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Monday, January 18, 2016

The letter from BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreya which led to Rohith’s eviction and suicide

The letter from BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreya which led to Rohith's eviction and suicide

Here is the letter that BJP MP Bandaru Dattatreya to HRD Minister Smriti Irani.

It was this letter which led to eviction of Rohith Velmula and his 4 other friends who continued their protest in front of the University of Hyderabad by sitting on road. Rohith committed suicide yesterday.

It must not be forgotten that the University Proctor's report had not found any evidence against the 5 Dalit students. This is what the Proctor's report says –

"The board could not get any hard evidence of beating of Mr. Susheel kumar either from Mr Krishna Chaitanya or from the reports submitted by Dr. Anupama. Dr. Anupama's reports also could not link or suggest that the surgery of the Susheel Kumar is the direct result of the beating." ( How the ABVP-BJP killed Rohit Velmula: a short history of events that led to 'suicide')

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