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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blast from the past KaiKaus

Blast from the past


"... Surwardy while treading to his political tavern in East Pakistan, used to go to the country side by small launches to address public and workers meetings in the process of organizing the party. 

Surwardy once went to Gopalganj in a launch, along with Manik Mia, late Abdus Salam Khan, a prominent lawyer, who conducted and defended Sheikh Mujib in the famous Agartala Conspiracy Case, and others. In each small ghat the small launch stopped on the way, scores of political workers invariably used to converge and chant slogans glorifying the leaders inside the launch, and, also, in each of the anchoring assemblage, the first shout of the slogan without mistake picked up the name of great Sheikh as the foremost seraph to be eulogized. 

Chanting on Surwardy in each such place necessarily was heard, but that came only in second spell after Sheikh Mujib, as if, as an after-thought. Surwardy, masterful in the alchemy of politics, seemed as if his intelligence initially failed to grasp the cunning degradation of himself, helplessly admitted in silence the extreme popularity of Mujib. 

When such self-denudation happened ever and anon; Surawardy on one occasion, enquired of Maink Mia in wondering tone, as to what was going on !
"Don't the people like me?" Surwardy seemed exergual.
"People like money more than man." Manik Mia would jut out a jitter.
"what that has got to do with the question?" Surwardy was now exasperated.
"you see, Sir, Mujib is a benevolent and charitable person, particularly when it comes to spending other's money which, of course, always been the case. He doles out your money so generously to his chosen ones, that it results in such expletive gathering of workers, such as you see in every station and ghat. They are nothing but hand-picked hired lackeys of him, who had earlier been thoroughly tutored to chant your name second and his name first, in a bid to impress you, so that you give him more money, so that he can again use your money in his favor and again impress you. The cycle seems to be working fine, Sir."
Manik Mia knew it too well.

... We have seen how he (Surwardy) backed Sheikh Mujib, yet, let me assure you, he had deep reservation about him ! Had he not died suddenly (according to some, mysteriously) in Beirut, he would have most certainly removed Sheikh Mujib from any party-post and install Shah Azizur Rahman instead, a late Prime Minister of Bangladesh (probably Ataur Rahman Khan knew about such a thought of Surwardy)."

- Iqbal Ansari Khan / The Third Eye : Glimpses of the Politicos॥ 
[ UPL - September, 1991 । P. 60-63 ]

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