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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Politics betrays again!Refugees attacked in Assam by AASU and FIR lodged against refugees,wanted warrant issued. Palash Biswas

Politics betrays again!Refugees attacked in Assam by AASU and FIR lodged against refugees,wanted warrant issued. 

Palash Biswas

Refugees have been attacked for voicing citizenship to partition victim Bengali refugees who are detained in concentration camps as Hitler used to do in Germany against jees.Refugee rally was peaceful asthe organization has been pushing for justice to partition victim since 2005>During these 12 years leading the movement in every state,refugees have been quite democrat and never opted for violence nor any complaint lodged anywhere any time.The refugee leaders have always been in contact of the Centre and State governments as they has also been in contact with the government of Assam.
AASU engaged in drive every Non Assamese out of Assam hasattacked nad created the tension in Dhamaji fro which neither refugees nor the leaders of the movement should be held responsible.Rather it is a betrayal from the Centre and State government who do support AASU and ULFA taht is why the attackers lodged FIR and the police issued wanted warrant against the refugee leadres.Expecting help form political parties is definitely wrong but our people have no democrat constitutional way out for justice as they are subjected to discrimination, aparthied and persecution across the borders.
We should stand with the leadership of the refugee movement as citizenship is the question of life and death.It has been an unprecedented rally in Assam to voice the plight of the refugees.Refugees are subjected to inhuman persecution in Assam and those forces of racist fascism has reacted against the growing strength of the movement.Arrest warrant or arrest might be the logical conclusion.
I hope the legal experts with the movement are quite capable to handle the crisis.
I am appealing every person refugees as citizens to understnd the problem created by partition of India.
I also understand the view point of Assamese People who have been pitted against the innocent refugees and the politics has worsened the crisis making a vertical divide amongst the victims :Hindu and Muslim.It is politics in which our people have never been indulged.

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