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Friday, September 28, 2012



Dear  Brethren / Sisters,

This is to bring to your kind attention that we had  sent a joint letter signed by 23 activists on 10th September,2012 from Mumbai  to  Meshram sahab on Friday the 14thSeptember,2012 at BAMCEF office Mumbai by Courier, BAMCEF office Pune by SPEEDPOST and BAMCEF Central Office Delhi by Post.   We had very high hopes that some positive action should have been initiated by Meshram sahab to take action against the people who had created a situation and forced us to write the said letter. It is learnt that leave aside taking action one of the so-called responsible member of the Organisation Mr. M.L. Matang has written a letter in line with the instructions received from Meshram Sahab on 19th September,2012 (as has been mentioned in his letter) expelling me from the Organisation. The most disgusting and surprising thing is that this person has circulated copies of this letter to many activists of Mumbai with an intent to defame me and tarnish my image, but so far he has not sent me a copy of the said letter. I am also surprised to note that out of the 23 activists who had signed the joint letter to Meshram sahab, only I have been issued expulsion letter. So far I was given to understand that it was only in the Brahminical social order that "divide and rule" was used to split the society ,people and then make them slaves, but I am perplexed to learn that the same filthy methodology is used here to weaken people genuine recourse for Justice.

We have not uploaded the letter written to Meshram sahab on 10th Septemeber,2012 on the Face book, knowing fully well our responsibilities in this direction, still wrong and derogatory messages where floated by some unscrupulous elements to ordinary activists that we have uploaded this  letter on internet.  Most of our people who are unaware of internet or Face book believed in these false rumors. If any of the genuine, devoted and dedicated activists who wishes to get a soft copy of the said letter my kindly do so by writing to me on my e-mail Id -

Dear Brothers and Sisters , we once again ensure you from the core of our heart that we will not fragment BAMCEF as has been done in the past, but we will strive once again to collect each and every piece which has fallen apart after the division of the Organisation after 2003, bring all the genuine, dedicated and honest activists together and  strengthen BAMCEF to such an extend  that the dreams of our Mahamanav turn into Reality, at the earliest.

With Regards
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