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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ময় জানাইছু বহা 'গ বিহু লৈ অভিনন্দন! Accent might be different but we are the same one blood people connected by the glorious theme of Bihu! Bihu must be projected as the cultural heritage for unity. Palash Biswas

ময় জানাইছু বহা 'গ বিহু লৈ অভিনন্দন!
Accent might be different but we are the same one blood people connected by the glorious theme of Bihu!
Bihu must be projected as the cultural heritage for unity.
 Palash Biswas
As we see different dialects in different districts with its own folk heritage and identity in any part of this universe as it is predominant in UP.Madhy Pradesh and Bengal specifically, Bengal and Bangladesh along with Assam and northeast having genetically the same demography differ in political geography.For example,in Bihar Maithili has its own script while Bhojpuri,Maghi or Vajjika have none.
The dilects in north Bengal or northern Bangladesh as in Chittagang, Noakhali and Silhat are quite different in accent and sound system from rest of Bengal.But the have one single script Brahmi.Even the dilects used by prominent writers and poets belonging to different distrits including Dhaka are quite different in Bangladesh litreature.But the ingle script unites them.
As people,Bengalies,Ahamia ,bihari,Tripuri or manipuri or anywhere in this region we belong to same cultural heritage with differt scripts recognized as separate language ,soico political or cultural group,but we have not any difficulty to interact with each other with our different languages and dialects.Thus,Bihu must be projected as the cultural heritage for unity.
On the occasion of Rangali Bihu I salute to the indigenous Ahmia people and Assam in general and request them to consider the genetic unity despite difference in language and script with other parts of Eastern and North east India,which has been subjected to the colonial power politics with divide and rule politics.
Bihu unites the people and its music heals the ailing heart and mind.The Non Classical Bihu dance requires full bodi movement unlike other dance formats including classical dance.
Our poet minister friend from Tripura Anil Sakar considered Bihuas unifying forces and I was present in Brahamaputra Beach festival in Guahati in 2003 while late Anil Sarkar declared Bihu a compulsary subject in Assam schools.I am missing this vision from the present leadership in Assam,Bengal,Tripura,Bihar and other states.
With comrade Anil Sakar`s intiative a high profile Bihu Team from Guahaiti led by Prafulla Gogoi,Miss saikia and Miss Kokoti perfomed in Kolkata and around on Bengali Folk poet Vijay sarkar`s birth anniversary in 2003 and I had been the General Secretary of Banga Sahitya sanskriti samiti to organise this cultuaral festival.
I am sorry the after the demise of the poet,Anil Sarkar we individually or collectively failed to continue the cultural activism for unity which is much needed.
I agree with you,Jitendra Kumar!The problem is misinformation campaign which blocks the voices of the people at every level.It is digital terrorism in Aadhaar Cashless digital India.Media is focusing on reformative agenda to strengthen corporate hegemony and the truth about North east,Central India,South India and Himalayan region has no way to be communicated and ethnic cleansing becomes the political culture about which the mainstream is quite unaware.
I am unable to communicate with the concerned people and general audience with my writings in different languages since 1973.

It looks futile to react as long as we have enough ground for an and cultural resistance against this absolute power of institutional,racist  fascism empowered with recent mandate overwhelming with vertical partition and resultant holocaust embodied in constitutional democracy in a military state ruled by hegemony of patriarchal  apartheid while dreams as well as thoughts along with our berathing are under surveillance and every system available restricts interactive dialogue.
I tried to opt for visual apps and it is also a captured sphere as much as the mainstream print and electronic media,other mediums and genres of literature,information,creativity and culture are.
I am feeling hijacked by the elements of brutal forces of darkness  as I may not cry freedom!relevant content in any format is blocked and technology perhaps might not break through an escape route from this Gas Glass House illuminated with religious,sectarian and caste identity LCD.
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