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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nepal Updates


Last Updated: Tue, 29.11.11 12:15
Major parties agree to extend CA term by six months; form national
consensus government as per 7-point deal

The meeting of the three major parties – UCPN (Maoist), Nepali
Congress (NC) and CPN (UML) – and United Democratic Madhesi Front
(UDMF) concluded Tuesday with an agreement to extend the term of the
Constituent Assembly by six more months.

In the meeting held at the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction in
Singha Durbar, the major political parties signed a six-point
understanding on CA term extension, immediate formation of a national
consensus government and power-sharing, among others.

The major parties inked the understanding after the four-member
taskforce they had formed on Sunday to prepare a detailed time-bound
calendar within a week submitted a proposal for the six-month term
extension of CA.

With the Supreme Court's ruling that the term of the Constituent
Assembly can be extended only once, the meeting of the taskforce of
the major parties had on Monday agreed on the government's proposal to
extend the CA term by six months. The taskforce also agreed to ask the
top leadership of the major parties to initiate the process of forming
a national consensus government as envisaged in the seven-point
understanding signed by major parties on November 1.

With the understanding, the extension of CA is likely to happen this afternoon.

The House session to vote on the 11th constitution amendment bill for
six-month extension of CA has been called today, a day before the CA's
term expires.

The current tenure of the CA expires on November 30.


Last Updated: Tue, 29.11.11 11:27
Regrouping process completed in six of seven PLA Divisions

The process of regrouping former Maoist PLA combatants that started
since last week ended in the First Division cantonment at Chulachuli
of Ilam, Second Division at Dudhauli of Sindhuli, Third Division at
Shaktikhor of Chitwan, Fourth Division in Nawalparasi, Fifth Division
at Dahaban of Rolpa and Sixth Division at Dashrathpur of Surkhet on
Monday evening while some work remained to be done in the Seventh
Division at Talaband of Kailali.

Altogether 15,774 combatants among the 19,503 cantoned in seven main
cantonment sites (MCS) and 21 satellite camps were regrouped as of
Monday evening. Of the total combatants, 8,738 have opted for
integration, 7,031 have opted for voluntary retirement and 5 have
opted for rehabilitation package. The final reports, however are yet
to come.

According to reports, more than 2,500 former Maoist combatants were
absent in the regrouping process that came to an end in six main
cantonments sites on Monday evening.

On Monday, 1281 combatants of Second Division, 3,319 of Third
Division, 2,614 combatants of Fourth division, 2,126 combatants of
Fifth Division, 2,693 combatants of Sixth Division and 2,219
combatants of Seventh Division had been regrouped.

Although the Army Integration Special Committee (AISC) was given time
till Monday to complete the regrouping process, the deadline has been
extended by three days to accomplish all regrouping tasks.

Balananda Sharma, Coordinator of the AISC, said that the regrouping
process could not end in the Seventh Division as it was initiated
behind schedule.

As per reports from each of the seven PLA division, out of total 1,930
cantoned combatants at the First Division at Chulachuli, 1,501
combatants have been regrouped. Of them 787 combatants opted for
integration and 714 combatants for voluntary retirement; however, 429
combatants were absent in the regrouping.

Similarly, out of 1,297 combatants of the Second Division who have
been regrouped as of Monday, 813 opted for integration, 481 opted for
voluntary retirement and 3 opted for rehabilitation.

Of the 3,319 combatants regrouped at Third Division, 2,157 opted for
integration and 1,162 combatants for voluntary retirement; however 651
verified combatants were absent in the regrouping.

At the Fourth Division, altogether 2,615 combatants have been
regrouped on Monday. Out of the total regrouped combatants, 1,277
opted for integration and 1,338 for voluntary retirement.

At the Fifth Division, 2,126 combatants have been regrouped. Of them,
1,187 opted for integration and 939 opted for voluntary retirement.

At the Sixth Division, 2,693 combatants have been regrouped. Out of
the total regrouped combatants, 1,483 opted for integration and 1,210
combatants went for voluntary retirement.

Lastly, at the Seventh Division, 2,229 combatants have been regrouped
as of Monday evening. Of them, 1,040 opted for integration, 1,187
opted for voluntary retirement and 2 for rehabilitation.

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