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Monday, November 28, 2011

The glimpses of Post FDI in retail

When Bharti walmart cash and carry store was opened in Ludhiana police raided it shortly after receiving complaints that goods were being merrily sold to citizens of Ludhiana.The MNCs and when they have third rate Indian partners they can go any extent under expert advice of Indian partners who know all tricks of manipulations, tax chori and breaking laws and pushing cheap quality at high prices.There is jungle raj in India anyway.

Now let us come back to recent FDI announcement.

Move to Jaipur.Carrefour has entered agreement soon after announcement with 250 wholesalers of eggs for 5 lac eggs per day with condition that they wont sale to retailers anymore.The rates given are 48 per dozen against Rs 30 current wholesale rate.Hence Eggs prices are bound to shoot up very soon.Eggs will disappear from carts and small vendor booths and will be available in big malls.

MM singh said rates will be braught down by their efficiency ,investment technology.Singh should resign immediately.Or carrfour should be trhown out of india immediately.

Next will be fish and meat supplies.One by one markets will be captured with corrupt and greedy Indian traders falling in line for white sahibs owned MNC retail chains.

MNcs have nbo interst in setting up supply chain.If it is so why they are not allowed only in this field first for 10 years period with sovereign guranatee of 10% returns on their investment.

MM Singh should answer to nation what is role of wholesale companies of MNCs in Indian markets.What is advantage they are offering,.What is their need? All companies have stockists and warehouses in all states already.So why these intermediaries are needed? what special economic function they discharge>What is logic in this?

In fact wholesale was allowed this corrupt government to let MNCs enter market first in garb of cash and carry.Then as next step Singh has allowed full retail.This guy is openly acting against interest of country and shamelessly.

He is no expert but a quack and dishonest self seeking puppet.he is unfailing stooge of western capitalists.He should be dismissed so new government can be formed and then he and his some of colleagues are arrested and tried for treason and mass public fraud and loot.

The corrupt money chasing media should stop calling him expert and honest and promote him as gerat PM.

Singh government already corruptred the nation , has let loose loot and plunder in last 8 years and ethics are at new bottom.

Those who have not seen should watch 26th November episode of 'crime patrol' TV serial which shows real india and its condition and the small american India singh has built as he is glamor struck stooge of american capitalists.

Prof R K Gupta

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