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Monday, September 21, 2015

Different voice from Nepal

Kalyan Bhattarai wrote:

Friends yesterday's celebration reminded me 2046, similar euphoria was felt by the Nepalese people on 2046 Chaitra 25 also. I myself walked all day in the street with NC flag in one hand and Communist flag in other hand and felt happy and hopeful and dreamed for better Nepal where the rule of law prevails and justice works ,as many citizen are feeling  today. I even wrote many many articles expressing my hope for better developed Nepal and thanked the then leaders, whom I respected as people respect to god today. I hoped sincerely that they will lead the country in right direction and expressed my feeling many  times similarly  as many intellectuals are writing to day the message of hope, better Nepal, justice prevailed and rule of law established etc but soon the  hope was shattered and I was forced to write goons to the then leaders whom I respected like god then. I see no reason why the situation of 2046  will not be repeated  and  hope shattered by the corrupt leaders. I see no difference between the euphoria of 2046 and today and am 100%sure within a very short period present euphoria will also transformed to disappointment and proved to be illusion .The jargon like patriotism, democracy, equal participation, citizen right, justice development  etc of the new constitution are only  to fool the people by the corrupt leaders .Because the basic requirements for the development of any nation is honesty, determination visionary planning and will power and we all know present day so called leaders lacks all these basic requirements and have joined the politics to loot the nation. Do any of you friend hope honestly that the so called equal participation of the constitution and citizen right will be materialize in reality? Do any of you believe the rampant corruption which is  the main reason of our failure so far, will be control by  the present day power hungry corrupt leaders ? As the saying goes morning shows the day the curtail of the authority of CIAA and denial to have direct election of country's CEO in the new constitution suggest the corrupt leaders neither will bring any changes in their corrupt notion looting ambition and their power hunger . In this ground reality I see no sense on being happy or congratulating each other until some positive changes in the notion, mindset and attitude of the present day corrupt leaders are noticed and felt clearly.

 I wonder which of the corrupt leaders will be hurled with shoes and chappal in today's  celebration program of 3 political party also as witnessed in the celebration of success of  Andolan 2046 in Thudhikhel  when the shoes and chappal was hurled to G P koirala on his statement " todays win is the win of panchyat also "

I would like to end my present writing saying no constitution on itself will deliver anything good as the constitution is only the medium not the end on itself .As long as the rulers are not honest and truly development oriented and have vision with required will power no constitution how nice and well prepared it may be can give any positive results.

At the end finally I would like to end saying as present day leaders are known corrupt, proven power hungry crooks, dishonest, liars and protector of corrupt goons to hope anything better in this country with the same lot of politicians is nothing but intellectual bankruptcy. Thanks 

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