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Friday, December 25, 2015

Mail from Nepal:PM_KP Oli_Indian_Blockade Nepal must stand up against Indian blockade!

Mail from Nepal:PM_KP Oli_Indian_Blockade

Nepal must stand up against Indian blockade!

December 25, 2015


Subject: Nepal must stand up against Indian blockade!


Sammananiya Shree Khadga Prashad Oli Jee

Prime Minister, Government of Nepal

Singh Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal



Sadar Namaste!

Happy Udhyauli / Yamari Punima / Jyapu Diwas / Christmas!!


We are ordinary Nepalese concerned with the hardship due to the illegal and immoral Indian blockade. The blockade is debilitating our health, transportation, and industries. However, we must stand up against this Indian aggression. It is not your choice, but today you are at the focus of our history. What you do or not do will have long term effects on Nepal and our future generation. You must uphold nationalism, democracy, pride in our heritage, and not bow to the Indian pressure. Please allow us to humbly and respectfully submit a few suggestions:


1. The people's wish expressed in the July poll on the draft constitution must be published and honored. It is ratification and cannot be suppressed. Suppressing it is treason. It also will bring the people's wish into fore and will strengthen our nationalism and democracy. It also would solve many of our internal and external problems.

2. Agreements done under duress affecting whole nation by individual leaders or parties are not valid. Such agreements are not binding to the future Governments and People. There must be referendum on important national issues for mandate.

3. The case in point is the 'Four points road map' Honorable Kamal Thapa presented to India, and corresponding Constitution amendment being tabled in the CA. First, the 'road map' is the product of Indian blockade and Indian interference in our internal affairs. Second, the amendment is against Nepalese aspiration. Our constitution defines the constituencies as per both population and geography. It also has provisions for proportionate representations for marginalized groups. Those issues always can be debated, follow democratic process, and appropriate polices may be formulated. However, the current amendment is to recognize only population as the constituencies and ignores geography. It renders regional imbalance. It is being done under external and internal duress. It is done merely to placate violent groups. It is not a well thought amendment, and not through democratic process. Such amendments under duress simply invite more violence, and the voice of silent majority is silenced.

4. Major national issues must be discussed for public information and referendum conducted for mandate. It is democracy, let informed people decide. Any major imposed decisions taken without mandate are not acceptable, and are treason. These issues must be put to referendum:

      a. Democracy vs. Communism,  

      b. Hindu rastra vs. Secular,

      c. United Nepal vs. Sanghiyata / Federal states, and

     d. Parliamentary system vs. Mixed.

5. The prime responsibility of any Government is to fight external aggressions and internal terror. If the Government is not willing or incapable of doing so, then it must resign.

      A. Must open the Nepalese side of transit points using police / army, if need be.

      B. Must mobilize parties, cadres, youth organizations to help police to keep law & order.

      C. Must mobilize social organizations and media to explain the constitution to people.

      D. The criminals, traitors, and their leaders obstructing the highways must be served justice.

      E. Quislings and Lendups among politicians, media and administrators must be rooted out.

6. Sanghiyata is not our aspiration, but imposed from outside through Maoists terror. The imposition was to create the unprecedented ethnic frictions to weaken our national unity, to facilitate conversion and imposing communism. Poll after poll have shown that Nepalese people are opposed to Sanghiyata. There must be referendum on Sanghiyata. Otherwise, it does not have mandate and is not acceptable.

Sanghiyata was not the policy of any of our national parties. It was agreed by parties only under the duress of Maoist terror. It is not the decision of people. Parties must honor people's wish and reject agreements done under the duress.

7. Opening the routes to and better trade relations with China must be done in priority basis. Posing deliberate obstacles must be considered treason.

8. Water Resources: Nepal has to develop our own water resources policy for the betterment of multitude of humanity in Nepal, India and the region. Nepal should coordinate our own concerned Ministries, Academia and Industries. Nepal also should request and coordinate with UNESCO's ICIMOD (<>; International Center for Integrated Mountain Development, Kathmandu). Perhaps ICIMOD could develop a project with international experts in hydrology, geology, civil engineering, environmental science, international water laws, sociologists etc. Let it be a shining example of international 'Win-Win' understandings.

9. In this time of crisis internal corruptions, black marketing etc. must be considered and dealt as treason.

10. The Government must take the case of Indian blockade to SAARC, UNO and other appropriate international forums. Those institutions are quite aware of our plight. Yet, they cannot do anything without Nepal's appeal. Government must take diplomatic steps to report the aggression in these forums.

11. Please let us recite and practice the Mantra 'self reliance' in our national policies and life.


Most sincerely,

Tilak B. Shrestha, Ph.D.


Huntsville, Alabama, USA



HE Dr. Arjun Karki

Honorable Ambassador

E-mail: <>, Tel: 202-746-9988

Washington DC, USA



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