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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Killing Palestinian Children Inevitable Outcome Of Israeli Policies

CC News Letter 24 Oct - Killing Palestinian Children Inevitable Outcome Of Israeli Policies
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Killing Palestinian Children Inevitable Outcome Of Israeli Policies
By Nora Barrows-Friedman

Since 1 October, Israeli forces have killed more than 50 Palestinians, including at least 10 children, across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. According to initial data from Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P), more than 100 Palestinian children have sustained injuries in that period — and the number keeps climbing

Hebron Activist Who Died Of Tear Gas Showed Israel's Crimes To The World
By Ryan Rodrick Beiler

Hebron resident and anti-occupation activist Hashem al-Azzeh died Wednesdayafter inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli forces. According to Palestinian media reports, al-Azzeh, who suffered from a heart condition, began feeling chest pains while in his home in the Israeli-controlled Tel Rumeida neighborhood of the occupied West Bank city

US, Russia Hold Tense Talks On Syria
By Bill Van Auken

Talks held Friday in Vienna between US, Russian, Turkish and Saudi foreign ministers on the Syrian crisis were dominated by the opposed positions of Washington and Moscow on the US demand for the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad. The discussions came after more than three weeks of Russian air strikes in Syria, which have apparently begun to shift the tide of battle on the ground. Syrian government forces have made advances on several fronts, including in the western province of Latakia and around Syria's second city, Aleppo

To Find A Happy Day: Story Of A Refugee's Journey From Iraq To Europe
By Cathy Breen

My thoughts go to the recent perilous journey of a close Iraqi friend (I will call him Mohammed) and his son (whom I will call Omar). Already the survivor of an assassination attempt, this trusted translator, driver, guide and confidant received a death threat on his gate in early August. He fled under cover of the night, taking Omar with him. On that same day, 15 men were kidnapped in his village. He left a wife and six other children

Learn Your Lessons Well: An Afghan Teenager Makes Up His Mind
By Kathy Kelly

Many of Esmatullah's neighbors might understand if he wanted to retaliate and seek vengeance against the Taliban. Others would understand if he wished the same revenge on the United States. But he instead aligns himself with young men and women insisting that "Blood doesn't wipe away blood." They want to help child laborers escape military recruitment and ease the afflictions people suffer because of wars

Argentinian Study Finds Sanitary Cotton Products Contaminated With Glyphosate
By Robert Barsocchini

Eighty Five percent of sanitary cotton products tested in a new Argentinian study were contaminated with glyphosate, which was recently ruled a "probable carcinogen" by the World Health Organization and is the main ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide Roundup, used worldwide

Three Murders And A Lynching
By Ram Puniyani

The so called fringe elements now are occupying the center stage, and so the 'qualitative change' in the situation. The flood of awards being returned is due to the situation created by deeper communalization of society. This is manifested in growing intolerance, attack on plurality and is leading to the insecurity of minorities, which has qualitatively transcended the earlier limits. The question is how to uphold the values of Indian Constitution in the current times?

Stop Attacking Dalits In Uttarakhand, Ensure Equality
In Temples And Public Spaces
By National Alliance of People's Movements

On 10th October, 2015, a Jan Adhikar Rally organised by National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM), RSD and Jan Haq Manch was stopped in 9 villages and dalits who supported the rally were asked to pay a fine of Rs. 50,000 by the Panchayat in the village Lakhsyar. Savarnas of 9 villages had promised Dalits that they will be allowed in temples and would not be discriminated against. But when a young Dalit woman, Babli accompanied by Dinesh from Kanauta and Tarachand from Singota tried to enter Mahasu temple in Lakhsyar, they were pushed away. When Babli spoke about the panchayat decision, Maali Digpal Singh Tomar attacked her with a sharp weapon and Maali Shurvir Singh attacked her with kicks and punches. Similarly, Dinesh and Tarachand were attacked. Dalits present on the site admitted the injured in Vikasnagar Government Hospital

Translating Global Goals Into Local Actions To Fight NCDs
By Shobha Shukla

A few days before José Luis Castro, Executive Director of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) took over the dual responsibility of the Chair of the steering committee of the NCD Alliance, he spoke at a webinar hosted by CNS (Citizen News Service) in the lead up to the World Heart Day. A few days later, he inspired us once again by his thoughtful remarks delivered to the NCD Alliance, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, while assuming his new charge. Here are some valuable excerpts from Jose's expert remarks
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