil Nadu. The police is a douche bag, they neither have interest to protect innocent people nor do they have any honest police to clean up the police system to make them do their due diligence and duty?, hmmmmmm it ain't happening even after repeated violence, they come after all the fire is put to rest, like in a Movie, the police will show up after everything is gone?. Lol!.  And nor do the state or center interested in revamping this ill-equipped casteist police.
 Tamil Nadu Govt's Deadly silence and indifference:
Bala Cartoons
As much as the vanniyar parties and leadership accountable for all these caste violence spreading around Tamil Nadu, the state govt also is equally guilty, we must legally make TN govt a party to these crimes and the world must note that this TN administration must be penalized for callousness, and letting the caste virulent leaders and groups let loose.

In Tamil Nadu the Caste virulent Vanniyars and Terrorist Political outfit PMKs drunk party members Rampage, a"Déjà vu". This Rampage was unleashed by the vanniyar sangam drunk volunteers and party members yesterday in Mrakanam area is a RECAPITULATION of what they did in Dharmapuri and got away, no punishment to the criminals and all the leaders who hatched or master minds behind this are all at large. 
PMK members while on their way to their annual vanniyar sangam conference stopped their vehicles in the Marakanam section of the Pondicherry and Madras highway and started attacking people cars, buses, homes and just about anything they can get handle on?, it is all an act of Deja vu of Dharmapuri, the tragedy that took place last Nov 2012 and many times in the past.
The vanniyars terrorism continues while the inefficient and casteist police sleeping and the former convict and jailed but todays chief of state has nothing to say, has nothing to offer to the victims and nothing to say about the criminals and thugs?. Tamil Nadu is a headless state as of now and is in the verge of social unrest, caste war and total destruction of the peace and tranquil of the state PMK and vanniyar gangs. 
Watch: Youtube Video of Mr.Kathir's interview
Published on Apr 26, 2013            
Mr.Kathir, Executive Director, Evidence speech on Marakanam riots  (most of these images are from FB postings from various groups, individuals and news papers..)     
Police fire to disperse clashing groups
ECR tense after mob violence near village  The busy East Coast Road (ECR) that connects Chennai and Puducherry was blocked late on Thursday after clashes between Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) workers and Dalits at Marakkanam in Villupuram district. The entire stretch between Kottakuppam near Puducherry and Marakkanam, a coastal village nearly 129 km from Koyambedu,  was littered with over 150 vandalised vehicles. A freak accident that killed a teenaged boy after he was run over by a vehicle when he was blocking the road with tree branches added fuel to the fire, police said.    It all began after PMK workers, who were on their way to Mamallapuram to attend the party's annual Chitra Pournami rally, parked their vehicles near a forested spot and allegedly started drinking and creating ruckus. When local Dalit youth questioned them, they were reportedly beaten up. This  triggered a chain reaction that ended in mob violence.    Ironically for a party that champions prohibition, its 'spirited', unruly cadre allegedly sparked the violence.    Soon, a small group gathered and took to the streets. Police fired in the air to disperse the crowd near the toll gate on the ECR. According to sources, at least 10 buses, five of which were State Transport Corporation buses, three cars, and three two-wheelers were set on fire.    The mob smashed windshields of several vehicles on the ECR stretch from Kottakuppam to Marakkanam. According to sources, Superintendent of Police Manoharan's vehicle was also attacked by the crowd. Fire tenders had a difficult time reaching the spot to douse the flames. People gathered near a petrol outlet and staged a road blockade to protest the PMK cadre's attack on locals. Several shops and houses on the ECR were attacked. At the time of going to press, the teen, who was run over, was yet to be identified.    The Medical Superintendent of the Puducherry Government Hospital said the boy was 'brought dead'. Four others, including a reporter, who were injured were treated as outpatients.  The entire stretch between Kottakuppam and Marakkanam was closed late in the day, effectively blocking traffic between Chennai and Puducherry on the ECR. Close to midnight, vehicles started rolling from Marakkanam to the Union Territory. news: The Vanniar Sangam volunteers, who were asked to return following the violence, smashed the tollgate on ECR road, cash boxes, CCTV and attacked the security personnel. They directed their anger at onlookers along the villages. In some places, there were retaliatory attacks. S. Sivamurugan (34), security guard at the tollgate, who sustained injury in the attack said inebriated youths attacked him with bottles. Other employees ran to take shelter in a nearby village to save their lives

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