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Sunday, September 20, 2015


Chakradhar Hadke7:23pm Sep 20
Related information is, as follows............................


(Ref: Sakaal (Marathi daily) Calcutta, dated 18/9/2015 )

Secret documents is in custody of West Bengal Govt. likely to be opened

"Post-mortem of must be done of death of S.C. Bose including spying", said by Chandra Bose (Netaji's grandson's son). He further said, "We feel great proud that due to these 64 files, everything will be cleared ..who are real patriots and who are fake patriots, for which we are very much thankful to CM Mamataa Banergee for this. After independence, my father cum maternal nephew Amiya Nath Bose was under supervision of spies of Nehru govt. He was not like Daud Ibrahim. He was under round the clock supervision of spies of 14 No. govt. spying dept, for which we need explanation. Why this spying was conducted? for our PM. Naredra Modi should answer".

Due to these 64 secret files, there is a great chance to unveil how the death of Netaji S.C. Bose was come to happen. Secret can never, ever remain secret, one day that gets unveiled. So, CM Manataa Banerjee urged to get the secret open as the earliest. These 64 files contain 12,744 pages. All files are done digitally. All files are given custody of Netaji's family members. All files are available with police custody. The CDs shall be made available to people shortly by coming Monday. This is as per Mr. Purkayastha. Till now noting has come to know. But these files will reveal secret that Netaji was seen at last. This possibility can be made available in these files, which are stored in 8 DVDs. This responsibility has been taken be govt. Everything will be crystal cleared, as such no possibility of riots. Nataji was national leader and it was whatever done with Netaji, must be known to every citizen. With revelation of these books, the researchers will have great advantage to learn correct history, as stated by CM Mamata Banergee.
What is there in the files?
1937 to 1947 files contain the correspondence of his brother Sharatchandra Bose. Netaji was dead during in plane crash, but Mahatma Gandhi said that his inner heart doesn't agree for this. As such Netaji is alive, his inner heart said. This is as per file of 1946. Netaji's one letter i.e. "He is in Russia and shortly come to India". On this basis, Netaji was alive. This deliberation was of that time. One English daily wrote that Netaji was alive and came back to India during Feb. 1964. In 1948-49 Netaji was alive which was considered by British and American Spying agencies. This is as per statement of some news papers. Netaji was alive and fought with British as left front, is also published in news papers.
However for publication of this information, permission from Home Minister Vyankayya Naidu must be sought.

Translated and Compiled by
Chakradhar Hadke
Original Post
Palash Biswas
Palash Biswas3:18pm Sep 20
देश को आजाद कराने के लिए क्यों छोड़ा नेताजी ने देश और क्यों सत्ता वर्ग ने उन्हें जिंदा दफना दिया?
क्या चल रहा था नेताजी के दिलोदिमाग में?
क्यों नेताजी पूंजीवाद और साम्राज्यवाद से बड़ा खतरा मान रहे थे हिंदुत्व के पुनरूत्थान को मुल्क और इंसानियत के लिए?
क्यों नेताजी स्टालिन से प्रेरित होकर जर्मनी पहुंच गये जंग में हार का नतीजा जानते हुए?
क्यों नेताजी की लगातार चेतावनियों के बावजूद कांग्रेस ने पूरे देश को जोड़ने की कोई कोशिश नहीं की?

नेताजी ने दो टुक शब्दों में कह दियाः
मुसलमान हमारे दुश्मन हैं और अंग्रेज हमारे दोस्त हैं ,यह मानसिकता हमारी समझ से बाहर है।

उनने कहा कि राजनीति का पहला सबक यह है कि हम याद रखें कि हमारा दुश्मन विदेशी साम्राज्यवाद है।फिर याद रखना है कि विदेशी साम्राज्यवाद के सहयोगी जो हैं,जो भारतीय नागरिक और भारतीय संगठन साम्राज्यवादियों के हमजोली हैं,हमारे दुश्मन वे तमाम लोग और उनके वे तमाम संगठन भी हैं।

विडंबना है कि जिस कांग्रेस के सिपाही खुद को मानते रहे हैं नेताजी शुरु से आखिर तक,नेताजी की गुमशुदगी के मामले में वही कांग्रेस कटघरे में हैं।
Palash Scape,the Real India: देश को आजाद कराने के लिए क्यों छोड़ा नेताजी ने देश और क्यों सत्ता...
कैसे नहीं दोगे जमीन,देखते नहीं कि सड़कों पर उतरने लगे हैं युद्धक विमान कि झीलों और समुंदरों की गहराइ...

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