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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The rise of Nepal !

The rise of Nepal !

The rise of Nepal !

The rise of Nepal as a new Federal Democratic Republic country in the world with the emergence of new Constitution (2015) is, indeed, aftermath of incessant struggle for democracy in Nepal for the last six and a half decades. However, it is significant that the new constitution must ensure durable peace, stability and robust growth in conformity with the aspirations of common people and also hope that Nepal would be transformed into a strong economic nation-state with a climax of prosperity in not too distant future. 

To my presumption the new Constitution is the hallmark of national unity, integration, sovereignty and a gateway to move toward a great leap forward ensuring modernization with existence of glorified civilization. What is important today is to exhibit and strengthen solidarity by preserving greater social harmony among different segments of the society in Nepal. 

The promulgation of new Constitution on Sunday September 20, 2015 at 5 pm would be the unique and golden memento and also a colorful premium to be presented by the contemporary generation of Nepal to younger generation ensuring their better future with security and prosperity. The bewildered journey toward unidentified destination coupled with great risks and mysterious uncertainties for many years leading to a failure state would be over with the declaration of new Constitution.

Madan Dahal

Prof. Dr. Madan Kumar Dahal
Chairman, Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.
4th Floor, Rising Mall, Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Tribhuvan Tuladhar

6:05 PM (6 hours ago)
to MadanHimalayanNNSDOfficeFormerFormerFormerOliPrakashMohanराष्ट्रियLokUSBritishIndianYogendraKamalMohanUpendraKrishnaBalKishoreRamBasantaTilak
Dahal ji, 

What a boatload of crap! You know better than that!
As an chairman of a Mega bank and a Ph.D in your title you should have a better set of information and data than to regurgitate words for words sake. 
Words do not matter. Action does, and we know the difference
You can write all the lies in the world with the words of a Brahmaniac poet but still the fact remains the fact.
Your words have no meaning. Each one of them can be refuted and rebutted, but it not worth the time with people of such lopsided view-point. 
I hope you can treads a saner and logical path than a fanatical one and then people can have a meaningful conversation.

Until then spew your fanaticism as you want, that is your prerogative. .

Get me out of here! 


10:36 PM (1 hour ago)
to madandahal.profhimalayanvoiceNNSDinfogamknepaljhalanathbhattaraibabur.sharmaoliprakash_drmohanbikramsin.rajamo2052barallokrajusembktmBEKathmanduambypyadavakkkjoshim_p_lohaniug4432149bhattachan.kshrestha12ksherchand48ramsmahatbklohanigautam.sen2
Please uncover your mask first before you praise so much of the up coming so called new constitution. You are supposed to speak the truth but not to  ignore the aspiration of Mass Nepalese people. Your high hope of hiding truth does not last for ever. After all you are no different than whom we call elites and the new constitution came out  from same pocket that the Nroalese people honor them with Juttaa ko Mala sooner or later. There will not be waa waa but spit on them by the mass. Where is the dignity if that hsppens ? Who wrote the constitution THE THREE Idiots of Nepal. Dahal ji praised so much of them to join the club of idiots. The future incidents will be the proof of this statement. 


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