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Friday, April 1, 2016

Top trending from Bangladesh #Defeat Mamata#Bangladesh wants no more Excalibur Stevens Biswas HASTAKSHEP

Top trending from Bangladesh #Defeat Mamata#Bangladesh wants no more

Excalibur Stevens Biswas


The democrat and secular forces have been fighting against fascism in Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh Dalit Movement comprises of SC,ST,OBC,Minorities,intelligentsia,communists and left and secular forces.It demands to hang Jammat and RSS to be hanged with the same rope.It expresses solidarity of the deprived and deprived and exploited working class.

Bangladesh never voiced its opinion in West Bengal political affairs since its birth.

But Mamata Modi alignment and RSS JAMAT BNP alliance though never confirmed,have irritated the democrat and secular forces as never before.

Mind you Bangladesh secular and democrat forces have sacrificed in millions to uphold Bengali nationalism and Bengali language since the historical fight for freedom era which has intensified as persecution of minorities continue even after independence.

But they united with unprecedented Shahbagh movement and ensured that all the war criminals against humanity and nature should be hanged and the hanging continues even as Islam is declared as national religion religion.They have united as never before.

Having said that it should be understood why the persons like Mohsin who belongs to Bangladesh Intelligentsia tries to intervene in West Bengal politics.

Simply the trending #Defeat Mamata means that those fighting for Bengali Nationalism,Bengali language,secular and democrat forces have singled out Mamata Banerjee as the greatest danger for Bengalies across the border.

Never before in History any Indian leader had to face such a campaign!

Well,it might not change the mandate at home!But this campaign justifies the logic of democrate and secular front to defeat Mamata aligned with RSS as it is very dangerous for Bengali nationalism also as it is threating the idea of India!

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