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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Israel's technology or its politics that the minister seeks to borrow

I was surprised to read this news (below) of Kerala seeking the cooperation of Israel (!) for the protection of our rivers. A country whose entire rivers carry less water than the Pampa river of Kerala. A country who stood almost at the tail end (88th out of 122) in the UN World Water Report. When some athlets fell into Israel's Haifa river some years ago, four of them died- not by drowning but by the contact with the contaminated river water! Israel's Kishon river is already a dead river. THe lower part of its holy river Jordan is not different from sewage water. Israel is one country that has exhausted its acquifers (for farming in the Negev desert). Israel's real expertise is in stealing water from the neighbours, and kerala has no need for that technology. Its not about technology but only about the dangerously growing influence of the MOSSAD interest in the state. I believe the minister is being mislead.
I visited Kathikoodam on the bank of Chalakkudi river last week to meet with the local people and Panchayat agitating to protect the river from the polllution caused by the Japanese partnered Nitta Jelatin company there. KSIDC, Pollution Control Board and the govt system in general are party (with the honourable exception of the local MLA) to this pollution- the determined people steadfastly fighting the gaint against all odds. And this is more or less the story about most other rivers too. Its an insult to the common sense of the people that we need somebody else's 'technology' to protect our rivers when the entire system is conniving with the polluters.

Dont miss to raise your protest against the move to embroil the state in the dangerous politics of Mossad.

Published: November 25, 2011 00:00 IST | Updated: November 25, 2011 04:25 IST

Israeli technology for the Pampa, Vembanad

G. Krishnakumar

The State government is planning to introduce Israeli technology to check the pollution of the Pampa river and Vembanad Lake.

Pampa river management will be taken up in the first phase followed by the implementation of pollution mitigation measures in Vembanad Lake.

In the second phase, the technology will be introduced for protection of the Meenachil and Manimala rivers.

Minister for Water Resources P. J. Joseph told The Hindu on Thursday that Israel was renowned for its water management technologies.

"I had the opportunity to hold preliminary-level talks with experts in Israel on the latest technology at the third international conference on water technologies, renewable energy, and environmental control held at Tel Aviv from November 15 to 17. We also held talks with an Indian company collaborating with Israel in this area. The second round of talks will be held soon," he said.

Cutting edge

Explaining that the Israeli technology is very effective, the Minister said the country has developed cutting-edge technologies to maximise the utilisation of its water resources. This technology has been successfully used in the Yamuna river management programme. Stating that the protection of the Pampa will be given top priority, Mr. Joseph said the government will step up its efforts to transfer the technology required for cleaning up the river.

"We need state-of-the-art technology to evolve a sustainable method of protecting the water resource," he said.

Referring to the protection of Vembanad Lake, the Minister said the Union government had already approved a Rs.10-crore assistance to initiate projects for checking the increasing pollution of the water body. The Centre is ready to extend a financial support to the tune of Rs.100 crore for protecting the lake, he said.

Mr. Joseph said the government would soon come up with conservation plans for the Meenachil and Manimala rivers.

The aim was to evolve an integrated management plan to save these rivers from a crisis.

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