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Sunday, October 25, 2015

What a digital India! Blockade,Barriers and surveillance all the way! Palash Biswas

What a digital India! Blockade,Barriers and surveillance all the way!
Palash Biswas

Whomsoever may it concern!
Please treat everything I finally post online as my mail since I am deactivated,disabled and disconnected.You are free to circulate ,share,contradict,support and publish this copyright free open source content.

My IPOs at home and at office as well have been blocked.I may not receive or get mail,the  feedback from every corner of Human civilization.I may not speak human as I may not upload anything.Each video I uploaded had been removed.Even I may not use drive,apps,gadgets and widgets.It is digital India.

I have nothing to complain service providers as they have been helping me in my professional journalism since internet launched in India,since I am online ,since I am blogging.They have to comply the government to continue business in India,I understand and I am grateful to all of them for their help hithertoo.But they might not stand against the governance which we could. 

It is rather disgusting that the IPO belonging to Indian Express group which I use,has been blocked,too.We the Express people address humanity beyond borders and barriers.We write beyond Print and Newspaper.
It is unprecedented as eminent Film Maker Gulzar already has spoken out.

It is unprecedented surveillance followed by unprecedented violence,unprecedented intolerance,unprecedented killing of civic,human and fundamental rights,humanity,equality and justice,diversity and pluralism and nature,unprecedented religious polarization,unprecedented vertical religious polarization,unprecedented caste war!

Nothing might stop us whatsoever come and it is courage of journalism all about.My house for which I have been working for almost twenty years never restricted in creative activism.

And they have removed my blog with Indian Express logo.They might not stop us breaking news and sharing information as we  know thousands of other ways and avenues to express ourselves.Hence,Indian Express is so different and it is really the courage of journalism all the way.

I have to retire in May,2016.I may not hire personal server and I would not be able to have the access to online status but the government of India is adamant to retire me earlier.As long as Indian Express supports me ,no one,nothing might stop or retire me.

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