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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MEDVEDEV: RUSSIA SERVES NOTICE November 28, 2011 By Joseph P.Farrell


November 28, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell 2 Comments

We've been following geopolitical developments here at for a while, and readers here are well aware of my feelings about the Zbigniew Brzezinski-inspired plan to gain the energy supplies of Central Asia for the West, a plan that runs sqaurely up against three significant walls: Iran, China, and Russia. Coupled with this effort has been the American effort to install a missile defense system in the ever-expanding NATO membership list. With the addition of the Ukraine in recent years to this membership, Russia's then-president Putin warned against any western attempts to encircle NATO.

Now, Putin's successor, Dmitri Medvedev, has had enough, and informed the west that if these plans proceed Russia will have no choice but to target the installations with its strategic missile forces:

According to the article at The Huffington Post, this defense system is being put into place to protect Europe from missiles aimed at it by…you guessed it … Iran, and are not directed at Russia.

In my opinion, this is laughable on the face of it, since Iran is an important state to both Russian and Chinese geopolitical interests in the area, and it is well-known that some of the technological and scientific expertise in Iran's nuclear program come from Russia. We may also assume that it is laughable for an entirely different reason, namely, that Russia and China have both served notice to the West – read "the UNited States" here – that a unipolar world order, i.e., a world order dictated from Washington, DC, is not on their agenda, and that for a truly peaceful world order to emerge, Russia's and China's interests will simply have to be given larger play. Indeed, one Chinese official, interviewed in English on RT TV's English news service, made it very clear that the West, by pursuing a unipolar world view, was flirting with World War Three.

The question is, why would RT TV have a Russian news anchor interviewing a Chinese official in Beiking, both men speaking in English?

The answer appears to me to be simple, if extraordinary. As those two countries have moved progressively in a more liberal direction, they cannot but view the direction in the USA with some alarm, for it is moving into what those countries are moving out of, and thus, its stance is becoming increasingly bellicose, and irrational. Through the medium of RT TV's English news service, these countries are trying to serve notice to another major group of people, equally anxious over the moves of the Western elite, namely, the American people.

To back this up, the Russians have moved warships into the Eastern Mediterranean in response to the USA now stationing a carrier battle group there to respond to the Crackup in Syria. It's getting interesting folks…

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