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Thursday, September 18, 2014

House of Representatives approves Obama plan to arm Syrian 'rebels'

House of Representatives approves Obama plan to arm Syrian 'rebels'

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18 September 2014
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House of Representatives approves Obama plan to arm Syrian 'rebels' 17 Sept 2014 Doubts over US strategy in Syria grew on Wednesday as a key vote in Congress allowing the arming and training of groups fighting against for the Islamic State saw a larger-than-expected rebellion among both Democrats and Republicans. The authorisation requested by the White House -- which was presented as an amendment to a finance bill preventing another government shutdown and was strongly backed by leaders of both parties -- passed in the House of Representatives by 273 to 156 votes. [85 Democrats and 71 Republicans voted no.] The Senate is expected to vote as soon as Thursday.
Holy 'Wag the Dog' coincidence, Batman! On the day the sociopaths in the House vote to arm Syrian 'rebels' aka I-CIA-SIS, terrorism propaganda production kicks into high gear: ISIS releases Hollywood [Langley]-style propaganda video threat to the United States on Tuesday entitled 'Flames of War' --The 52-second clip resembles a Hollywood movie trailer --Is the latest in a line of well-produced videos from ISIS --Also features an eerie night-time drive past of the White House and finishes with the ominous words, 'Coming Soon' 17 Sept 2014 ISIS [I-CIA-SIS] has released a slickly produced new video warning the United States of the carnage it wants to inflict in Iraq if President Obama deploys troops to the war-torn nation as he attempts to 'degrade and ultimately destroy' the terror group. Resembling a blockbuster movie trailer, the disturbing 52-second video entitled 'Flames of War' shows militants blowing up tanks in dramatic slow motion, wounded US soldiers apparently being executed and the White House in the sights of a shaky camera. It then shows a clip of the president from before the 2011 withdrawal from Iraq saying that combat troops will never return to the Middle Eastern nation, before the video ends with a text overlay that reads, 'Flames of War -- fighting has just begun...Coming soon.'
U.S. Congress pushes ahead with bid to arm Syrian 'rebels' 16 Sept 2014 The U.S. House of Representatives began debating legislation on Tuesday to authorize President Barack Obama's plan to arm and train 'moderate Syrian rebels' to fight Islamic State militants, and lawmakers said the measure would likely pass the full Congress by the end of this week. House Republican leaders unveiled the authorization on Monday as an amendment to a stopgap funding bill Congress must pass this month, after Obama asked lawmakers to approve the training as part of his broader plan to stop the Sunni militants who have taken over swaths of invade Syria and Iraq.
U.S. advisers may take forward positions in Iraq fighting 17 Sept 2014 Some U.S. military advisers could end up in front-line positions in the fight against Islamic State militants, the White House said on Wednesday, although President Barack Obama vowed that America would not fight another ground war in Iraq. The House of Representatives gave a green light to a key plank of Obama's strategy against Islamic State, approving authorization for the Pentagon to train and arm moderate Syrian 'rebels' to fight the radical Islamist militants. The legislation now goes to the Senate.
Pentagon: US ground troops may join Iraqis in combat against Isis 16 Sept 2014 The Pentagon leadership suggested to a Senate panel on Tuesday that US ground troops may directly join Iraqi forces in combat against the Islamic State (Isis), despite US president Barack Obama's repeated public assurances against US ground combat in the latest Middle Eastern war. A day after US warplanes expanded the war south-west of Baghdad, Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate armed services committee that he could see himself recommending the use of some US military forces now in Iraq to embed within Iraqi and Kurdish units to take territory away from Isis.
General: US Ground Troops Possible in Iraq 16 Sept 2014 America's top military leader has said US ground forces could be deployed again in Iraq, three years after they left the country. Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Senate panel that he would make the recommendation if the US strategy of airstrikes fails to defeat Islamic State (IS) militants. "To be clear, if we reach the point where I believe our advisers should accompany Iraqi troops on attacks against specific ISIL targets, I will recommend that to the president," said Gen Dempsey, using another name for the terrorist group.
U.S. charges NY man with trying to aid Islamic State after suspect buys silencers, ammunition from govt agent 16 Sept 2014 A 30-year-old Yemen-born man was indicted Tuesday on charges of attempting to provide support to the terrorist group Islamic State, along with the attempted murder of current and former members of the U.S. military. Mufid A. Elfgeeh, who had been living in Rochester, was named in the seven-count federal indictment, which also included four firearms charges. As part of an alleged plot to target soldiers returning from Iraq, the suspect earlier this year "purchased two handguns equipped with...silencers and ammunition" for $1,050 from a government source, court documents stated.
US security officials say homegrown attacks top concern, beyond Islamic State 17 Sept 2014 Top U.S. homeland security officials said Wednesday that the Islamic State is an imminent terror concern for this country, but they remain intently focused on an array of  deadly threats, especially Americans becoming indoctrinated on the Internet and executing a "limited, self-directed attack." "It's no longer necessary to actually meet someone from Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh]," FBI Director James Comey said on Capitol Hill...Comey said he expects that such Internet activity will "dominate" his tenure at the agency.

NATO stages Black Sea naval drills 17 Sept 2014 NATO is launching exercises in the international waters of the Balkans, with warships and troops of several member countries also "visiting" Bulgaria until September 22. It comes as a new submarine enters service in the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Starting Friday, naval exercises will take place in the southeast of Constanta, off the territorial waters of Romania. Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 - which includes the US, the UK, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey, as well as the naval forces of Bulgaria, Romania, and Canada - is taking part in the drills.

Germany and France consider sending drones to Ukraine 16 Sept 2014 German drones may soon be flying over Ukraine as part of the OSCE mission to monitor the truce between Kiev forces and militia fighters. The German Defense Ministry has sent a team to southeastern Ukraine. France is also considering sending drones. The ministry announced its readiness to fulfill the OSCE's request in an official statement published on Bundeswehr's (Germany's armed forces) website. On Tuesday, a team of 14 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) experts from Germany arrived to Ukraine, along with French colleagues.

36 children dead after being injected with UN-supplied tainted measles vaccine in rebel-held Syria north 16 Sept 2014 As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria. "The Syrian interim government's health ministry has instructed a halt to the second round of the measles vaccination campaign, which began Monday...following several fatalities and injuries among children in vaccination centres in the Idlib countryside," a statement said. Medical experts said a contaminated batch of the vaccine was the most likely explanation for the incident.

U.S. government likely to respond to Ebola pandemic with military force, martial law and forced vaccines --The vaccine industry already has absolute legal immunity and zero liability from the harm caused by their products. 16 Sept 2014 The U.S. government is putting plans in place right now to invoke extreme emergency actions across the USA in response to an anticipated Ebola outbreak sweeping through U.S. cities. Late last week, the U.S. State Department ordered 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits in anticipation of an outbreak, and President Obama has already called upon the Pentagon to dispatch troops and supplies to Africa. Earlier this summer, Obama signed a curious executive order that claims to grant federal officers the lawful right to arrest and quarantine anyone who shows symptoms of an infection.

Soldiers Killed in Suicide Attack at U.S. Base in Kabul 16 Sept 2014 Three soldiers with the American-led coalition were killed and five were woundedTuesday after a suicide car bomber struck their convoy at the gates of an American military base in Kabul, according to Afghan and American officials. The attack took place just outside an American special operations forces base.

Anti-terror police make arrests in large-scale raids in Sydney and Brisbane--'Neighbours say police burst into the house before dawn, shouting through loudspeakers and with a helicopter hovering overhead.' 18 Sept 2014 One of the largest anti-terrorism operations ever conducted in Australia is underway in Sydney and Brisbane. More than 600 officers are involved in the large-scale raids in suburbs across north-western Sydney, with an unknown amount of police involved in raids in Brisbane's south-east. At least a dozen people have been arrested in Sydney during the operation between NSW officers, Australian Federal Police and ASIO.

Brisbane railway stations' bins closed after terrorism threat level raised --Police patrol Central station during lunch hour and public tours at parliament house cancelled 15 Sept 2014 Bins at Brisbane's busiest stations have been closed to commuters as part of the raised national terrorism threat level. Laminated signs greeted Monday morning travellers, and there were extra police at city stations...A Queensland Rail spokeswoman said the signs were in response to the announcement on Friday by the prime minister, Tony Abbott, that Australia's terrorism threat level had been moved from medium to high.

Pentagon aims to stop next Edward Snowden 17 Sept 2014 The Pentagon plans to issue new rules in the coming months requiring certain contractors that work with classified government networks to monitor what employees are doing in those systems. Information about employees' browsing on those networks will be combined with data analysis tools to spot suspicious behavior...The affected contractors will be required to sign forms acknowledging their browsing on classified networks is subject to monitoring and that records of that browsing could be used against them in a criminal trial or administrative action, said Defense Department spokeswoman Navy Cmdr. Amy Derrick-Frost. The networks will also feature banners that warn all browsing is subject to monitoring, and contractors will be required to hold annual training on insider threat awareness, she said.

Governments spy on journalists with weaponized malware - WikiLeaks 16 Sept 2014 Journalists and dissidents are under the microscope of intelligence agencies, Wikileaks revealed in its fourth SpyFiles series. A German software company that produces computer intrusion systems has supplied many secret agencies worldwide. The weaponized surveillance malware, popular among intelligence agencies for spying on "journalists, activists and political dissidents," is produced by FinFisher, a German company. Until late 2013, FinFisher used to be part of the UK-based Gamma Group International, revealed WikiLeaks in the latest published batch of secret documents.

Heads up! This could be the ugliest false flag, ever, if the dirt-bags 'go live' like they did on 9/11: Mock nuclear explosion drill near Interstate 80 conducted 12 Sept 2014 (Scottsbluff, NE)Emergency planners are preparing for the worst next Tuesday andWednesday. Regional West Medical Center is participating in a 21–agency emergency disaster next week. The scenario? A nuclear explosion near Interstate 80. The hospital will help decontaminate victims, treat injuries, and make sure everything is reported correctly.

NSAssociate Google is in complete service of the US government, which is why the CLG Newsletter never hits anyone's Google inbox: Google: US government demands for user data have risen 250% since 2009 15 Sept 2014 Government demands for information on Google's users have risen 150% since the tech giant first started publishing their numbers, the company said on Monday. In the US the number of requests leapt 250%. According to Google's latest transparency report, in the first half of 2014, the number of government demands rose 15% compared to the second half of last year, and a 150% increase since Google first began publishing this data in 2009.

A ride across the river is a bear necessity when you're a cub! Young grizzlies hitch a lift across water on their mother's back 8 Sept 2014 These young cubs know how to cross a river in style - they just ride across it bear-back. The trio of little grizzlies refused to be left behind when their mother went for a paddle in a stream in Katmai National Park, they clambered onto her back and stayed there until she took them along. 

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