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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fwd: [bangla-vision] FW: TTS Sep 28 Headlines: Theory no more -- Freedom of Information Act produces CIA document that plans for Global Governance by 2025: PDF [1 Attachment]

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Date: 2010/9/28
Subject: [bangla-vision] FW: TTS Sep 28 Headlines: Theory no more -- Freedom of Information Act produces CIA document that plans for Global Governance by 2025: PDF [1 Attachment]
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From: alex james []
Sent: 28 سبتمبر, 2010 09:17 م
To: alex james
Subject: TTS Sep 28 Headlines: Theory no more -- Freedom of Information Act produces CIA document that plans for Global Governance by 2025: PDF

Theory no more -- Freedom of Information Act produces CIA document that plans for Global Governance by 2025: PDF 

Truth will set US free: breaking Israel's stranglehold over American foreign policy, and also over domestic policy that restricts freedoms...... 

Senior Democrat Pat Leahy introduces outrageous bill to censor Internet websites 

DECAY IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM....THAT WOULD BE YOU ERIC HOLDER, More Americans Losing Their Liberties Every Day 

Reaping Zionist terror's reward: get in there first – that's the secret and steal others' lives, land, wealth, future..... 

Broad new regulations would make it easier for law enforcement/national security officials to eavesdrop on Internet /e-mail communications like social networking Web sites and BlackBerries 

Middle-class? Long Gone! 

For them who are beating drums for Republican's, I have to ask: WERE YOU IN A COMA FROM 2000 to 2008? 

Anti-Zionist Rabbi teaches some real history to Zionists 

2005 Jon Carlson: WTC Jet Engine Confirmed NOT From Boeing 767 

The Secret Of OZ-video on the Fraud of the Federal Reserve System and Banking System, full version 

Profound statement about today from 1975 film "Hearts and Minds" in which a Vietnam veteran bomber pilot responds to the question "Do you think we've learned anything from all this?" 

Veterans Today Newsletter: ISLAMOPHOBIA, CENSORSHIP AND THE HOLOCAUST; . Out of Control Generals want more WAR! STOP FBI RAIDS AND HARASSMENT 

The Two-Face March of Tyranny: Republicans/Democrats/Republicans/Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! FALSE PARADIGM.... 

Iraq Inquiry: your opportunity to demand a new 9/11 investigation, Please go to this page and fill in the response box­orm.aspx 

Blackwater's Black Ops: Blackwater Paid Me to Buy Steroids and Weapons on Black Market for its Shooters; Blackwater's cocaine- and random shooting at Iraqi civilians 

US judge declares mistrial in case of 2 ex-Blackwater contractors accused of killing Afghans: i.e. they get away with murder again... 

Charges dismissed against Md. man who taped traffic stop: Pitt wrote: "Those of us who are public officials and are entrusted with the power of the state are ultimately accountable to the publi 

95% of UK's killer cops still walk our streets ... with identities protected 

US Navy Again Plans to Use Us/Marine Life/Our Environment for Target Practice 

Children of the gravel: Zionists shoot 17 year old Gazan teenager in the leg 

An everyday story: Israeli navy kills 20 year old Gaza fisherman 

DESINDUSTRIALIZACION: 19 Facts show that US is slowly becoming the very first "post-industrial" nation on the globe 

INTERNATIONAL LAW EXPERT Franklin Lamb : Ahmadinejad is Right about 9/11! like ex-BBC correspondent Alan Hart, and thousands of others...... 

Ex-BBIC Alan Hart on Current Issues TV: Israel may have been involved in 9/11 

IRS FRAUD by Doc: Is there any document proving that the IRS is legal? 

Image painted by Western Media about Israel is completely false: example: UN Fact-Finding Mission Says Israelis "Executed" Teenage US Citizen Furkan Dogan on Peace Flotilla 

Property tax fleecing 

Monsanto partners with Blackwater to quell anti-GMO protests 

What Actually Happened On 9/11 September 11th, 2001? 








R.Kennedy Jr. and Medical Orthodoxy, mercury in dental amalgams & in vaccinations (thimerosal), protecting Pharmaceutical giants, 


1 new of 1

Alex James (1 author)


Pro-Life Institute Training Videos Now Online 


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alex james (1 author)


FBI Raids Homes of Antiwar, Pro-Palestinian Activists! Is US Attorney General working for Zionist Masters? Ingrid Betancourt, "Even Silence Has an End" 


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Alex James (1 author)





From: alex james []
Sent: Monday, September 27, 2010 6:53 PM
Subject: TTS Sep 27 Headlines: Insider says Bush authorized 9/11 attacks: Stanley Hilton was a senior advisor to Sen Bob Dole, personally known Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz for decades.


Insider says Bush authorized 911 attacks: Stanley Hilton was a senior advisor to Sen Bob Dole (R) and has personally known Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for decades.

Search Google for consumer complaints about geico 

Paul Findley has another book exposing the Zionist Lobby "SILENT NO MORE" 

Video: Some Zionized Military Leaders are fighting to stop a withdrawal from Afghanistan..... 

Mumia: Legal System: When Massacre Is No Crime (CIA is above the law, FBI gets away with murder and both are becoming indistinguishable from the Gestapo 

Is the Injectible RFID Microchip the Prophesied "Mark of the Beast"? 


LIVING ON THE EDGE OF POVERTY inside The United States 

LIBERTY CALLING Newsletter: Justice Dept: Assassinations Up to President, Not Courts, to Decide 

Blue Flu cases spreading around Gulf of Mexico 

Gordon Duff against rogue government controlled by international organized crime -=- Bollyn is America's Greatest Living Journalist His Articles on 9/11 

Israelis burning bibles, silent Christians; Killing Palestinians with impunity; How the CIA ran a secret army of 3,000 assassins; 

E.P. Heidner proves 9/11 Staged to Derail Investigations by killing investigators, destroying records at Office of Naval Intelligence in the Pentagon etc. 

Dresden & other German Cities, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Agent Orange/Vietnam, Fallujah and rest of Iraq - Organized-crime-controlled US inflicts its third nuclear holocaust 

CIA seeks to gag critics of terror hit list -=- Obama invokes 'state secrets' claim to dismiss suit against assassinating U.S. citizens -=- Pentagon destroyed 10,000 copies of army officer's book 

Atlanta Premier of movie "what in the world are they spraying "??? on Chemtrails with G.Edward Griffin, who exposed the fraud of Federal Reserve System 

U.S. should be able to shut Internet, former CIA chief says.....I guess they don't like our freedoms..a.k.a. Patriot Act I, II, III....... 

A Little Known Fact About the 9/11 Planes || Anthony Lawson 

Israel intensifies West Bank Palestinian home demolitions; Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian in West Bank; The largest Threat to Democracy is Zionism 

Protofascism Comes to US - Westminster Legislates to Protect Vilest Criminals - largest Threat to Democracy is Zionism - Snopes Tries to Obscures Israel's Role in 9/11 

Alvin K. Hellerstein, devoted Zionist judge with connections to Israeli defendant in 9/11 litigation, has obstructed justice by blocking a trial from occurring 

Kenneth Clarke must not bow to Israeli war criminals' pressure by giving Veto to Director of Public Prosecutions over arrest warrants 

'New EU mass surveillance project revealed' - The Nazification/Zionization of Europe 

MI5 whistleblower Annie Machon on Gestapo Past and the new Present day gestapo in US/UK 

9/11-The Impossibility of Flying Heavy Aircraft Without Training 


Phil Tourney USS Liberty survivor of the 1967 Israeli attack on his ship now threatened with death 

Whistle-blower on US False Flag to get Cambodia into Vietnam War tortured/murdered. and Ted Gunderson who took his interview is also under attack...... 

Flashback to Ronald Reagan: Taliban 'moral equivalent of America's founding fathers', dedicated the Space Shuttle Columbia to the resistance fighters [Taliban] in Afghanistan 

Edgar Steele's Wife appeals for help and Stands By Man 'Who allegedly Tried to Blow Her Up' according to the authorities who framed him 


University of Arizona, Vatican and Jesuits Name New Telescope 'Lucifer'; Obama's Jesuit Connections Surface 

Lets not forget 9/11 by Greg Szymanski; 41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans question 9/11 official tale 

Rev. Ted Pike on why Alex Jones is afraid of Zionists: "The Jews," Jones said, "own everything." 

Rev. Kevin Annett interview by Alfred Lamb: U.K.-based International Tribunal to try Pope Ratzinger,Queen Elizabeth II, U.K., Vatican, Irish, Canadian officials for crimes against humanity, child abuse and trafficking 

In 2006, InfoWars (Alex Jones Show) interviews Ed Haas on witness who overheard 9/11 plans in Hebrew prior to the attack 

In 2007, Top Mafia Figure, Tony Gambino, Implicated Bush in Prior Knowledge/Complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder; Mafia protected by FBI/CIA/Vaticn 

Must Act Here, Now! Corporate Control of Our Food and Our Freedom: Not Only "No!", But "NO WAY IN HELL!" 

Day 27...don't forget to vote for the Progressive Slate today 

top 20% control 83% - top 1% hold 40% - bottom 40% hold 0.3%, wealth disparity increasing 


From: alex james []
Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2010 10:03 PM
Subject: TTS Sep 26 Headlines: US universities say yes to Zionist apartheid | US Zionists in uproar about the truth (Harvard, Columbia, Michigan, etc.)

US universities say yes to Zionist apartheid | US Zionists in uproar about the truth (Harvard, Columbia, Michigan, etc.) 


ANOTHER 9/11: OBAMA WARNS AND NUKES ARE READY; Aafia Siddiqui: 'I have proof Israel masterminded 9/11.big wars are being planned...attacks are being planned against America...' 


Israel's attempt to deflect a new 9/11 investigation - Remaking America on the Pinochet Model - Israel a Satanic State complete with the Brutality and Savagery of Zionism 


Bollyn: "Making Sense of the Media Cover-Up of 9/11" inside job 


Murdered Dr. Kelly knew about 9/11 inside job Anthrax letters and international bioweapons mafia 


Obama is was and still is a CIA asset 


Andrew Gavin Marshall 9/11 ANALYSIS - US Elite's Secret Terror Campaign: Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda, CIA's Drug-Running Terrorists for Empire, Energy and Al-Qaeda: The Elites' Terror Network 


Video: Stop secrets's world day: Official Statement Stop secrets on Planet Earth, End the Lies 


UN blind to this Very comprehensive info regarding Israel's nukes, The 3rd Temple of The Anti-Christ......The holy of holies...... 


CFR an off-shoot of TC (Trilateral Commission) under the sponsorship of the Rockefeller Dynasty 


Dictatorship in Reverse: Tea Party is a psy-op meant to channel the Patriot Movement into the Left VS Right matrix as the late Alan Stang said 


UK's Clegg turns to Zionism | Corruption in UK 


Freemasonry & Public Schools-The Antichrist Upon Us (U.S.) 

John Coleman interviews on the Elites' Committee of 300 

Congress wants release of Pollard, the Zionist spy whose treason caused the arrest/death of over 100 US agents 

Something sent to DOJ Secy Eric Holder on 9/11 Truth and Urgent Fascism Alert: The FBI Raids Minneapolis nonviolent antiwar activists; confiscates picture of Martin Luther King!! 

The Fed Will Purchase Almost $3 Trillion In Treasurys And Set The Stage For The Monetary Endgame 

US Senate bill seeks to put vitamin makers in prison for ten years (and other news) 

Israel: "Wiped off The Map". The Rumor of the Century, Fabricated by Zionized US Media to Justify An All out War on Iran 

Vegas anti-drone trial makes history 

Fascism Alert: The FBI Raids Minneapolis nonviolent antiwar activists; confiscates picture of Martin Luther King!! 

Video: ROMAN CATHOLICS HARASS A STREET PREACHER - Pope visit to Washington, DC - April 2008 

Video: Jan 12/2010 David Ray Griffin on the 9/11 Cell Phone Calls: Exclusive CBC Interview 

Applauses for Iranian President's 9/11 Truth Speech at UN Sep.23, 2010, compare full text of his speech with what little the media has reported 

9/11 Plan was coordinated by same people who hatched it in 1976: FBI Confiscates Property Of ex-U.S. Army Corporal Who Blew Whistle On 1976 Government funded "Perfect Terrorist Plan" To Topple Twin Towers 

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: blue print for World Enslavement 

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings! - 18+ Million views 

MarketWatch: Health-care changes kick in, Answers to seven questions about the new rules 

Jake Adelstein reports on the Yakuza Mafia in Japan and sex slavery..... 

Must Read Paul Craig Roberts: It Is Official: The US Is a Police State, antiwar activist Mick Kelly's home raided by FBI to intimidate those who organize peace protests 




From: Alex James []
Sent: Saturday, September 25, 2010 9:59 PM
Subject: TTS Sep 25 Headlines: Military Lowered Computer Security Level Night Before 9/11: video 9/11 Justice, ex-BBC Alan Hart interview with Kevin Barrett where he says Mossad was involved and it was a controlled demolition


Military Lowered Computer Security Level Night Before 9/11, yet another suspicious coincidence 


Video: 9/11 Justice, also remember ex-BBC Alan Hart interview with Kevin Barrett where he says Mossad was involved and it was a controlled demolition 


tell Elizabeth Warren what consumer issues her bureau should focus on first 


Graphs to Understanding The mushrooming unsustainable National Debt (Sesame Street Edition)


Collection of info on CIA behind JFK'S MURDER 


Censored Gulf news: Dying without aid seen on TV, WWL TV reports 


Texe Marrs exposes un-American Newt Gingrich's proposals to throw out U.S. Constitution, set up world government, radically reshape American culture into "Jewish Utopia." 




Video: Steven Seagal, in his 1994 movie "On Deadly Ground" on OIL BARONS, told us the TRUTH 16 years ago and we didn't listen!!! 


Jeffrey Epstein who pleaded guilty in 2007 to soliciting underage teen girls for sex Goes Free 




Democracy for America Oct 2nd: Sign up to host a Day of Action event right now and we'll help you organize it. 


VIDEO on Why 9/11 happened, What the Illuminati believe in, The Kabbalah, 9/11 was to start WWIII, etc. 


Brasscheck TV Video: 9/11 Solution has been restored 


More on FRN (Federal Reserve Note) dollar bill Great Seal symbolism is all Masonic including Babylonian Owl 


Solving 9/11 - The Deception That Changed The World (FREE BOOK) by Chris Bollyn 


9/11 Archives: MYSTERY OBJECTS; also check Global Hawk at WTC 


History Channel Video: Notice how CDI installs British RDX "cutter charges"; many of the 9/11 Thermate cutter charges did not explode and had to be detonated by CDI before removal 


George Washington's Surrender to London Bankers;"All religions with be permeated with Judaism....America...her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown of England." 


Dr. Makow: Lula & Dilma: Marxist Criminals Rape Brazil, want power, and once power is achieved, they will never leave the throne, goal is total control of society 


Dick Eastman's interpretation/speculation of "Phantom White" video (hitting the Pentagon on 9/11) 


Hungarians Find Glamorous Anti-Zionist Leader Krisztina Morvai 


Today's Neocon/Zionists like Biblical Balshazzar, plundering, drinking toasts to gods of gold and silver, arms industry, bailouts, etc. in stolen goblets 


Articles: Alex Jones lives in fear of Zionists; Trillions of Toxic Waste; Criminalizing vitamins to promote Frankenfoods; Privatized Police/Corporate Mercanaries; Conspiracy Against Pakistan; Toben; 




"How To Resolve The Foreclosure Mess": why should we care if banks and others stupidly wrote what amount to signature loans? We shouldn't 


AHMADINEJAD helps 9/11 Truth but ISN'T TELLING US that 9/11 Truth is being suppressed in US to make people believe that some muslims did 9/11 


London IISS World's Largest Think-Tank - There is No Al-Qaeda Threat! ex-CNN War Correspondent Speaks Out On Alleged War Crime CNN Refused To Air 


Chris Floyd in LIBERTY CALLING Newsletter: Murderers, Cowards, Morons, Thieves: Portrait of an Empire in a Political Season 


Leaked New Delhi CBI documents: Hindu Militants to target Foreign Nationals at Commonwealth Games in New Delhi 


Gilad Atzmon: On Gaza and Chutzpah 


Gulf seafood poses long-term health risks, experts say 


National Lawyers Guild Issues New Report on Unlawful Police Tactics, overreacting to protected free speech 


Media Matters: How Fox News helps its own employees run for office


Robin Hood Movie Reveals Political Subterfuge 








From: Alex James []
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 10:54 PM
Subject: TTS Sep 24 Headlines: Recent Survey of Israeli "Religious" Teachers funded by US Taxes shows they are creating those who terrorize Palestinians and assassinated Yitzhak Rabin in 1995


MUST READ: Illuminati Billionaires Define US Political Discourse, world dominion in new form, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it" 

Must Read: Recent Survey of Israeli "Religious" Teachers funded by US Taxes shows they are creating monsters who terrorize Palestinians and assassinated Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 



Paul Craig Roberts - The Collapse of Western Morality


Israel government told its soldiers committed summary executions; Bill would let US government block 'infringing' websites worldwide 


Ahmadinejad accuses US [Zionists] of 'orchestrating' 9/11 attacks to aid Israel [Zionists] 


Some of the 9/11 News Videos reporting detonations and controlled demolitions Permanent 0% on Road to Ruin by Jim Willie 


Video: Tax payers paid $125,000 to Israel-American firm, approved by the Israeli Minister of Defense, to monitor protestors, mostly against natural gas drilling, labelled them as terrorists...... 


5 Outright Illegal Scams That Should Put Wall St. Bankers Behind Bars: Wachovia Launders $380 Billion in Drug Money; Chamber of Commerce Launders AIG's Lobbying Cash; etc. 


Hitler's Secret Relationship to the Rothschilds by JUST ANOTHER INSIDE JOB 






Masonic Jews promote multicultural dispersion among gentiles but are opposed to Jewish assimilation 


Israel 3rd war against Lebanon 3rd war is ahead 


Israel Will Be Palestine - Killing Afghans for Sport - "The United States of America Has Gone Mad" under the rule of Zionist Maddogs or Magogs?- Israel refuses to join anti-nuclear treaty 


Tea Party Blaming the usual scapegoats, i.e. Mexicans, Muslims, etc. while ignoring the real culprits...... 


Max Keiser said he told Tehran that to avoid being bombed by Israel/Goldman Sachs, just let them open a bank and take a couple of hundred billion dollars in loan….. 


Video: "I AM ISRAEL" ...get the FACTS, watch closely!! 


9/11 was TREASON! Alex Jones' interview with Stanley Hilton 


Introduction to the HolocaustT Hoax 


last gasp of independent family farmers: Durbin makes a last ditch effort to sell out American family farms and ranches 


More hidden laws passed: to set curriculum for "private" universities, cap trade license required for your home, etc. 


Alan Hart argues that US President Barack Obama's speech at U.N. demonstrates beyond doubt that he is not interested in a just solution to the Zionist Occupation of Palestine 


Blaming the victims: Blame Statism for the Disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan; Colin Powell's lie of the century at the U.N. 




Probe: U.S. prosecutors repeatedly abuse the law, Arizona farmer's case highlights record of federal lawyers' misconduct 


Eric Encina - Social Credit Monetary Reform Campaign in the Philippines 


DISCLOSE defeated! For now…DISCLOSE was designed to silence grassroots organizations like Campaign for Liberty 


Nick Griffin Outlines Strategy Following Successful Launch of "Bring Our Boys Home" Campaign | British National Party 


S.3767 Amended; Now Demand the Food Freedom Amendment! 


12 Page 9/11 Truth Spread in San Diego's Yesterday Music Magazine 


Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of Israel's Shas party, HAS called more than once for all Arabs to be exterminated 


Dr. Makow: Zionists setup Jews for Holocaust: Israel the primary source of anti-Semitism: murder of Gaza peace activists provides more evidence that actual goal of Zionism is to create anti-Semitism 


video: CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight - Homeland Security Report calls Veterans and Gun Owners domestic terrorist







Two must see videos and a must read essay on the ethical dilemmas in Gulf Invasions: The Will to Kill Other Peoples' Children 



Rigged Trial: Tortured Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Sentenced to 86 Years in Prison; Israel was behind 9/11: Dr Aafia 



Can US stop Israeli 'nuclear' 9/11 on its soil? Why does Lieberman want Internet "kill switch" & "censorship czar" Cass Sunstein want accusations of Israeli complicity in 9/11 made criminal and stop honest investigation? 



Mid-Term Election: Endless Horror Show to increase fascism while people are distracted by elections 



FW: Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic Hits Film Festival Circuit in Tennessee 



'Boeing 767-200ER For Sale !' is this AA11 that 'crashed' in 9/11? SAME Serial Number: 22332 














From: Alex James []
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:07 PM
Subject: TTS Sep 23 Headlines: JACK WHITE'S 9/11 Photostudies: WTC 6 exploded before WTC collapsed...., evidence DOD faked many photos about Pentagon attack;


JACK WHITE'S 9/11 Photostudies: WTC 6 exploded before WTC collapsed...., evidence DOD faked many photos about Pentagon attack;

Long-lasting sensory loss in World Trade Center workers from airborne toxins after 9/11 attacks 

UK Forces' inflict 'horrifying' torture in Iraq 

**** video: "Cover-Up In Oklahoma": (9/11 wasn't the first conspiracy to be covered up by official sources!) 

"Countdown to Zero": Hollywood movie promotes war on Iran 

ON-GOING RIP-OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE and video of Mike Maloney on Silver, Gold, and oil 

VIDEO: New 9/11 3-D computer analysis provided by Richard D. Hall sheds light on what hit the Twin Towers 

Invasion of Iraq: Elite Bankers' Dollar Hegemony? 

Clarification on JFK's EO11110 

Tony Blair's sister in law Lauren Booth letter to Tony Blair: The Crusade is yours not theirs 

zionist bankers had Judge Mahoney murdered-He ruled fractional lending is fraud & fiat FRN's are NOT legal tender by US Constitution 

Evidence that a missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11 

New Campaign Pay2Play Gameboard / Film: Democracy sold to the highest bidder......" 9/11 Truth Teach in: PNAC ? 911 reasons why 9/11 was an inside job; Blueprint for US Global Military Dictatorship and more....... 

From National Socialism to National Fascism: Democracy for the Few, Michael Parenti: IMF sucking wealth, Gangster Nature of the State...... 

Fake Organized Home Made Protest Exposed: MEDIA admits fake news in this video/Behind the Big News: PROPAGANDA and the CFR 

From Pharisee Watch: Video: Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and The Turning; The Tea Party Delusion 

Will Liberty Continue To Have A Home In America? by Chuck Baldwin, September 22, 2010 

15 Hours to Save Health Freedom: HALT S.3767 and S.510, take action 


Gulf Spill: Disaster? Or a Well Organized Plan from which Goldman. Halliburton, Wackenhut, Evergeen, CIA, Rothschild, Corexit, and BP CEO profiteered... 

Israel makes meeting another Arab a crime, locking up Arab political activitists 

Marilyn Monroe: "I'll never have to suck another Jewish cock again!" Marlon Brando 1996 Larry King Live: Jews have slandered every other racial group.....Hollywood is run by Jews...... 







*** exposing the hidden truth for further educational research only *** CAVEAT LECTOR *** In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. NOTE: Some links may require cut and paste into your Internet Browser. Please check for daily real news posts and support the truth! (sorry but don't have time to email all posts) at    or ; You can also subscribe to the multiple daily emails by sending  an email to ; free book download:  *** Revealing the hidden Truth For Educational & Further Research Purposes only. ***  NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency (NSA) may have read emails without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse, nor protection.......... IF anyone other than the addressee of this e-mail is reading it, you are in violation of the 1st & 4th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Patriot Act 5 & H.R. 1955 Disclaimer Notice: This post & all my past & future posts represent parody & satire & are all intended for intellectual entertainment only. To be removed from the weekly list, please reply with the subject line "REMOVE"



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