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Saturday, November 26, 2011

RSS A pure religion- LIKE SIKHS/Jaina/ BUDHA/= with SIX GURUS - Nationalists religion !Is it?

RSS A pure religion- LIKE SIKHS/Jaina/ BUDHA/= with SIX GURUS - Nationalists religion

by Swayamsevaks Rss on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 4:23pm
RSS is a religion like Sikhs!!!RSS have  SIX GURUS !!!!!Sikhs are formed to protect Hindus by giving One member from Each hindu family!! ALL gurus are in hindus name!!!! But they changed as a religion!!1 Gurunak's family was also from Hindus!! Only Hindustanis could  form a Religion!!! Budha, JAINA, SIKHS,RSS are in  the same way!!! Other foreign reliions could  create casts only!! RCI, CSI, Roman, Yakhoba, believers, etc more than 5000 groups. In Islam  also, Sunni. Shia, Pathoons, Gotras, Arabs,AfricansMughals, etc!!In This Arabs are original and  Romes are Origina!! all others converted from hindusism!!!Because in this world  before 3000 crore years before Hinduism  started!! Then all others came from it!!! Hinduism is a culture!!! WAY of Living !! Withn 300 crore  Gods Hindus (born in Hindustan) could  easily added 3 or more GODS in their list!! THAT is why Hindus KEEPING ALL religion's GODS and symbols in their  POOJA ROOM!!!! But others, they are fearing, if they put Hindu cultural symbols in their  Rooms, they may be reconverted!!!!But No One could prevent from  Ruling Hinduism in this world!!! Without Hinduism this world couldn't survive by keeping all animals and plants   like them!!! and thir GOD!!! EACH AND EVERY HUMAN BEINGS ARE GOD THEMSELVES, WITHOUT THEM  OR  ABOVE THEM  NO GOD IS THERE!!! pANCHABHOOTHAS IN THIR BODIES ONLY!!! lIKE kasthoori DEER!!!but one posITIVE ENERGY THAT WILL DECIDE  THE RESULT OF YOUR WORKING !! manav seva IS madhav seva!!! temples ARE FOR manav seva!!! nOT FOR hELPING RULERS!!! iF ANY RELIGION COULDN'T PROTECT hUMAN, THEN IT IS NOT A RELIGION, IT IS terrorism!!!!iN iNDIA terrirsom AND secularism IS USING IN same WAY AND SAME MEANING!!! IN kashmir secularism!! iN gujarath terorisM!!!!  that is  LIKE calling mAN AS ANIMAL!!!BECAUSE ALL THE THREE WORDS ARE in it!!!CONVERTED people are showing more spirits than origianl becuse , they want to show their presence after being attracted!!!!GOD will never punish others!!!! only will help!! if  anyone got  punishment it is the echo of his energy!!!ENERGY could only be changed !!! not newly produced!! LIke that" JEEVAN"( new birth) are changing the body from one  to  other, it may be of men, or animal!!! sould is already in this earth!! only changing body!!! newly not prodeced!! from ant  to elephant  and from elephant to snake, dog etc!!!Believe in human love!!! without it no religion could exist!!! RSS is half naked because GANDHI is half naked!! what is GAndhis hand is  on RSS men's hand!!!GIVE LOVE TAKE LOVE!! GIVE TERRORISM never get SECULARISM!! WILL GET ONLY THE RESULT!!!!In this world no one could win with POwer(weapons)!! that is RSS!!! Intellectual!!is the best weapon!!!Some  victory will be  for one or two days! after that the real effect will come!~! That is why GADHAFFIES, and Osamas, LTTE's could never win with weapon and funds!!!! GOD WILL BE GOD !! IT IN OUR BODY!!!!Hence work like  GODY by EVERYONE  through their work!!!! THANK YOU!!!! TRUTH WILL WIN ALSWAYS!! OTHERWISE THIS WORKD COULDN't SURVIVE!!!!     SHAKHAS are our TEMPLES?CHURCH/MOSQUE       ///DHWAJ is our GOD!!!! SWORD is to protect our GOD!!!!SARSANKHCHALAKs are OUR GURUS!!!! ONE and ONLY Nationalist RELIGION!!! WE will never take  weapons first!! never keep down First!!!! ONLy last runners!! But will reach FIRST because of Mental CAPACITY obtained from KURUKSHETRA!!!     

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