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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why are our children treated like terrorists?

By People Against the NDAA

Why are our children treated like terrorists?

Because we accepted it.

No, we didn't accept these pictures. We don't accept it now. But we did. 

We allowed our government to create a category of people called "terrorists" who had no rights, no liberties, no trial.

But we said "They don't look like us, so they can stay in GITMO."

"They have a middle eastern name, so they must not have rights."

I have personally heard these answers from people.

But we never learn from history.

Every government, including America, has created a category of people who didn't have rights, who no one cared about, who were lower than human...and then made war on those people before taking the rest of our population under tyranny.

Every government.

We have to learn.

We have to learn that each and EVERY time we allow a government to take rights away from a small group of people, eventually they will apply that to everyone else.

Whether it's "terrorists," "saboteurs," or "enemies of the state."

So, why are your children treated like terrorists?

Because...when it was happening to someone, and I, said nothing.


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