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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CAN INDIA ANNEX NEPAL ? NO WAY] OVERHYPED <लेन्डुप प्रवृत्तिको नेपाल प्रवेश ; 'सिक्किमीकरण हुनुभन्दा राजाले लिनु जाति'>

(India never treated Sikkim as an independent nation. Please see Indo-Sikkim Treaty - 1950 Article II: "Sikkim shall continue to be a protectorate of India")


लेन्डुप प्रवृत्तिको नेपाल प्रवेश

के हो लेन्डुप प्रवृत्ति ?

" सत्ताको लागि पैसा र पैसाको लागि सत्ता र यो चक्रलाई निरन्तरता दिन विदेशीको आडमा स्वदेशीलाई कजाउने संस्कार लेन्डुप प्रवृत्ति हो ।
यो प्रवृत्तिको अन्तिम चरण सिक्किमको पहिचानको अन्त्य थियो । आफ्नो यो योगदानका लागि लेन्डुपले भारतबाट जिन्दगीको अन्ततिर 'पद्म विभूषण' पनि पाए, तर एउटा राष्ट्रको पहिचान गुमाउन भूमिका खेले ।" 


Some people think the declared November 19  CA election will turn out 'a sham election'  and put Nepal in Bhutan's shoes (TO SECURE SOUTH ASIA, INDIA BRINGS BHUTAN'S OPPOSITION A 'SURPRISE WIN'), which eventually will morph the country into a present day Sikkim. 

On Friday last week the other, or so to say, the dash - Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya, who opposes Nov 19 elections is reported to have said  'सिक्किमीकरण हुनुभन्दा राजाले लिनु जाति'  (BETTER BEING RULED BY A KING THAN SIKKIMIZED)

But, India's concerns are the home grown Islamists, the Indian Mujahideens, who seem to have bombed Bodhgaya very recently,  also including others there is Lashker-e-Toiba, whose Nepal agent, as media report, is arrested few days ago. (Please take note of Daud Ibrahim, Mirja Dil Shad Beg, Indian Air Bus hijack,Indian Police's Kathmandu Baneshowr raid  and  Jamim Shah broad-day-light murder  in Lajimpat, at the heart of Kathmandu etc. and etc.) The fake Indian currency notes (FICN) is another serious Indian concern. 

Nepal's lax security system, corrupt officials and unsettled domestic politics are what the Indians are very much concerned about, however, India itself is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. 

India annexed Sikkim on  April 6, 1975 for security reasons.   Sikkim had  2, 04, 760 people or lesser in 1975 (World Pop Vol. 77, Aug 1976 - PP 87). Today her population is only 6,10,577 (Indian Pop Census - 2011),  not even half the size of Kathmandu Valley's population -  14, 42, 762 (Lewandowski et. all, 2012 - 224).  

Small size  (group) population can be easily managed.  There is still strong sentiment in the local or indigenous Sikkimese against the peoples of Indian origin in Sikkim, we  fully understand that. 

Nepal's population  is nearly 
30 millions today. The Gorkhalis i.e Nepalese are different stock. They have a glorious history of service and sacrifice to their motherland. People are urging the king to save the country. And instead, the king is asking the people to come out for the sake of the country. The king appears to be gaining ground gradually !?! 

Nepal's situation can't be compared with Sikkim. But, the landlockedness always throws Nepal under Indian hegemony, which it can't challenge or undermine. China can do nothing about it. That is what Nepal's stark reality is. But India won't annex Nepal, instead should BJP win, they might try reinstalling the dethroned King, who knows ? 

George Bushes II's wrong-policy flourishes in Nepal : 'scare people and do whatever you want'. That's not genuine but very ugly indeed.

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