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Monday, June 29, 2015

Stupidity And Intelligence: Science, GMOs And Our Food

CC News Letter 29 June - Stupidity And Intelligence: Science, GMOs And Our Food

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

Greek Collapse, Global Turbulence Loom As Syriza Imposes Capital Controls
By Robert Stevens

The Syriza government imposed capital controls Sunday and announced the closure of Greek banks after the European Central Bank (ECB) said it would freeze the emergency loans it had been making to keep the country's banks afloat

Stupidity And Intelligence: Science, GMOs And Our Food
By Vandana Shiva

As a species, we as humans are falling behind the slime mold and bacteria to make an intelligent response to the environmental threats we face. And our intelligence is being thwarted by the false construction of the living Earth as dead matter, to be exploited limitlessly for human control, domination and greed

Capture, Smear, Contaminate: The Politics Of GMOs
By Colin Todhunter

A well-worn tactic of the pro-GMO lobby is to slur and attack figures that have challenged the 'science' and claims of the industry. With threats of lawsuits and UK government pressure, some years ago top research scientist Dr Arpad Pusztai was effectively silenced over his research concerning the dangers of GM food. A campaign was set in motion to destroy his reputation. Professor Seralini and his team's research was also met with intense industry pressure, with Monsanto effectively targeting the heart of science to secure its commercial interests. There are numerous examples of scientists being targeted like this. A WikiLeaks cable highlighted how GMOs were being forced into European nations by the US ambassador to France who plotted with other US officials to create a 'retaliatory target list' of anyone who tried to regulate GMOs. That clearly indicates the power of the industry

The Human Rights Crisis Is About Domination, Not Perception
By Neve Gordon and Nicola Perugini

The main crisis of human rights is not about perceptions, but about its complicity with domination

Postcard From The End Of America: Centralia, PA
By Linh Dinh

Just as there are so many ways for a man to die, there are countless methods for a place to be destroyed. Unlike a dead man, however, a wrecked city or country most often doesn't disappear entirely, but lingers on as a shadow or zombie, or it becomes an entirely different place. Most American cities have become zombies, while the country itself is a swearing, staggering, fist-waving zombie with a gazillion cruise missiles strapped to its bloated and festering carcass

America's Got War
By William J. Astore

Poverty, Drugs, Afghanistan, Iraq, Terror, or How to Make War on Everything

May The #LoveWins Victory Spur Us On To Increased Political Involvement
By Robert Barsocchini

#LoveWins is a tremendous, hard won victory of popular persistence and pressure, a new and vibrant illustration that cultural change can be made when a population cares deeply and applies unrelenting, ever-increasing pressure until the job is done, the non-negotiable goal achieved

The Sordid Tale Of Ikhwan
By Sheikh Shahid

With India's Defence minister, Manohar Parikar's bilious remarks of neutralizing 'terrorists with terrorists' & the subsequent chain of killings in sopore, of some Jammat affiliates & surrendered militants, by unidentified gunmen, the latent memories of 90s once again aroused the fear of the sanguinary Ikhwan amongst the people. A wave of panic & paranoia has taken over the valley especially in this northern town of Sopore, the nucleus of resistance

Good And Strong: Remembering Praful Bidwai
By Anitha.S

In the case of Praful Bidwai, good and strong has been always the same person. This is what made him remain unflinching in his convictions, uncompromising in his style of writing, humane in his behaviour and consistent in his involvement. This could be why he did not achieve much, become member of many committees and earn awards and accolades. It is indeed a privilege and honour to have known – a good and strong one like Praful. This makes the intensity of the missing more

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