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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm Free To Take Up Reporting Assignments


Now that I've quit my full time job, I'm free to take up reporting assignments. Here are a few articles on Kandhamal, Orissa and a unique women's struggle in Munnar, Kerala that I wrote recently on  such assignments.

A Green Blood Women's Revolution In Munnar
By Binu Mathew

A Church That Has Become A Cow Shed!
By Binu Mathew

When Brinda Karat Became Emotional In Kandhamal
By Binu Mathew

Kandhamal: A Shame To Secular Polity Of India
By Binu Mathew

I would like to report on peace initiatives, people's struggles/movements, human rights, climate change issues and all those issues that Countercurrents deals with regularly. These reports would be published in and hopefully it will     give a fillip to place the issues in front of a perceptive global community and set in motion a chain reaction to take the issues to wider public.

If you have anything in mind feel free to contact me. I'm here for you.

In Solidarity
Binu Mathew
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