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Thursday, June 26, 2014



Dear Brethrens,

You all are aware that a very  dangerous conspiracy has been hatched by the ruling classes to wipe out the entire movement of our great Mahapurush, which they have created by sacrificing their entire life for our sake. Our enemy has very treacherously succeeded in implementing their game plan and we see nothing but hard days of neck deep slavery for us and the next generations to come, which no one can contradict. The entire movement of the Bahujans has been shattered and mix with dust not much by the enemy but by some of our own selfish, power & money hunger parasitic leaders.  

Though the future looks extremely dark but we  have large number of activists throughout the country who are eagerly waiting for a true movement to be started in the direction of ending the dark clouds that are hovering our the entire nation. At such juncture we are once again collecting all our strength to fight the social darkness and expose the conspiracy of our enemy who has planned to kill us. To take a firm and well planned step forward, a formal launching of the  – NATIONAL SOCIAL MOVEMENT, Eastern Region Zone will be held at –  4/56, Bijoygarh,  Palasi More, near Golf Green Bus Stop, Kolkata on 06th July,2014 at 1030 hours. We are extremely glad to inform you that Hon. Dr. Gunadhar Burman has very enthusiastically agreed to preside our this meeting.

You all are requested to attend the subject meeting and share your valuable service for this extremely important and  sacred cause. Waiting to see you at the meeting.

Abhiram Malik, Tappan Mandal
Regional Co-ordinator, National Social Movement.

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